What a game!

That was a huge win and everybody was so happy for Trot Nixon to come up with that hit. He has been through a lot this season but he has always stayed upbeat and positive despite losing playing time and at-bats in the second half. We were all really happy for him.


We were all really tired, more mentally than anything. First of all, the start of the game was 8:20, that’s something we never do all year so you have all day to sit around and think about the game.

Then it seemed like every at-bat was long. There were no quick outs, every at-bat seemed to have four, five and six pitches. And a lot of guys were getting on base, that always slows it down. As a position player it can be mentally tough. You’ve got to stay up mentally because a ball hit to you could be the difference between winning and losing. You have to be ready because you never know.

We were tired but there was still a sense of accomplishment because we knew we had done something difficult in winning a game like that in Boston.

The plane ride home was fun. You had the usual RBI baseball video game going in the back, the card games in the middle and most of the guys eating or sleeping up front. Vic Martinez, who seems to have unlimited energy had his music on.

A bunch of guys got up Sunday and went to the Browns game. I slept too late to go, but I’m going to watch the Patriots-Cowboys game, have a nice dinner and get a good night’s sleep. We didn’t get in until 7 a.m.

I have a lot of family coming in this week. My parents are coming in from California. They haven’t been here since April. They got rattled by the snow. They were here for four or five days and didn’t get to see one game. They went to games in Anaheim and Oakland but said they weren’t coming back to Cleveland until the playoffs. Well, the playoffs are here.


  1. robtgbbs@yahoo.com

    hey gark….one thing that has always bothered me about professional sports is the lack of loyalty from fans…yes i realize its usually the other way around…fans are so fickle…i remember against kc last year when the fans were giving c. c. a bad time…now he is everyones hero… i guess what im trying to say is that no matter what happends i appreciate the hard work you guys have put in..win or lose im witch ya….thats all a fan can ask for..you guys are real likable…and its been a great year….but while you are in this position you might as well win it….BRING IT HOME

  2. sweetheart77128@aol.com

    Hey Congrats on the win last night, you guys did great. Ignore what everyone else is saying, go out there, and play your game. Good Luck at your next game on Monday, I will be watching and Ryan I think you are so cute.

  3. rm@menold.us

    Hey Ryan, What a blast to see the Tribe take the 2nd game. Congrats to every player. Where did all you guys get that boost of adrenalin! It was exciting even from 10 thousand miles away. Speaking from the Horn of Africa serving our great country with the Dept of State. I can only see the game on ESPN website. Watching play by play on a square box is so painstaking slow. Sometimes I call my wife while she is watching the game on TV back in Florida and we discuss it for a while. We are staunch fans, meaning loyal through thick and thin. Watch the Spring training in Winter Haven with season tickets. Will be there in 2008 to see you guys warm up, and to get some autographed baseballs. ? Ryan, My grandson has the same name? I love your Blog, Real nice to see a player put his hand to text. Are you one day in the future going to be a sportswriter or TV sports commentator. Hey Ryan! this could be your second life?
    Now Lets take the ALCS at our home stadium, and on to the Series. Go Tribe Go!

    A loyal Fan for Life?

  4. Amanda

    It’s a 5 game series now, and the Tribe has homefield advantage. Hopefully, Westbrook and Byrdie can step it up and turn themselves into aces to make up for CC and Fausto falling short of expectations. The pen really saved the game last night, and I agree with your last post that Mastny really was the player of the game along with Trot.

    You guys certainly ripped apart Gagne and Lopez up last night. I think Gagne isn’t really living up to all the hype he had coming out of the Rangers organization, and last night proved it. You and Jhonny certainly have stepped it up lately, like I have pointed out in my blogs, will be the key to the Tribe going far. Also, I’m glad to see Franklin is finally finding his stroke again. His blast last night was the icing on the cake and made all 5 hours and 14 minutes of baseball worth it. This Tribe club reminds me so much of the 1995 club. You guys are always finding a way to come back, and that’s why, you guys are going to win it all, even the streaky hot Rockies.



  5. astew123@hotmail.com

    Garks! Another great couple of entries, and Congrats on a HARD FOUGHT VICTORY!

