Game 3 win a big picker-upper

Jake did a great job of pounding the zone tonight. The thing we all noticed is that we weren?t in the field as long, like we were during those two games in Boston, where every count was deep. Jake wasn?t running counts, and that makes a difference as an infielder. It gets overlooked, but offensively and defensively, you?re so much more into the game when every count isn?t extra long. So he really did a good job. He really picked us up.

I thought Dice-K?s stuff was better tonight than it was during the season. He ran a couple up there at 95 and 96 mph. He didn?t do that during the year. But obviously, Kenny got that hit, and that was big. He?s been talking about his power. He finally showed it tonight That was just another clutch play out of him. He?s been clutch all postseason.

I forgot how loud it gets here at Jacobs Field. Once again, our fans were just as loud here as the fans at Yankee Stadium and a lot louder than Fenway Park. They?re into the game, and they?re great fans. You can?t say enough about them. Every time somebody gets two strikes, they?re into it. Every time we get someone on base, they?re into it. It?s a lot of fun to play in that environment.


People talked about the momentum carrying over from Saturday?s win, but the biggest momentum tonight was Jake getting ground balls when we needed them. That?s the only momentum you can feel as a player. I made that error in the second, and when he got out of that jam, there was nobody happier in the stadium than me. That?s what we?ve been doing all year is picking each other up, and he really picked me up right there. I told him I?d go out and try to get a hit and score a run for him to make up for the error. It ended up working out later that inning, when I got the hit and Kenny hit that homer.

Tuesday?s game is really important. The fourth and fifth games of seven-game series, to me, are always the important ones. At least, as a fan, it seems that way. I?ve never been in one before. But when you?re watching a team and rooting for a team, those are usually the games that matter the most.

We kept the home-field advantage tonight. It was big to win this first one at home — to keep everyone excited and to keep our focus on winning the next one.

My cousin, ?Big Body? Erb, texted me today. He?s back in North Carolina now. He was probably out somewhere watching this game tonight. He?s bugging me about getting him a signed bat to put up in his room, but he?s going to have to wait until after the season. I don?t remember him asking me for a signed bat when I was in Buffalo.



    You guys were all around dazzling tonight. It’s truly a inspiring to see the way everything came together tonight despite the long second game. I don’t think anyone predicted that Jake would be the one to get out of the 5th inning while getting so many double-plays off the heart of the lineup.

    Great game, but tomorrow’s another day and we all know what they’re capable of. You said it yourself, protect home-field…

    It’s down to the stretch now, keep on keeping on lovely Tribe!


    wow ryan i was so relieved after we got you off the hook following your error. That stretch on the first inning double play was awesome!

    Yankee stadium and Fenway may be legendary sports stadiums, but our fans have so much more hunger for a ring and passion for their city than those other fans.

    you guys are amazing. YOU ARE 2 WINS AWAY from the WORLD SERIES! wow… go tribe i love you guys!


    you guys did a great job tonight like we all thought you could!! that was really a HUGE win for you all! all i gotta say is cleveland fans really are the best, just wish i could have been there. just one thing…why don’t u where your socks up anymore? GO TRIBE!!!


    congratulations on another great game! it’s so much fun walking around town and seeing everyone decked out in tribe gear!! i was in a very bad mood today, as soon as the game started my mom told me to stop what i was doing and watch the game b/c she said that always makes me feel better…she couldnt have been more right!! you guys mean so much to the city of cleveland and i love watching you play. good luck tomorrow night…this will be an october to remember! WHAT TIME IS IT? IT’S TRIBE TIME!! i love you guys!!!


    Congratulations on another awesome game! I love watching knowing that at any moment anyone of our players could do something big…like Kenny Lofton…so clutch! You guys show up to play everyday and I think every player definintely contributes to the team’s success. I’m also wondering why you don’t where your socks up anymore? I can’t wait to see you guys play tomorrow @ The Jake…GO TRIBE!!!



    I thought the biggest part of the game was Rafi getting Lowell, Ortiz, and Ramirez 1-2-3 in the 8th. I got goosebumps at that point! To mow down that heart of their order like that is just what October baseball is all about.

