Stadium lives up to billing, but we wont panic

Stadium_blogYankee Stadium was as loud as advertised tonight. It was loud and crazy in Cleveland those first two games, but obviously when you?re here at Yankee Stadium and it?s October, it?s something else. In that first inning, when Johnny Damon got on first base, he looked at me and said, ?Man, this is why I came here, to play in an atmosphere like this.? He told me, ?Hey, kid, enjoy this.?

Roger Clemens was not pitching like the guy I grew up watching. It?s too bad. You don?t want to see a guy get hurt. You want to try to beat their best and all that. It was cool facing him, though. I was real excited to get the opportunity to face him.

It was nice to take a lead early. We came out and we weren?t overwhelmed by anything going on. But the game took a turn in the middle innings. Still, we didn?t quit. We battled off their bullpen. It wasn?t invincible. And that?s the second time we?ve found a way to get to their bullpen. We continued to put up good at-bats. But we couldn?t get that three-run homer. They did. Both teams played for the big hit or the big home run. They were the ones who got it.

Obviously, we?d like to wrap this series up as soon as possible. But we know we?re playing the Yankees, and they have a lot of great players. We just need to do what we?ve been doing all year. We can?t afford to get tight. It?s not our personality in this locker room. The veteran guys won?t let us. Besides, we?re still sitting in a pretty good place right now.

People talk about changing the rotation for Game 4, but you?ve got to go with what got you here. Paul Byrd is our fourth starter. I bet you C.C. has never pitched on
such short rest, so you never Byrd_blog_3
know what you?re going to get. And it?s not just our goal to win this series.
We want to win the World Series. We want to win the whole thing.
You go with your guys who pitched well all season. You don?t panic right now, and I think that?s what starting C.C. on short rest would show is panic and making stupid moves. So we?re going to go with the rotation we used to win the best division in baseball.



    Nice at-bats tonight, you continue to impress with your awesome clutch hits. We’ll be good tomorrow, I’m very confident that you guys will put a great game together.
    Bring it home Garko!!



    I really enjoy reading your blog, Ryan. As a longtime Indians fan living in New York State, I am rooting hard for you guys to knock of the Yankees and make it all the way to the World Series. It sounds like you are really enjoying yourselves, and you have the right attitude. Don’t listen to the NY media tomorrow. Relax, play your game, and let’s hope Byrd gets it done.


    Alright Gark….it’s time to seal the deal, baby. The Yanks got their limelight tonight but tomorrow you’ve got to take it all!

    That crowd seems intense but if you’ve ever seen the movie, “For Love of the Game” you’ll know what I mean when I say Clear The Mechanism!! Drown ’em out!

    Good luck and do what you do best, play baseball! I’m not ready for you to go back to California just yet šŸ™‚ When you do go back to CA, I want it to be with a ring on your finger…because you deserve it.



    ?champions aren?t made in gyms?champions are made from something they have deep inside them?a desire, a dream, a vision?they have to have last minute stamina, they have to be faster, they have to have the skill, and the will?but the will must be stronger than the skill??Mohammed Ali

    You guys have proven, from game 1 thru game 182, that you are capable?just keep that same desire, keep that same dream, and keep that same vision alive, and you will do just fine?and that World Series Championship ring is yours, and ours?

    Love ya guys?

    GO TRIBE!!!

    Carol Anne


    just wanted to say good luck tomorrow and the rest of the season..when yall make it past the yankees if i can find someone to cover for me i will be at game 2 in the next series. and i like the fact u are doing these its cool to see how yall are feeling. and yall deserve a ring because yall are amazing players and guys.



    I love your blog, it is simply awesome. I hope you read the fans replies. I hope you remember me and my son Kyle from Mahoney Valley and all the way thru your minor league career. My mom known as grandma “Z” bakes for you guys all the time.