    I watched that ****** from 1st pitch to last out, and it was one to remember. My friends and I were getting superstitious for this one, I had a lucky drinking cup I had to chew on during every AB and we all had to chug some of our beer before every pitch. Needless to say, I’m out one good cup and A LOT of Bud Light! We were barely standing when this one was over. Tired, intoxicated, and elated. You guys are a true talent as a whole, Wedgey really tells it like it is when he says one part of this club picks up the other night in and night out. I will be at the Jake on Monday screaming my lungs out. So lets hope they have enough beer to keep my rally drinks coming, superstition works!

    Good luck on Monday,



  6. apadubid@kent.edu

    RYAN! I love your entries, and I hope you’re with the Tribe for years and years and years! Again… AMAZING GAME YESTERDAY! I’m psyched for tomorrow…. YOU GOT THIS BABY!!

    Like Amanda said.. now it’s a five game series with the homefield advantage in Cleveland. THAT’S HUGE!

    I’ll be watching tomorrow, I know you’ll make us proud. πŸ˜€


  7. pinkkillersheepz@yahoo.com

    dear ryan,
    i had to drive back to ohio from washington d.c. last night so the game ended up keeping me awake as i drove through PA. i’ll be at tomorrow’s game, and i’d looooove to see another win (i was at the bug game) can’t wait to watch you and my favorite team!

  8. gemboy27@yahoo.com

    I’m a Tiger fan hoping the Indians will rock the MLB

    Great game last night, after the eight inning, I felt good about another Cleveland comeback.

    Go Trib

  9. mrs_sizemore24@yahoo.com

    I wanted to give Trot Nixon a big hug after that hit last night! What an exciting game! I was screaming and jumping up and down, waking my parents up and traumatizing my cats in the process. Every game is more intense than the next…I love it! I’m pumped to see you guys come home and win for the home crowd!
    I also have to share with you that you have a two year old admirer. I’m a toddler teacher and one of my toddlers was wearing an Indians jersey one day. He is in that mimicking phase, so I had him say all the Tribe’s names, for my own amusement. He has a particular fondness for saying your name. He will at random times of the times be found saying, “Ryan Garko, Garko, Garko, Garko”. He might think my name is Ryan Garko. We also made a “Go Tribe” sign…Tribe supporter can be of all ages!

    Good luck tomorrow night! Hit a home run for my mom!

  10. cyns1130@adelphia.net

    Hey Ryan. Great game. I was at work and kept sneaking to the lounge to see it. I never miss a game. This is the year for the Indians. GO TRIBE.

  11. g.hammill@yahoo.com

    Hey, Ryan, way to go, guys. That was one of the hardest-fought games I’ve seen in awhile. I’ve been a Tribe fan since 1956 and this team is the most exciting I’ve seen. The 90s guys banged the ball but lacked the pitching. You guys can do both and when you get them working together, the Indians are darned near unbeatable. CC and Fausto will bounce back. And Jake and Byrdie will keep the team in it. As long as the offense doesn’t get tight under the pressure (and I don’t think they will), we’re going to win three more against Boston. It’d be great if you could do it at home.
    Good luck and GO TRIBE.

  12. christine.m.harris@hotmail.com


    Awesome job last night. It was really great to see you guys win!!!! Again, us girls enjoyed the game downtown along W. 6th and people everywhere were psyched up and really enjoying the game. People were actually starting chants inside the bars, you really felt the excitement. It is so much fun to watch the games. My hands are still sore from everybody’s constant high fives. Keep up the momentum this week and enjoy being home!

  13. golglovem@hotmail.com

    Hey Ryan

    I am so glad how you guys battled and battled all night long on Sunday and ended up victorious! Pass along to Jhonny that he has really stepped it up and has played outstanding! You guys all played well and I am glad that Trot was able to get in the game and get that big hit too. The bullpen has also been doing awesome as well!! Such a great team effort, it’s nice that the team is not just like a Papi and Manny and then Papelbon stars. I had to head back to Chicago tonight from Cleveland but it was great being home to watch the 2 games with my friends and family in Cleveland – wish I could have stayed the rest of the week while you guys were in town! Hope your family has a great time in Cleveland!

  14. erinkarla@hotmail.com

    this game was unbelievable!! I was so incredibly tired all day from staying up until 2 watching it, and until at least 3 or 4 listening to all the hype and checking out the news articles making their way on to the internet. It was amazing to see everyone (and I mean literally everyone, how many guys ender up playing in some capacity or another last night?) on the team playing so coheisivly and supporting one another, and Franklin’s 11th inning homer that almost went over the Green Monster, amazing. What a rush.