    BTW, nice job announcing the lineup before the game….. Kenny might be the Mayor of Cleveland, but he would have to find room for all of you in his cabinet 🙂

    Go Tribe! Get ’em tomorrow!


    You guys have made this an October to remember. I was there in the 90s, but this is somehow more exciting. And to Paul Byrd, I believe in you! I’ve seen you twice this season on the road(being a displaced Clevelander) and you’ve been wonderful both times. So keep up the good work guys, and tomorrow is another game that I can’t wait to see. Thanks again for a wonderful season and a postseason that we will never forget. And is hopefully far from over!

  8. Amanda

    I admit, I was a little scared when you had that error tonight, Ryan, but Jake was unfire with 3 double plays tonight. Jake and Borowski really silenced all the critics tonight. Good pitching wins championships and the Tribe is really proving it. Keep it up !


    I love how fast these posts go up after a game! Tonight the crowd was insane and I’m glad you guys get to see the fans reactions in October. We would be this loud if we were down 0-3 in the series, thats just how we are. Take it one game at a time, don’t worry about the ring, yet…

    p.s. I would have asked for a signed bat when you were in Buffalo. game over, “Big Body” Erb.


    You guys are simply amazing! It is very tempting to look too far ahead with tonights victory but I can’t help it at times.Keep playing hard and make the city of Cleveland really proud. I can’t help but think that Lofton returned to Cleveland because he has unfinished business. We shall see….


    Hey Ryan,
    It’s so great that you guys won tonight! When you made the error on that routin ground ball, with bases loaded and nobody out, I didn’t feel nervous and I really didn’t think Red Sox can get a point, because Jake is so confident of himself. The body language and facial expression Jake showed told me that he would get out of the huge inning. He is so awesome tonight. When you hit a single at the bottom of 2nd inning, we all felt that you could score the run, what surprised us was Lofton’s HOMER! Some of us cried after he hit a homer, because we watched him play in the 90’s and now he is back and help this team to win the game and to win the World Series Champion. Good luck to Indians and wish you have great outing tomorrow!


    I have to agree about your fans. I am from Houston and was just watching on tv, but I was blown away by the noise level. It never got quiet and you could just feel the energy.

    It really felt like you guys dominated this game. The momentum just continued to build as Jake kept getting ground ball after ground ball. Even with the lead only at 2 and Boston’s big hitters coming up, it never felt like the game was out of control or close to it. Great job! Also, fantastic stretch during that 1st inning double play!

    Good luck! Go Tribe!


    Hey Ryan!

    Congratualations on an amazing game! The atmosphere at the Jake tonight was incredible. I definitely will not have a voice tomorrow, but it was so worth it! If you get the chance, tell Jake that his birthday buddy from Banana Republic is very proud of him 🙂 Good luck in the rest of the series. Only 2 more wins to go!!! I know you guys can do it. GO TRIBE!


    great game Ry!!

    that extension on the double play in the first was amazing! everyone was talking about that the whole game haha. and after your error, we all knew you’d more than make up for it at your next at bat — and you did. 🙂 what an amazing team effort every single day! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! GO TRIBE!!


    Garks, I had to laugh at that error. You’re supposed to do the soulja boy dance after the game… not during. Doesn’t matter now, you guys rock. This city loves you guys.


    Bring it Home!! The Red Sox broke the curse..And Now this is it for Cleveland. Bring It Home.. Work Hard..Play Harder..


    Hey Ryan-

    So I see you announced Grady as the “best looking guy in Cleveland”….you don’t give yourself enough credit; you are right up there with Mr. Sizemore.

    Congrats on the win tonight. I had confidence in Jake and the rest of you to get the job done. It’s nice to see you win at Jacob’s Field. I’m sure nothing beats playing in front of your home town fans!

    I will most definitely be at the game tomorrow night and as I said before, I will make a stop at the lot to see you and I hope you will stop for a quick hello!

    Good luck and stay focused. You’ve worked hard to be where you are at right now. Nobody deserves this but you!



