Whirlwind continues

Travishafner275On the flight home from New York, I think we were all just so tired from those two games at Yankee Stadium. They took so long and took so much out of us. It was time to just take a deep breath. We probably had more fun on the flight going to New York after we won that game here in Cleveland. Because even though we knew we had won the series, we right away started to think about the task ahead of us. We don?t want to just beat the Yankees. We want to win the World Series.

On the off-day Tuesday, I went to the mall out in Beachwood to buy a few shirts. I was in Nordstrom buying a tie, and I could see a few people from the shoe department looking over at me. I started talking with one of the guys about Yankee Stadium and going there and playing. It was fun to see how everybody was so into what the team was doing. They were saying how each night, everybody was crowding around the TV in the men?s shoe department to watch the games. Everyone was just going crazy. It was a lot of fun to see all the enthusiasm surrounding the team. We really didn?t get to see that, clinching in New York. A couple friends of mine said everyone downtown was real excited.

When we got off the flight from New York, there were about seven people waiting for us at the airpport. Those were definitely superfans. They came out in the middle of the night. They got their money?s worth, too, because they got on ESPN.

It was fun to be on the Jim Rome show today. I grew up a pretty big fan of the show. I?m still into it. My favorite part was talking with him about callers into the show, like Mike from Wichita or Chad from Portland. It?s kind of come full-circle, because now Ben Francisco and I are rooting for the ?clones,? and not the other way around. We?re trying to pick who will win the ?Smack Off.? It cracks us up. I think Rome does a good job. I like hearing his take on sports.

I checked into my hotel and right away checked out, because we?re heading to Boston tonight. No complaints, but it?s definitely a whirlwind. I think it will be nice to have less days off in this round, because we?re playing well and swinging well.

People talk about us being in this series. But you don?t sneak up on the other team. You just sneak up on the media. Just because all the guys that write for all the New York papers didn?t give us respect doesn?t mean the Yankees didn?t.


  1. clevegirl@gmail.com

    Comin’ back to C-town for Games 3 and 4. Go get ’em Gark! Love the blog. See you at Nordstrom :)Congrats, Tribe!

  2. dgille17@mercyhurst.edu

    Ryan, You think it was exciting that people in the mall were excited that’s awesome. Just wait till you bring games 3 and 4 to C town, it’s going to be crazy!! I can’t wait. Next time you go to the mall come to erie!

  3. lonestar_9@sbcglobal.net

    Ryan – congrats to the you and Tribe on the ALDS… you guys are in for another tough one with Boston, though. That’s gonna be a great series… hope you guys win in 4. Tell Hafner to hit one deep for his old organization (the Texas Rangers). Good luck!

  4. ozzmosis1369@hotmail.com

    I’ve been an Indians fan all my life. Watching you guys win in Yankee Stadium was simply amazing. Go Tribe!!!

  5. cabblu413@hotmail.com

    You guys are amazing. To see you guys finally get here after all the hardwork you’ve done is the perfect end to a summer. Good luck Ryan and GO TRIIIIBE!!!!

  6. npc_pronk29@sbcglobal.net


    Just take it one day at a time. Slow everything down and soak in the moment. It truly is special.

    The fan base is behind you guys 200% Can’t wait till games 3 and 4 to give the world a little taste of just how supportive Cleveland can be!

  7. mmihalic@kent.edu

    Loved you being on Rome today, it was awesome. Friday can’t come soon enough, I’m so pumped!!! If you really read this can you tell Datz I said hello and congrats, I would appreciate it! Can’t wait til you guys are back in Cleveland, it’s about to get CRAZY! Wooo Go Tribe!!!!

  8. burnham@post.harvard.edu

    LOVED hearing your interview on Rome today, Ryan! Too bad Alvin flipped at the end because the segment went long and Rome had to cut it short. Hearing you and Rome go back and forth about the clones is hilarious – you’ve got to go back on soon!