    Kyle and I even went to Jamestown with you guys in I think 2002. I would love it if you could take a moment and contact me and Kyle. We know Wallace real well, Fausto, (from Lake County and thru his career, Pat Osbourne, Jason Cooper, Brad Snyder, and many others. If you read this please contact “Lil” Kyle, now 12 years old and myself. I think if you do you WILL remember “Lil” Kyle, your biggest little fan!!!!, any be glad you contatced us. Please do call. This is the only way I have to reach you.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Best of Wishes and God Bless,

    Dan & Kyle Zabarsky


    PS Ryan,
    We used to bring cakes to the Scrappers locker room, after that 5 day road trip to Jamestown. Kyle thought you guys deserved it, and you would always win, when a cake was brought in, after being stuck there for 5 days, and we started bringing them regulary and then had my mom start baking cookies all the time. Remember the chocolate chip, snicker doodles, and the cakes with Go Captains and so no, from Garandma Z and Kyle. If you decide not to contact us, PLEASE do all of Cleveland a HUGE FAVOR and TAKE HOME THE PRIZE. I think you once told Kyle keep the prize in your eyes, as he continues his baseball career in travel ball.

    Please contact us.

    Dan & Kyle Zabarsky


    I am out here in Missouri and I am no longer in Cleveland but my Baseball heart is with the Tribe always.(Thank God for MLBTV Online!) You guys can do this I truly believe it.You all have the talent it is your destiny take it focus and as far as loud Stadiums Mr.Damon has never been to a Grateful Dead concert at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ so what does he know j/k lol. Bring it on home tomorrow!Go Tribe!!!!!



    Hey, Gark…that’s ok, tough loss. Go get ’em tonight. Even though you guys are in NY, we’re all still screaming our heads off back in Cleveland! (I’ve completely lost my voice, but once I get it back, I’ll be screaming again!)

    The Indians are the team of destiny this year…this is OUR year! Let’s wrap it up tonight!! By the way…thanks for taking the time to do this blog. It’s nice to hear everything from a player’s perspective. Good Luck tonight!


    p.s. How ’bout that Stanford game??!!


    Ryan.about the noise in Yankee Stadium….when you guys are out on the field in the middle of all that noise, try this trick: in your MIND, tell yourselves it’s the Cleveland fans screaming for YOU. And know that back here, the fans are all making noise for you. Heck, I was at the Game Friday night and I still haven’t got my voice back yet.
    Go get ’em Ryan, bring it on home for us tonight !!

    Good luck and GO TRIBE !!



    Hey Ryan – this blog thing is pretty cool. I would be amazed with all that’s going on that you have time to read fan comments, but it’s cool to read about what’s going on in your heads! If you do read this – know your fans are behind you 100%!!! I was at the Jake last night watching on the screen – and there were times it felt like we were really there. We all were VERY pumped up and can’t wait for you to put the Yankees away tonight. I would love to see you come back to Cleveland and play again this fall – just not on Wednesday. We’ll see you in the ALCS. BRING ON THE SOX!



    Ryan, no matter where you guys are playing I’m always rooting for you here in Newark, Ohio! I wish I could be up at the Jake watching the games, but hey I’ll settle for being able to watch you guys at home. Best of wishes and good luck tonight! I’ll be watching and rooting for you all!


    We were at the Jake Sunday night cheering you guys on. The hostess, Betsy Kling, said she wished they could pipe in the cheering that was going on in Cleveland into the dugout you guys were in in New York. Think of that when those goofy Yankee fans are screaming and yelling. Your fans in Cleveland are doing the same thing to cheer you on!

    Louise Lucas


    thanks so much for keeping this blog, it really gives us fans a great insider perspective.

    we’ll get them tonight!

    go tribe!


    Hey Ryan, Remember. . .YOU GUYS have the best record, the NYY’s should be thinking, “Yikes, it’s the 07 Indians!” Pulling for you guys, since ‘my boys’ got out of it. Hope tonight is the night you join the New FUN club of Yankee Post-Season Killers!! Your team is a class act.


    Hey Ry,
    It’s been fun watching you on tv! We are all so proud of you and are so excited…Ready to see ya’ll go out and get a big win tonight! Goodluck out there!!



    dear ryan,
    i feel like a stalker for commenting on practically all of your blogs. nonetheless it’s good to feel connected to the team, especially since i can’t go to games in new york. anyway, remember you and the team have an entire city rooting for you. win or lose *though i know we won’t lose* i’ll be there next year and the years after that! see you at game 1 on monday!


    hey Ryan!!
    congratulations on getting this far…the cleveland indians are such a special team this year! i am so excited for you guys! i know new york must be a difficult ball park to play in, but everytime you hear the yankees fans’ cheering/yelling, just know that the whole city of cleveland is cheering for you guys so much louder!! me and my sister were watching the game last night at Jacobs field and on our tv’s thursday and friday and our goal was to scream so loudly that we lose our voice…and let me tell you, we accomplished our goal and i cant wait for you guys to accomplish yours!! good luck to you and the rest of your team on your journey to win a world series ring!!