    I love your blogs, Ryan, and thanks to the Tribe for an incredible season. What an exciting game tonight! Kenny adds such a spark to those of us that remember the 90’s. Loved your lineup announcing as well. We flew from Austin, TX to see games 1 and 2 of the Yankee series….being a part of the awesome Cleveland crowd was an amazing experience. My husband was so hoarse from yelling. I missed being in C-town tonight, but I was waving my Tribe Time Now towel in front of the TV! This has been a baseball year to remember and a tribute to my husband’s older brother, that passed away unexpectedly last year. He is the reason we love the Tribe. It is Tribe Time Now, dear Terry! Hope you’re is watching.


    just watched the rockies sweep. what a series that would be! loved you announcing the lineup.
    keep the momentum going. all of cleveland’s behind you!


    Yes, the Jake is just as loud as Yankee stadium — WITH 10,000 FEWER PEOPLE! The capacity at Yankee Stadium is something like 54K, compared to the Jake’s 44K. That’s really saying something. Ryan, keep up the good work – just one game at a time – don’t change anything! Win or lose, we love you guys!!


    Great game Cleveland-and an amazing job by Jake W. getting out of jams; and the fans were really into it..but I have to ask..where are they during the season? Cleveland ranks 21st out of 30 teams in attendance with an average of 65% of your park being sold out every night.. Boston leads with a sellout EVERY night-their attendance averaged 101% over the entire season-so mind you, if the series comes back to boston, and it is a close game.. you will not be able to hear yourselves think. Since we support our team all season long–not just in the playoffs.


    Fantastic win last night was worried after your error in 2nd but was really impressed with Westbrook he brought his A game last night I live in South Ms now but was born and raised an indian fan and go back a long way and have been through a lot of heartbreaks but not this year everyone says that this momentum that the tribe has right now is under rated, I got news for you doubters this will be there year as momentum is the key. Kenny being back is fun and he does have some unfinished business here in cleveland GO TRIBE


    It was great to see Jake getting ahead in the counts. And seeing Manny GIDP – that was awesome. Just a good Tribe win with great pitching. You guys have 4 starters that you can depend on and that is showing up more and more in these 2 series. Tonight cut the swings down and watch the knuckler. And have FUN and Enjoy the postseason !!!!!
    Go TRIBE !!!!!


    I’ll be at the game on Thursday, hopefully that will be the world series clincher, but we you have to win tonight first.



    Congrats on the win last night!!! What an awesome job!! It is just so much fun to see you guys so pumped up and to see how insanely crazy our fans are……I love it!!!! I work at the Clinic and let me tell you that walking around this hospital you would think it’s a “mini-Jacobs Field!” Everybody is so excited and there are big huge banners over our skyways outside. All of the surgeons are wearing tribe surgical caps, it’s pretty cool!

    I have a great feeling about the rest of the series. I think that all of us fan are just so pumped up that the atmosphere is intoxicating. Everybody is just so excited!

    I live over in Ohio City and a lot of people must use it as a direct route out from the Jake b/c after the win last night there was continuous beeping and screaming out of car windows for about 45 minutes….it was awesome!!!!!


    Thank you Ryan for your blog. Its a nice read!! Good luck the rest of the series. You are making Cleveland proud!! GO TRIBE!


    I’d argue that you sold yourself AWFULLY short with the Grady “looks” comment!! Fantastic game, I love to see Tribe baseball in the Fall!! It’s been a long time, I can’t wait for tonight’s game — GO TRIBE!



    Doing a great job Ryan! Your definately a great fit for the team and have proved it all year. Keep it up bro! Good luck tonight!


    Hey Ryan. I heard you announced the starting lineup on Fox last night. I missed it since I was at the game. I’m sure it was entertaining. You think you could post your intros for everyone?


    I see who the favorite cousin is Ry! Haha just kidding. Just know that as you are writing about him, “Big Body’s” head is getting bigger and bigger haha.

    Great job out there and keep up the good work! I am so excited for you, you deserve every second of this! GO TRIBE!

    -Big Body’s sister, Ashley


    Ryan – ANOTHER great game!! Nice job picking yourself up after that error…that’s how you shake it off – come back and get yourself a hit.

    Jake did a great job getting himself out of jams with key DP’s. He was awesome!

    I think it’s funny that the critics still won’t give you guys credit. I watched SportsCenter this morning and the top stories were the Rockies advancing and the NY Giants winning. Seriously???