    My family and I were absolutely ecstatic Monday night when you finished off the Yanks – we’re all tribe fans going way back (my dad since he was a kid in the 40s and 50s!). Can’t wait for the series to start on Friday – you guys are freaking fantastic! Best of luck – we’re pulling hard for you!

  9. neffs111@aol.com

    you are a total loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser

  10. vessalo.1@osu.edu

    There are even MORE superfans out there, I promise! If I weren’t at school I would have been there at the airport too!! Keep it going Ryan, I’m so glad to not have to hear about the Yankees anymore!

  11. cyns1130@adelphia.net

    I can’t wait for the Red Sox game. This is the year for the Indians. It’s a great team. GO TRIBE.

  12. aalmasy286@yahoo.com

    Congratulations!! I LOVE reading your blog, and I’m so excited for the ALCS to begin. You guys are so awesome and I think it’s great that you are such a close group of guys, it really makes a difference! I’ll be at games 4 & 5 cheering my heart! GO TRIBE!!!

  13. saravalentine_92@hotmail.com

    Ryan, Congrats on the win!! I am really happy that the Tribe is doing so well so far!! Good Luck on Friday’s game and on the way to the World Series title!! You guys definitely deserve it!! Good Luck and keep it up!!!
    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!

    we believe

  14. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu

    Hi Ryan,

    I know I post every day but being at school in Erie, I feel so far away from home during this exciting time(even though it’s only an hour away).

    However, my professor looks like you so that makes me feel a little bit closer to you, if that makes any sense.

    Safe trip to Boston and good luck! As I said before, I will be at game #4 (skipping class again) and I would like to come to the lot so I hope you will make a visit.

    Take care,


    BTW..I agree with the post towards the top, next time you go to the mall come to Erie (no sales tax).

  15. tribefan2425@yahoo.com

    If i didn’t have school the next day, you would have definately seen me at that airport…Good luck friday!!!

    i’m so happy one of my favorite players is blogging!! GO TRIBE!

  16. bigd147842@yahoo.com

    Ryan, great to see you on Rome is burning multiple times recently – Rome loves you and so does Cleveland! It was great to hear your thoughts and finally see the Indians get some much deserved recognition from the media.
    Any thoughts on your alma mater upsetting USC this weekend? Great Odin’s Raven!

    You’ve been a huge part of our success this year and I love how you’re always having fun out there – you talk to almost every hitter who gets down to first. What are you saying to everyone?

    Keep it going – I’d like to see you double-fisting beers after clinching a series again!

    A heat thrower, a gyroballer, a bloody socker… all not looking forward to facing the Indians’ bats – Cleveland Rocks, Go Tribe!

  17. anadolson@laca.org

    Hey Ryan!

    I have been saying since August that it is going to be an INDIANS summer! So keep it alive! Very proud of the whole gang… Cannot wait to see you all on Friday.

    P.S. keep your socks pulled up high and pants tucked short…It totally rocks!

  18. katelynnnnnnn3@aol.com

    heyyy ryann [:
    Cant wait till friday to see you guys get back to work.

    the team is amazing to watch, everygame you play is excitingg!

    tuesdays game was great.

    paul byrd is amazing

    and such a nice guy, so i was so glad to see him get the win

    last night i watched espn and i had to laugh as they now consider the indians “contenders” to win the world series

    because all of us truetribe fans know what a great team we’ve had all year and now were finally getting respect for it.

    goodluck &&

    as my friend and i say

    GARKO-MANIA !!! =]



  19. bfitts10@jcu.edu


    you were in beachwood and didn’t visit john carroll. what gives man? haha whoop some red sox ….well you know what that means, GO TRIBE

  20. hockeymom@centurytel.net

    Hey G
    Just wanted to let you guys know what your fans are doing on the days off. We are counting down the hours until Friday night! And reading everything Tribe!