  15. erinkarla@hotmail.com

    and I agree with the post a few above that you guys are reminicent of the 1995 Indians. I was ten or eleven in 95, and found my stack of baseball cards from the 95′ Indians, along with all the news articles I had clipped and it’s truly remarkable the similarities of the current ball club to that one (however Manny played for us then…)

  16. npc_pronk29@sbcglobal.net


    Just keep playing your game and not worrying about all the naysayers. Cleveland believes in you and thats all that counts.

  17. kamccann4@hotmail.com

    Ok Ryan…Nikki and i were dying when we read your blog about Nordstrom. I have been watching the majority of the playoffs in the Men’s Shoe department at my store. (gotta love those nordstrom flat screens!) I’ve met some pretty interesting characters while rooting for you, including a guy who told me all about how you went to high school with his son and daughter at Mater Dei. I just smiled and nodded, no need to confuse him. Last nights game was exhausting! I mean, when you go 11 innings its really hard to not get just a little bit tipsy, so if you and the boys can do us kids in california a favor and beat the red socks in 9 innings tomorrow, that would be great. Good luck ry…

  18. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu


    You missed a good Browns game today!!! My roommate is a huge Patriots fan(more so for Tom Brady) so I watched that game as well tonight. She’s from Pittsburgh so she’s always dogging on our Brownies. We have a deal that she watches baseball with me and I watch football with her. It works out, although our other two roommates are not on the same page. I can get them to watch baseball with me but not so much football.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the game and cannot wait to be at the Jake on Tuesday! Maybe make a stop at Little Bar on the way…which I’m sure you’re familiar with (after watching you pound those two beers the other night). I just love being back downtown, since I’m stuck in Erie most of the time for school :/

    Good luck and get some rest! Big day ahead.


  19. hpituch@yahoo.com

    What a game!!! I’m from Toledo, and last night my sisters(2), parents, husband, and I crammed into a car(yes a car that seats 5)and drove out to the Jake to watch the game in the cold with all the other crazies. It was a BLAST!!! Of course we missed y’all not being there, but just to be at the Jake again (5th time this season) is great. I can’t get enough of this team. We’ve followed y’all since the 90’s and I love that not a single one of you are arrogant, cocky, or pretentious. You all play and act like a team! You are all such great cheerleaders for one another. True role models.

    My older sister and I drove out for game 2 against NY and I must say, if you can win it in 9, please do it…even though I’m 26, my heart can only take so much. But! If it’s that magical 11th inning that you need. So be it, I can always get some medication : )

    You guys are doing awesome, and we’ve ALWAYS believed in you and will continue to do so. I love y’all and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we can’t praise y’all enough for EVERYTHING you’ve done!

  20. elemental_79@yahoo.com

    Hey Garko,

    “What a game!” is right! Every time you guys fell behind, you battled right back. I enjoyed every minute of the top of the 11th inning. It was soooo great to watch the Saux get their butts kicked in their own ballpark. And that homer by Gutierrez! WOW!!

    Hope you guys open another can of whoop-a** on them tonight!

    GO TRIBE!!

  21. smkatusha@hotmail.com

    Hey Garko! That was a fantastic game, I’m out here in California so it was a bit easier for me to stay up and watch. Though a couple of times I got a bit nervous, and had to change the channel. Glad to hear that your parents are coming out. I went to the first game of your last series out here in Anaheim. I was layed off from work and said “Hey, let’s celebrate by going to the ballgame!” It was great to see all of you play. I think your parents were there that night too… can’t remember from where though, Pasadena or Pomona…some city off of the 10. You guys are having a great season and I look forward to the game tomorrow! GO TRIBE!

  22. kathynoon@gmail.com

    Well said, Mr. Garko!
    By the way, was that by chance you with RGARKO plates I was driving behind on Granger Road recently? What happened to your car? They should pay you more money.

    I have a son named Ryan who is a junior at Stanford right now. We really enjoy watching you play.