    Some observations after watching game 3: A-Rod’s confidence is still shakey. I think the Indians should continue to pitch to him. Paul Byrd is great and he played a big part in getting the Indians to the postseason. He throws strikes and the ball will be in play a lot. I guess you will be in the game after Byrd gives us all he has. The pressure is still on the Yankees. I predict a game similar to game 1 if you guys can be patient against Wang and make him work hard like you did before. Remember when it gets loud at Yankeee Stadium that we Indians fans are cheering louder back here in Ohio. This is the best Indians team ever.


    Just keep swinging!! Yeah they are the Yankees but who cares. You guys have worked hard to get where you are and you can make it! I promise there will be some loud cheering in Buffalo tonight.


    Just go for it tonight!So they won one game?
    Forget that and go get ’em.

    We are all pulling for you!!

    (Refreshing to see “Webmaster” keeping his comments clean for a change.Seemed like he was incapable of that)


    “I bet you C.C. has never pitched on such short rest, so you never know what you?re going to get.”

    Actually he has. He pitches on short rest a few years ago. He went 5 innings and gave us 2 hits.

    As the rest of you, saying that he Jake is as loud as Yankee Stadium…I’m sorry but you’re dead wrong. There is no place like the Stadium. Especially in October. The ground was literally shaking there last night.

    A-Rod’s confidence is not shaky. So by all means, pitch to him. I look forward to it. And don’t write off Wang so fast. He is an entirely different pitcher at home. He’s 10-4 at the Stadium with a 2.75 ERA. And the short rest will mean a tired arm and a better sinker. If he can no-hit Boston for 7 innings he can surely handle you guys.

    p.s. Scoring one run in 7 innings off the Yankees’ bullpen is not exactly “getting to them.” Give credit where it’s due.


    I have to guess that the reason Carmona didn’t flinch because of the bugs is you are all used to being swarmed by bugs in your smelly city. Everyone in Cleveland should be embarrassed. What an idiotic comment by Ryan Garko that the Yankees acted like they were bullets and not bugs. In all my years of watching baseball, I have never seen anything like it. One more reason why most of us will never visit Cleveland


    Hey Ryan- Don’t get blinded by the pinstripes. They’re just MLB players just like you. You’ve beat them before, now do it one more time! I BELIEVE in you guys! GO TRIBE!


    I will never understand why there is so much respect STILL given to the Yankees. Back in the day ..absolutely! But that was then, this is now, they no longer deserve such adulation. One of there classless fans below proves that! Ryan, you are incredible. You seem calm and focused and we are all so proud and impressed with your talent at bat. You guys can do it tonight! It would have been nice to sweep and nd not waste anymore time in NY. Cleveland has the best fans, I wish our own team believed that! I for one am really tired of hearing about great it is in NY. They didn’t even win their division, Their fans turn on them on a dime! I’d rather be an Indian than anyone on the team Steinbrenner bought!


    Hi Ryan —

    I am so sick of the announcers pulling for the Yankees and BoSox. It’s TIME once and for all to shut them up and show them what we are made of. This is the year of the upsets, and here are just a few:

    Cleveland Cavaliers beat Detroit Pistons to go to the NBA finals

    Cleveland Browns put up 51 pts to beat Cincy and then beat Baltimore a couple of weeks later by 2 TD’s. They even had a decent showing against NE yesterday.

    Little Appalachian State beats powerhouse Michigan

    Here’s one you know: Stanford beats USC – that was great!

    One that happened to another one of my teams: unranked Auburn came into the Swamp and beat my heavily favored Gators

    Gators last year found a way to demolish OSU for the Nat’l Championship in football and repeated in basketball. (Sorry OSU fans – OSU is my second favorite college team)

    Unranked Illinois knocked off #5 Wisconsin

    And how about South Florida!!! No football team 10 yrs ago.

    The point is that it can and will be done! You guys can beat the Yankees tonight!

    I can’t wait to add to the list that the Tribe beat the Yankees – will beat Boston – and will beat the NL Champ to win the Series. You guys have been defying the odds all season, finding different ways to win every night, and a different hero every night. Keep your chins up – keep the faith – and know that all of us here in Cleveland are rooting for you like crazy. We’ve been very patient in Cleveland waiting for a Championship. Let’s do it!