  21. yaee_its_lauren29@yahoo.com

    congrats to a great post season.Good luck- remember how much you guys inspire those who are not healthy.

  22. kellyspencer@walsh.edu

    aww i am so sad i wanted to come to the airport sooo bad i was talking about it with my friends on the way back now i wish i would have =(
    anyways good luck in boston you guys will do great! i’ll be at the jake cheerin from there lol

  23. vsprl@yahoo.com

    Ryan, I wish you guys could have experienced the reaction to your win in NY, here in Cleveland, we were all ecstatic! Everyone at the Jake went crazy hugging and jumping and high fiving!!! Lots of love and support are with you guys always when you are on the road! I’m glad to know the Yankee players themselves gave you guys some respect. It is very deserved. Thank you again for bringing post-season baseball back to Cleveland. We are loving it!

  24. arlloyd@neo.rr.com

    Hey Ryan,

    I can’t wait until Friday. It’s driving me crazy not seeing a game for three nights. Kick butt out there in Boston and lets win it at home. Go tribe!

  25. ***************@aol.com

    I hate to tell you this but Johnny Damon said and I quote

    “The better team did not win”

    That is not respect at all.

  26. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu

    To the above comment:

    The Yankees season is over so there is no need for you to comment anymore.

    In Gark’s words: Thank you for the email. See you next year.

  27. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu

    Oh wow…sorry about that…didn’t realize that you are not a yankees fan.

    I had a few too many rum & cokes tonight.

  28. htshannon@windstream.net

    This blog just keeps getting more and more fun for me to read! I can’t wait until tomorrow at Bo town! I’ll be rooting and cheering for you guys the whole way! Good luck! I just wish I could be at the Jake with the rest of cleveland! Go Tribe!


  29. christine.m.harris@hotmail.com

    Hey there Ryan!

    You aren’t kidding that downtown was crazzzy after you guys won. My girlfriends and I were out on W. 6th and seriously everywhere you looked people were toasting their shots to “The Tribe” or “It’s Tribe Time Now!”

    I can’t wait for you guys to play tomorrow night, it’s going to be so crazy here in Cleveland. One of the best things about living downtown is that you get to get caught up in all of the excitement that buzzes around this city.

    You guys are going to do great and this whole city is going to be behind you! Hey, what other city can pack 10,000 plus people into the ballpark just to watch the game on the jumbotron???? That’s right, Cleveland!

    Go get ’em this weekend and bring it back to Cleveland! Win this series so you can join us for the party on W. 6th!

    Go sock it to the Sox!

  30. rippinmics2003@yahoo.com

    Hey Ryan, Congrats my man. You guys were awesome!!! I was so upset how little press the tribe got. Even after we whipped on them yanks, the focus was on whether Torre was leaving or not. bulls@#$!!! Anyway, I was at game two, and i can honestly say that it was the best game i’ve been to!!! The city is behind you…YOUR my team, and Ryan you have done an excellent!!!Glad your ours!!! lol Victor

  31. iluvnathan21200@yahoo.com

    I’m glad to hear that the Yankee’s players were respectful to you. It just seemed like even though there were losing the whole world was still on their side. It’s okay though – they didn’t go home with the win – WE DID!!

    I agree with the above poster – keep wearing the socks!

    And I still have to add – “GO, GRADY”!!!



  32. tylerfh@bgnet.bgsu.edu

    Ryan, I just wanted to thank you and the team for giving the city of Cleveland hope again. Everyone on the team is doing great right now and I know that Boston is a tough team but there is something special about our team and I know we will win it all this year. Congrats and good luck!

  33. chet725@roadrunner.com

    Ryan! Can’t wait for the ALCS to begin. It’s been a lot of fun watching the Indians all season: not only the great style of play you guys are bringing to the game, but also watching the celebrations at The Jake after a win. I love hearing John Mellencamp’s “Again Tonight” play throughout the ballpark after an Indians victory. Perfect selection, whoever’s idea that was. Go Tribe!