  23. ricfel65@yahoo.com.ph

    ITS TRIBE TIME NOW. i’ve become tribe fan eversince i watch that movie ‘major league” in 1985. i cheered and prayed during the 90’s and was disappointed. but then ITS TRIBE TIME NOW! you beat the yankees and why not the red sox.

  24. kimberly_lauver@yahoo.com

    Sounds like a fun Sunday! πŸ™‚ It is rare for us Clevelanders to have all our teams win in one weekend!! Good luck tonight we will be screaming from Detroit!!


  25. sukted44@earthlink.net

    Congrats on the split at Fenway!

    The Indian hitters made Schilling and the BoSox bullpen work, not swinging at pitches out of the strike zone. This really showcases the teams offensive maturity.

    Back at the Jake, Tribe bats will be even more patient. Bring on the Beaners!

  26. clevegirl@gmail.com

    Was at OSU for the Kent game Saturday and it was a sea of scarlet and gray AND blue! Lots of Tribe gear and flags flying on campus. Will be at Game 4. Give us a winner! What a time to be an Ohio sports fan. Buckeyes No. 1, Indians win, Brownies win.

    Go Get ’em, Tribe!

  27. margreatjunk@justanother.net

    My little boy’s elementary school in little Ostrander Ohio loves the Indians. The principal is a big supporter. We love you guys, here in a town so little that we don’t even have a stoplight. You are the kind of athletes we don’t mind our kids emulating. Thanks for being great sports role models, win or lose.

  28. callmefrantic@yahoo.com

    Ryan! Thanks for doing the blog thing. It really made my day (which was in serious jeopardy of never leaving the dolldrums resulting from college math121.)Guess I can’t claim to be you’re #1 fan cause that’s been taken by like 50 other people so I’ll just be fan4ever (as long as you’re wearin the Wahoo). love this team!Go bleach some Sox tonight!

  29. crazy_insanity_666@hotmail.com

    To be honest, I don’t know what this topic is about, I didn’t take time to read it, I came over here to say this. For starters, I’m not an Indians fan, I am a Saint Louis Cardinals fan. But, most of the Cardinals fans are wanting the Rockies to win the World Series, me, I want the Indians to win the World Series, I want you to take those Red Sox down, then take the Rockies down. Indians ’08 World Series Champs.

  30. sarann0826@aol.com

    yeah yeah yeah.. it was a nice win.. but dont think its going to get any easier! and we miss you trot! good hit last night! it made me proud! to know he come from the Red Sox!Just remember how good Manny is at Jake Field! but you guys did very good and i give you your props! dont be thinking you’ll see Ganga any thime soon..: )

    Rockies vs Sox!


  31. maitaifine@yahoo.com

    as a stanford alum, i can hardly imagine having more excitement than i had being in the colisseum and watching our football team beat the trojans. as a former clevelander who graduated from beachwood high school, there is only one thing that can top that experience. and that is being at jacobs field and watching the indians win the world series for the first time in my lifetime. i make my reservations. GO TRIBE!!!!

  32. shshshsheena@yahoo.com

    My entire family just loves watching you guys. My sister and I have gone to the Jake every chance we got this year. Win or lose the games are always exciting and entertaining to watch. It is impossible to have a favorite player on this team, I love you all. Seeing how you guys get along and the fun you have makes being an Indians fan great. My sister and I booked our spring training trip today, we cant wait to get to see you guys again. Good Luck in the playoffs, we’re rooting for you!

  33. buckeyegirl29@yahoo.com

    Ryan- As a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, I am loving life these days. I was downtown on Saturday night and the bar was absolutely silent until that 11th inning-then everyone went crazy. People were hugging and high fiving perfect strangers. I love that you guys are bringing the people of Cleveland together. Even my sister who lives in Colorado and doesn’t follow any sports is totally into the playoffs (rooting for the Indians of course!)-we are hoping for a Rockies/Indians World Series!! Keep the dream alive-see you guys Tuesday night-I’ll have a beer for you!!

  34. heycarrieann25@gmail.com

    Hey there, Ryan! I’m watching game three right now (commercial break, of course) and I’m SO PUMPED! I’m having flashbacks to ’97… I was only 10 at the time, but I still remember waiting in line for 45 minutes for a AL championship tee shirt and painting pumkins to look like Chief Wahoo. My dog is even pacing back and forth in front of me, blocking the tv. I think she’s exited too.

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