    I’m a little bummed…I just got the email stating I didn’t get picked for the World Series tickets. Guess I can’t be too greedy – I’ll get to see you tonight and Thursday. Please win it all then!


    P.S. Hope your parents are enjoying the weather! (better than April, right?)


    AWESOME! It was great to see Jake pitch the game of his life last night and to see Kenny hit the homer. Once again, different heroes, different nights. But the best part was seeing that smirky smile on Manny’s fade to a pout. That was priceless. Keep up the great work and know we are all 110% behind you guys. You can do it!


    Holy cow…you guys have to log on to Kevin Youkilis’ blog. The fans are looking to the planets and stars for their next win! You will die!


    Awesome game!! Keep up the great work-I have to say I loved the excitement even though we weren’t there in person we were cheering just as loud at home!!! Let’s go for win #3 tonight! 🙂


    Fantastic stop on that first double play! First Base fits you well! Please pass on my congrats to Jake! I know it’s been a long season for him & it looks like he’s back just in time!
    Take care of business at home guys!!!


    Up 2-1 is such an amazing feeling, but I know you guys don’t rest until the series is over. Keep on doin’ what you’ve been doin’ all season. One game at a time. . .BRING IT HOME!! IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!!!


    TWO wins away from the show! Jake had an outstanding performance last night. Kenny…oh my god… KENNY ******* LOFTON! This October has almost been surreal for a die hard fan like myself! Major League is a better movie then Fever Pitch anyways HAHA – any baseball fan will agree. GO TRIBE!!!!! Ryan way to get the rally started last night. Love the blogs man!



    HOLY ****! RYNO with the glove last night. you were simply awesome out there. My wife and our friends were in the mezzanine again last night and it was the greatest sporting event I have ever been at. All I can say is THANK YOU! You guys are just wonderful and a breath of fresh air. No egos, no non-sense. You just hard work. You guys are Cleveland. RYAN- WE BELIEVE!

    To everyone on this blog: BELIEVE PEOPLE! If your going to the game, bring everything you got. Wave those towels and get loud. Don’t bring any spirit back home with ya. Leave it at the ballpark. LET’S GO CLEVELAND! Make Ryan hear you. Got get em Ryan. And to all the folks in the mezzanine for game 3, WAY TO GO PEPOLE! WE WERE SHAKIN THAT SECTION LAST NIGHT! LEt’s keep it going.


    it’s tribe time!

    Good luck Ryan!


    Raaccck ME! OUT!


    GARKO IS HOT CAUSE HE’S FLY, THE SOX AIN’T CAUSE THEY’RE NOT…..Great game! Keep ’em coming!


    Hey Gark,
    Brought down fudge and yelled to you to come get one. Couple of the guys got thiers. You know if people really knew you guys they would realize you have been together for years through the Indians system, so the togetherness is truely SOLID. Another GR8 blog entry and quick. You must do this as soon as you get home. Get Me a cookie order and I’ll have Grandma “Z” make it and bring it down to you at the player parking.

    Thanks BUD, GO TRIBE!!!!!

    Danny and Kyle Z


    1/2 WAY TO THE WORLD SERIES!!! Great game guys. Keep up the awesome work.Two down and two to go. Nice stretch, Gark, you really went all out to make that one play! I believe in you guys!That crowd was amazing last night.You deserve it. I’ll be cheering you from my couch. GO TRIBE!!!


    Every fan should have the opportunity to cheer on a team like The TRIBE- you all are amazing. Talent and class- all of Ohio is proud of you! Take it back to the BOSOX again tonight and let them know IT”S TRIBE TIME NOW!

    Best of luck and we’re rootin for you here in Columbus!


    I am so proud of you guys as Is all the Indian fans!Great job lastnite!!!Ill be at the game tonight cheering ya’ll on…Hugsssssss


    I just love the blogs you’ve been writing, keep it up! I also love being an underdog and proving a lot of people wrong. And I have to admit I am a Grady lady, but you’re not too bad either! 🙂

    Show Cleveland their first World Series since 1948!!!


    Hey G
    The second inning error that didn’t cost the Tribe any runs; the masterful pitching by Jake and the perfect pen are indications to me that the MAGIC IS BACK AT THE JAKE!

    There is something bigger at work here. The second inning can be viewed as THE deciding round by a prize fighter who goes on to take the crown.