  34. jpaumi48@aol.com

    Ryan, I don’t know if you put the pics in your blog, but I’m loving the pic of Haf with “FOX This” in the background. I just thought that was kinda funny. Anyway good luck in Boston! Let’s surprise the media again!GO TRIBE!

  35. npygs@alltel.net

    Sox must be worried…they’re on Rome today trying to get some “jungle karma.” They can never catch enough karma compared to all the interviews the Indians have done this season!

    Hats off to the team for being so level headed with one goal…World Series Winners 2007!

  36. abcglcmom@aol.com

    Keep up the great work! I bet your mom is bursting with pride. It is so exciting to see your children succeed and excel in doing what they love. Hopefully your parents have been able to attend some of these games. This blog thing is a great idea and really helps keep the fans connected. It is really nice to see the fans giving you guys some support, finally! We are cheering for you guys out here in true Northern California, even my co-workers who are not big sports people have jumped on the Indians train! Look forward to seeing you guys in the World Series!

  37. laurie_loves_gators@yahoo.com

    Hi Ryan —

    I can definitely appreciate what you are saying about the media. I was on XM’s MLB Home Plate yesterday demanding respect for what you all have achieved. They give us no props whatsoever. All they talk about is NY and Boston. I made sure to tell Ron Dibble and Kevin Kennedy that IT IS TRIBE TIME NOW. Their response – win 8 more games and Cleveland will get the respect we so much desire. How ’bout that?! I would have loved to have caught Jim Rome’s show, but I do have to accomplish some work. Anyway, to repeat what someone else wrote, you have no idea how much you guys are doing for this city and how proud we are to have each and every one of you on our team. To all you other Cleveland fans – call Ron and Kevin and tell them what we are all about here in Cleveland – the best team in baseball!!!!!!!!


  38. kzimoulis@yahoo.com

    Hey everyone…

    I am writing an article about the midges that flew onto Jacobs field during game 2 of the ALDS. Was anyone at the game? If so, would you be willing to answer a few questions for me? Please email me at the address below.

    Thanks! ~Katherine

  39. secret.man69@yahoo.com

    Laurie – Quit your whining. The reason the Indians don’t get any respect YET, is that they are a bunch of no-names (except for CC, Martinez, Grady, Hafner and MAYBE Fausto). Only having ONE player with a .300 average doesn’t help either, winning people over to be believers.

    BoSox in 6!!

  40. al_difranco@yahoo.com


    It’s been a real pleasure watching you develop as a player this season. You have solidified the middle of the lineup for the Tribe! I’m looking forward to many seasons to come with you as a core part of this team. Best of luck against the Red Sox!

  41. knepp@dmrtc.net

    Just wanted to encourage all you Tribe fans not to let the lack of media attention or lack of respect bother you-I’m a die-hard Cardinal fan from Indiana, and we were in the same situation last year-no one gave us a chance-and what did we do? We won the World Series! My favorite sign at Busch was “THE EXPERTS ARE IDIOTS!” Good Luck Tribe-I’m pulling for you!

  42. kimberly_lauver@yahoo.com

    My one year old and I are having way to much fun reading this blog. Everytime she sees your picture or Chief Wahoo she yells chief! Anyway best of luck to all of you this weekend-eat some chowdah and win!!!!

  43. gardewin@sbcglobal.net


    Heard you on Rome yesterday and heard Kevin Yuklis (sp?) today. He sounded like he had been listening to Eric Wedge. He was also talking about geting the series started so they could get rid of the (or at least lessen the presence of) media who are apparently swarming their clubhouse … Sounded more like locusts than gnats tho. Yeah, it will be a media feeding frenzy, but let’s hope they feed on the Red Sox more than the Tribe. In the final analysis, the media totally does not matter. What does matter is that you guys play it one pitch at a time and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Good luck and go Tribe!