    Let’s end it tonight in their house!



    As the governor of Caleeefornia once said “YOU LOOOOZZEEE!!!!…and thats what is going to happen to the Indians tonight in Game 4…oh….and then in Game 4 back there in OHIGH OOOOOO!!!!


    DUDES….The TRIBE….they play in the AL CEntral…how sad is that….and you play in OOOO…HI…..OOOOOo

    Go YAnkees


    ^^^trolling on a players blog who i showing nothing but respect for your city and team….very mature

    anyways, ryan- i know you are holding yankee stadium and its great fans and players in high regard, but this is our time. I’m confident that Paulie will step it up here in the postseason. Everytime you get up to bat with a guy in scoring position all my friends tell me you are going to strikeout… and everytime you prove them wrong. The playoffs are where players really cement their future or redeem their past. and i think you have a lockdown on first base at jacobs field for a long time to come.


    Sorry, but the AL Central is not even close to being the best divison in baseball. It’s just not.

    As for the Yankees not deserving respect, how on earth can you say that? They scored almost 1,000 runs. They are the best offense in all of baseball. They deserve as much respect as your beloved Indians. They are both good teams. That’s why they’re in the playoffs. You cannot have honestly thought you would sweep the Yankees, eliminating them at home when the have the second best home record in all of baseball. This is a series. This is what happens in the playoffs. You’re not used to October baseball, I know, but maybe you’ll have a few more years to get used to it. I honestly believe that it will come down to Game 5 in Cleveland and if you Indians fans really have as much confidence in your team as you say, then you have nothing to worry about. The only reason you’re insulting a great team like the Yankees is because you know what they can do and you’re worried.


    No one is insulting the Yankees on here, at least not on this post.

    It’s sad that even after the Yankees won last night, that their fans have to get on here and insult the Indians and their fans when all us Indians fans are doing is cheering for our team! Please, go to your own blogs and insult us.

    It seems Yankees fans think that we shouldn’t have the “right” to cheer for our team only because we haven’t been in the post season since 2001, but here’s the facts:

    CLEVELAND is leading the series 2-1 and along with Boston, CLEVELAND has the best record in baseball for the 2007 regular season. The Indians deserve just as much respect as the Yankees do, no matter who wins this series. As fans, we have the right to root for our team, ESPECIALLY since it’s our first October appearance in 6 years! We’re not used to it, so of course we’re excited!

    GO TRIBE!!

    P.S. Great blog, Garko!


    Well said mottillo!! What are Yankees fans doing here anyway? Don’t you guys have your own blogs to go cry about your team to? As a city we are VERY used to October baseball, we’ve been in the play offs many many need to worry about us! We do have the best record in baseball this year and that is something to acknowledge and celebrate! The only reason the Yankees are in it is because of the WILD CARD..funny how their fans forget about that! The Red Sox have been beating you guys up badly all year, so go lick your wounds and stop trying to rain on our parade!

    Ryan Garko rocks! If you aren’t a fan, stay off his blog. Simple as that!

    He’s not bad to look at either! šŸ˜‰


    you guys rock! keep steady and cool, but don’t be afraid to put in a pitcher who can finish it up for you! three pitchers throwing at 75-85 mph range in a row seemed to make it too easy for them to zero in. Don’t mis constue, all great pitchers but the yanks got lucky and figured them out…your turn now BLAST EM”!!!


    Ryan, next time an idiot named, knaak, decides to tell you to punch Damon in the face – tell Knaak to punch himself in the face.



    Our team showed nothing but class last night. You kept your cool and had fun with it, Ofcourse the Yankees are playing hard, they have too. Its do or die for them they are desparate..But the fact remains we are just a better team then they are. Sorry New York..But thats the truth. Hope you guys wrap it up tonite. Remember WE BELIEVE..and we always will.


    hey Indians Fans you have no idea what your in for at the stadium. and garko u stink you cant hit in the clutch


    Its so nice to get to read what the game is like for a player. You know i dont mind Byrd pitching tonight, but, as much as i like Kelly Shoppach, I HATE that your bat gets taken out of the line up.