    Playoff baseball is just a little bit of hitting a little bit of catching and a whole lot of pitching!

    Going up against Wakefield tonight, take this with you: see the ball, hit the ball.


    What a game, man! I haven’t been able to relax since Game 4 against the Stankies and I love it. Jake was great and Kenny showed what a pro looks like. This team is solid and you’ve showed it the past couple of games. Keep it up and you’ll never have to buy a meal in northeast Ohio again. Go Tribe!



    Great game last night. Was so special to see Jake pitch so well and the defense was ‘Jhonny on the spot’ and Drubie on the spot — actually it was all of you guys on the spot. Also Raffie Right put the kibosh on the Bosox’s big guys. And let’s not forget Jo Bo… The Polish superstar was bardzo dobze!!! Continue to enjoy the moment and here is hoping that the layoff flattened out Tim Wakefield’s knuckler. Go Tribe.


    We all make errors but you bounced right back up again, knowing what needed to be done. Tonight is no exception. Take one of those knucklers and put it into Hertiage Park.


    I don’t know about everyone else, but to me David getting hit in the thigh was probably (2nd to us winning) one of the best things of that game. I especially loved how he waited to get in the dugout before rubbing his wounds. Manny literally hitting Ortiz was just perfect! 2 MORE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!


    great job last night ryan, the entire team was amazing. i’m so excited for you guys, only 2 more wins until the world series :)GO TRIBE! ily guys ?


    You’re right. Cleveland fans are a lot louder than most people expected. Not quite the ground-shaking loud you can get at Yankee Stadium (maybe I’m just biased, growing up in NY), but they are definitely great fans. As for Fenway, I hate to break it to you but Red Sox fans just aren’t as into it because of who their team is playing. They don’t know anything about you guys and pretty much everyone was kinda hoping for a Yankees/Red Sox ALCS rematch. The Red Sox have never, in recent history, played an ALCS against anyone but the Yankees. Now if that rematch happened, guaranteed Fenway would be rocking. Take advantage of it though. There’s nothing I love more than watching Boston fans squirm.


    Really enjoy your blog, very articulate and straightforward.

    When you’re batting and you’re facing a 95 mph pitcher how do you judge when to start swinging or is it just instinct? I know it has to be instinct at some level but when we fans see batters swinging at what look like way out of the strike zone pitches, we wonder why the batter ever swung at that pitch.

    Anyway, a little insight into what it feels like to hit (don’t give away any of your strategy if the Sox are monitoring this).



    Oh how we love this team, I’ve been a Tribe fan for many years. and there is just something about this team….Good Luck tonite…GO TRIBE!!!


    i ❤ you ryan! i meant to bring a sign to last night’s game saying i read your blog but forgot. thanks for the win!

    and wolchko.2, my fellow buckeye, don’t jinx it!


    GARKO!!! It’S almost time for game 4 to begin and we can not wait!!! Every day we discuss the previous game at work (everyone is a Tribe fan!)and mcan’t wait to see more!! This has been the greatest and so is your blog. It is great to see your insight and it makes the team and you a little more human, rather sports stars! It seems like we get to know you a little from the blogs-I hope we get to meet someday as I am a big fan. Keep doing the great job you have along with the rest of the team – GO TRIBE-!!!!and have FUN!


    Great game Ryan! Wish I was back in my hometown Cleveland to cheer the team on in person, but I’ll just have to cheer extra loud from Northern California. My love and adoration for this Indians Team is becoming contagious… some of my coworkers are starting to get interested in the series and cheering for the Tribe. Thank you for doing all you do? we the fans love it.


    You’ve come a long ways from waiting for me at a tree by Stanford golf course after completing your psych test. Dlyle and I are proud of you on and off the field. One more win and Carol and I will see you in Cleveland. Stay up the middle.



    Love the blog. Could you talk about hitting strategy in one of your entries? How does it change depending on the count, the inning, whether or not you have the lead, etc.?


    Good Luck with Game 5 tonight!! We’ll be cheering for you in Buffalo.

    BTW – Your cousin might not have been a big fan wanting a signed bat when you were in Buffalo, but you still had fans here. You signed a ball for me one rainy night in Buffalo!

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