  44. nanette23@hotmail.com

    Congrats! Let me just way to go and good luck. We will be watching. GO TRIBE! Love the blog. By the way if someone has to wear 25 I am so thrilled to see you have it. I have seen you and some others down in Akron! Go former Aeros players!!!!

  45. beckywith03@yahoo.com

    you guys are so amazing! Its so exciting to watch you play cause we got to know you when you played in Buffalo. I hope all the Bisons fans are rooting for you! My son, Casey still wears his “Garko’s #1 Fan” t-shirt. He still is your biggest fan. love ya!


  46. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu


    Yea I’m reallll sorry about that..haha. That is like the worst insult ever, I know!

    Like I said, I had a few too many rum and cokes that night 🙂

    Go Tribe – Hi Ryan!

  47. chazbedlam@cableone.net


    You are a jungle guy, so I say congrats on beating us. As a YANKEE FAN I would also like to say congrats to Cleveland for playing a great series. Good pitching is a **** good way to stop good hitting.

    We’ll see you fellas next season. We have some good young pitchers, and some free agents that will look sexy in pinstripes. Best of luck against Boston, I hope you stomp their guts out.

  48. chazbedlam@cableone.net

    Ryan, you beat the most storied franchise in the history of pro sports, so you better take the whole f-ing thing!

  49. fab4runner@yahoo.com

    Congrats on an amazing postseason and let’s hope tonight is more of the same! I love reading your blogs and will go out on a limb and say I am your biggest fan! Can’t wait for game 4 on Tuesday, it will be my first ever playoff game!

    Goodluck tonight!


  50. chazbedlam@cableone.net

    To the above comment about what Johnny D said:

    The better team did win. It stinks for a Yankee fan to have to admit it, but it’s undeniable. Cleveland hit when it mattered, and pitched like their life depended on it. Your squad may not have “wanted it more”, but there were too many holes in our armor this season to overcome. Again, good luck in Boston. Do the Yanks a favor and light up Beckett for 8 runs in the first.

  51. jhonigf@bgnet.bgsu.edu

    I have been and Indians’ fan since as long as I can remember. Since about the age of 11 I have watched or listened to almost every single game (10 years worth). I’m a couple hours west of Cleveland in Bowling Green going to college to be a sports writer…hopefully someday soon I can perhaps cover you and the Indians! What you guys are doing is awesome and I will for sure be watching the remainder of the Indians’ playoff run (hopefully through the world series!). It’s the year of the Indians…I hope you all enjoy it!

    GO TRIBE!!!!


  52. mcoughlin@napanet.net


    What is the feeling in Cleveland about the fact that the Red Sox rookie outfielder, Jacoby Ellsbury, is of Navajo descent and the Indians logo features a cartoon (Chief Wahoo) that was created during the era that gave us such stereotypes as Amos and Andy?


    Napa,, California

  53. drl1@cogeco.ca

    This is for “secret.man”

    This bunch of “no names” won 96 games with HALF of the payroll of The Red Sox.Which was the most wins in all of baseball(Ok tied with Boston).Ridiculous how NY is out yet the media STILL continues to discuss them.

    Watch out for these so-called”no names”,They are going to give Boston a handful.

  54. mfreeze68@sbcglobal.net


    I’ve been an Indians fan for all of my 39 years. What you guys did in New York was incredible and we all knew you could do it. I hope you have a great series in Boston and come home and clinch at the Jake. My son is 8 years old and he pretends everyday that he is Ryan Garko hitting an H.R. over the 19ft wall at the Jake. Beat the Sox.

    GO TRIBE!!!



  55. brownfans@juno.com

    Hey Ryan!
    Keep playing like you’ve been playing! Enjoy reading your comments. As a CLEVELAND INDIAN (and BROWNS fan) in Texas, we are so looking forward to the game tonight. Have fun!!!