    I think you and the Tribe have something this town hasn’t seen in quite a long time..that’s PATIENCE. Good things take everyone knows. You are by far my favorite player. I have gone to the last 3 games, including the Tribe Party last nite at the Jake. I know were close..and I’m not giving up! I believe in the every Clevelander should! Kick those yankees to the curb..and let’s hope they aren’t back in OUR HOUSE tomorrow, we don’t want them here, and neithier do the Midges šŸ™‚

    P.s. A shameless plug here but I was interviewed on during the Rally for the Tribe. Check it out under the sports and section of “town turns red”.


    I’m sure the Indians will be really classy losers. Colars getting a little tight? You should have stepped on our throats when you had us down with a rookie in the game. Its not like you havent won in 60 years?


    I know a mission other people have said this, but it’s so nice to hear how the team is personally feeling about the season and the playoffs. It’s nice to know that you guys can be as wide-eyed as the fans.

    The entire city of Cleveland is behind you guys 100% and we can’t wait for the game tonight. We know it’ll already be this way, but play how you all have played all season… consistent and with a love for the game. It’s obvious you all have a bond that many teams don’t have. And we love watching it!! This team of Indians is my favorite group in recent memory!

    Go TRIBE!! Beat the Yanks.


    I’m annoyed and frusterated by the bickering going on between Yankee and Indian fans… Ryan Garko is simply sharing his thoughts and feelings on the post season yet everyone is making this a mud-slinging war. Be a baseball fan and appreciate GREAT baseball played by two GREAT teams. Time will tell the outcome (hopefully tonight).
    Thank you again Ryan for sharing your thoughts and feelings on October! Keeping your words in mind during the game really helps connect. Your confidence in Byrd, and the ‘don’t panic’ theme is exactly why you guys are where you are, and as a fan I appreciate that mentality more than I can say! Thank you for the insight! Blessings on tonight, and the rest of post!


    Ryan, I don’t know if you realize how important a blog like this is for us fans. I finally feel like I can have some kind of connection with the team and it is a great feeling. I live in North Carolina (I know strange place for a Indians fan)in a house full of Yankee fans, that is exept for me; Ever since I can remember I have been watching the Yankees in the postseason and my family celebrating the wins. I have never really known that feeling until now.. it is awesome! I am assuming your out and Shoppach is in, but you have had an awesome series. Peace!


    Hey RG, you really let loose the hounds this time, huh? I can’t believe all the haters that come here just to be stupid and then pretend they have more dignity because of some opinion over something you wrote. LOL! People have no sense of decency here, obviously, no respect and most of all NO INTELLIGENCE.

    Please destroy the Yankees tonight. Pretty please.


    Ryan,play like you are back at Creekside park and coach Harold has told you to hit your pitch.You hit in the game winning run and celebrate ar New York Pizza with your team mates. Good Luck. John Clark


    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I know you guys could do it!!! Bring on Boston!!!!!
    ā¤ your #1 fan,



    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, see, that’s what hatred and trash-talking get you, Yankee fans.

    Congrats Tribe, savor well-deserved victory! Byrdie, Jo-Bo, you ALL RULE!


    Congratulations to you all! You guys deserve it. Keep it up and we’ll beat the Red Sox. I’ll see you on Tuesday for game 4. The house will be rockin’!!!


    THANK YOU TRIBE! What fantastic end to the series. Ryan I wish you had played tonight, but what a victory! We deserved that. I wish you could have seen how crazy it was down at the Jake tonight cheering you guys on.

    I guess winning is the best revenge for all you haters out there. Guess our collars weren’t too tight after all, huh? I’m were saying..?

    And for the person who said our city was “smelly”. Grow up. I’ll say this once. The reason we had the Midges as they are called, was because it usually isn’t 90 degrees in October and being on a lake, they multiplied with the confusion in seasons! Not to mention the bright lights of the Jake attracted them.

    Show some class for once Yankee fans, and congratulate the Tribe. We earned it.

    Ryan, you are such a sweetie, and a hottie too!


    Great blog! It shows the essence of playoff baseball..Great series win! Looking forward to the next series! Keep up the great work!


    Congrats on the win… you guys deserved it so much..all your hard work is paying off and now it’s time to show boston what we are made of….I was so upset when I turned on the game and noticed that my favorite player and first baseman wasn’t playing, but I still was supporting your number as well as the team… I swear I think my roommates think I am crazy..anyways good luck friday beat the red socks…. i’ll be cheering for you…

    love Jessica Good Luck #25….your the best

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