  56. karen.leach@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Ryan,

    Good luck to you guys in the ALCS! Actually the Red Sox team has a lot of respect for you guys. In fact they said that they had a lot of work cut out for them as they were referring to you all.

    How funny that you were at Beachwood Mall on Tuesday, me too! I must have missed you, but I was in the food court after 1 pm. In fact someone asked me where Nordstroms was in the mall.

    Anyhow, Good luck and I’ll be praying for you guys.

    Take Care,

    Karen from STO-Channel 3.

  57. bilibear_7@hotmail.com

    I’m not sure about all Bisons fans, but this one is definately cheering for you. I have my Garko shirt on and I’m getting ready to go out in Buffalo and watch the game. Good luck tonight!

    Oh yeah I vote for you wearing your pants tucked into your socks too!

  58. margreatjunk@justanother.net

    I live in the little country town of Ostrander (near Columbus). As pathetic as it sounds, I don’t have access to cable or DSL. Even my AM antenna doesn’t work well, so I’ve been known to sit in my car in the driveway to hear the games. But, it’s been worth it to hear you guys get to where you are. I’ll be listening tonight, or working on my TV antenna to catch it on FOX. I’m behind you all the way, even I’m in the confused land of Indians/Reds Territory. Signed, Margaret

  59. queenalison@hotmail.com

    I’m cheering ya’ll on from out in LA and all we hear about is the Yanks & Sox…ya know what…Forget the media hype…its time for Cleveland to play Cleveland ball the way they know how: Blue collar, situational, down and dirty kick *** ball! Go Tribe!

  60. infernodragon02@msn.com

    Hey Garko-mania, it’s very nice to see you back in the lineup. I’m so nerved over turning on the game, but yeah… I’ll watch it and scream at the top of my lungs even if they have to tranquilize me.

    You did sneak up on the media, mainly because the New York media is pretty blatant and biased, even against their own players =p But so what, less pressure, right?

    Sorry about the airport thing too, I hope you guys don’t take it as us being uninterested, because you still are and always will be the highlight of Cleveland!

  61. soccercorgi@att.net

    The ALDS was a great series to watch. I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid and I can’t wait to see you guys succeed. You all deserve it and being in school away from Cleveland, you can still feel the energy that the city gives off every night you all play. Good luck and bring back the AL pennant for yourselves and the city! Love you guys!! Go Tribe!

  62. malteseqt@oh.rr.com

    Gark, who goes there? LOL!

    You guys did the best you could with Beckett last night. I was so scared to watch the game! Hopefully, with our Fausto to pitch, we will win this one with flying colors! C.C. did well, too, but, not good enough. The Red Sox are a tough team. Please, go out there and win this one tonight, so all us Tribe fans don’t have to have unpleasant dreams tonight! I know you guys can do it! You’ve done it all year!

    Find this song and play it for everyone in the locker room! It’s by Josh Groban, very inspirational!!! Remember….YOU ARE LOVED!

    “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)”

    Don’t give up

    It’s just the weight of the world

    When your heart’s heavy

    I…I will lift it for you

    Don’t give up

    Because you want to be heard

    If silence keeps you

    I…I will break it for you

    Everybody wants to be understood

    Well I can hear you

    Everybody wants to be loved

    Don’t give up

    Because you are loved

    Don’t give up

    It’s just the hurt that you hide

    When you’re lost inside

    I…I will be there to find you

    Don’t give up

    Because you want to burn bright

    If darkness blinds you

    I…I will shine to guide you

    Everybody wants to be understood

    Well I can hear you

    Everybody wants to be loved

    Don’t give up

    Because you are loved

    You are loved

    Don’t give up

    It’s just the weight of the world

    Don’t give up

    Every one needs to be heard

    You are loved


  63. fellerd@pomfretschool.org

    Keep up the good work Ryan.
    When I was in spring training I could feel this season was going to be a good one.

    Bring home the W

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