It all comes down to Game 7

Obviously, Fausto struggled tonight. He?s a great pitcher. He?ll come back strong.Tribe

But this game?s over. Talk is so cheap now. We need to come out and play tomorrow, and so do the Red Sox. And that?s all. The time for talking about stuff is over. It comes down to one game.

We just need to remember how far we?ve come. If you would have told us last year or the beginning of this year that we?d be in this position, we?d take it. We need to cherish this opportunity.

Game 7s are what being in the playoffs is all about. We?ll see what happens. As a kid, you dream about it. Someone will be a hero tomorrow. It might be someone from this clubhouse or it might be someone from over there. We?ll wait and see who it is tomorrow.





    Couldn’t have said it better myself! What an amazing series. Play your hearts out tomorrow. Win or lose, you’ve all had a magical run and a magical season.

    “It’s going to come down to Game 7, the two teams that won more baseball games than anybody over the regular season, two teams that beat up each other over the past week,” Indians manager Eric Wedge said. “That’s the way it should be. Everyone should be excited.”


    Hey Ryan,

    You guys have come so far and accomplished so much, and no matter what the outcome of tomorrow’s game, all of Cleveland will be proud of you. Keep your head in the game, but don’t psych yourself out. Just go out there and have fun and do the best you can- that’s all anyone can ask of you. We love you here in Cleveland and we will be celebrating either way because you have had an amazing season and accomplished so much. Thank you for all the hope, love and laughter you have brought to our city.

    ❀ Missy


    Hi Ryan,

    Don’t give up on this season. The Tribe has the talent to win tomorrow. We have the will… now find the way. Stay focused and keep the dream alive. Never say never…



    Hey Ryan,
    Though Carmona is sruggling, our lineup must wake up, especially Pronk. We all felt depressed when Pronk was at plate and got striked out. Wish the HERO of tomorrow night will be YOU!

    I think unstable_gal56 will see Tribe celebrates the victory in Fenway Park. Underdog can beat Red Sox! We’ ll see.

    Good luck, Ryan!Beat the Red Sox.


    You’re right in saying cherish this opportunity. I know you guys can do it! In Westbrook we trust! GO TRIBE πŸ™‚


    It is so disappointing to see this team fold like a house of cards after the great season they had.I am a 54 year fan and I thought for sure this could be THE year.
    But I guess the pressure and Red Sox experience turned the tables.

    Hafner ,especially,has stunk out the joint(7 strikeouts in the last 10 at bats).Ridiculous!Why is he in the lineup?

    Carmona?Perez? Forget it!!

    Sunday night’s game will just be a formality.

    sadly it is over.


    I still believe Ryan!! You guys have amazed me left and right. I knew back when Grady started off the season with a home run in Chicago that it would be a sign of special things to come all season long. You guys went through Detroit…and NY and you can do it again in Boston. Talk about an amazing season! The two best teams in all of baseball battling down to the final game of the American League Championship! Go get that pennant Ryan!!!


    Don’t sweat it, Ryan.

    Whenever a team kicks your butts you guys just kick right back. I’m pretty confident you’ll be playing Wednesday. Perhaps you were meant to lose tonight just so you could have a glorious 7th game victory! You got Boston right where you want them — loud and proud only to be silenced by the best team sports has to offer!

    I wouldn’t miss it for the world!


    Hey Ryan –
    So it was a loss. No big deal. So we’re a city that gets used to it. No big deal. The key to it is that you have to learn to believe at some point in time, and that’s what I’m still doing. Great game, Gark, even if we didn’t get the big “W” in the end. If there’s one thing Cleveland baseball has taught me, it’s that you can’t count the outs until it’s over, and that’s just what I’m going to do.

    Sunday’s the day. Let’s make it of the kind where we can pop the champagne and celebrate.

    Go Tribe!


    I just got home from Fenway.. come on Cleveland.. pick yourselves up… dust off the last two games..and let’s see a humdinger for the last game–for the first time in the series, you guys look flat… making errors… no clutch hits.. you have got a heroic test tomrrow.. Westbrook in Fenway is a scary thought..look at CC and Fausto against Boston… here’s hoping it is a great game..of course, i want my red sox to win!!!


    I completly agree with your entry. You guys should be proud to be where you are. Even if you don’t win tomorrow you all are a great team. That is what I love about you guys. You’re not in it all for the money. You’re in it for the fun. That is what I see with the 2007 Cleveland Indians!

    WE love you guys!

    Good Luck in game 7!!

    By the way tell Grady Nice catch! : )


    It’s just another game, and you guys are ultimately in control. Just relax and do what you’ve done all year – find a way to win.


    It’s not over til it’s over. Let’s stand by our Tribe! Don’t forget about how you got where you are and how you’ve played all season. You guys are a team in every sense of the word. You deserve to be here. You can get it done tonight. BELIEVE! And Gark you’ll be double fistin’ before you know it.


    Hey Gark you are guys are gonna do it SUNDAY. I was at the Jake 2night and it was along night, but the game is later 2day and I have a feelin, CLEVELAND IS GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES. Hate to ask but what in the **** has happen to PRONK, he looks terrible up there. Give him a pie before the game and relax him. I hope my call to your room earlier didn’t upset you. Just wanna to wish you luck. Only one thing I would like you to answer, DO YOU READ THE BLOG REPLIES? You haven’t answered any of else that ask you that, which makes us think you don’t read our comments. GO GET EM SUNDAY.
    I think the home plate ump really squeezed Fab Fausto tonight, especially on Drew before the Slam, the count was 2-1 and that called ball 3 looked pretty good, what a differance 2-2 would have been, but as I tell my 12 year old, I never blame the umps, but truely felt that was a squeeze call and made the game alot differant, as if Fausto gets outta that it is a totally differant game. Also PRONK needs to get a hit with the score 4-1 and 2 men on base. OH yeah nice triple 2night. Time to relax and have a gr8 game later today. We wanna meet you at the airport with World Series Dreams come true.



    Like you said it all comes down to Game 7. The team has had a great run this season and hopefully we can extend it another game. Either way it’s been a terrific season and all your tribe fans are behind you! I’ll say it again, you have one of the best attitudes in the game.

    P.S. You do kinda remind me of Fred Flinstone, everytime you were on camera I couldn’t help but picture you in a large furry orange shirt with a giant blue tie! Blame Jake for that!


    Ryan and the Tribe,
    There are 7 games for a reason, and tomorrow win or lose, you guys have been great this year and will do the same next year and more! Play your game tomorrow, like you’ve been playing all year and you won’t have anything to look back about.

    I love you guys and you’ve had a great run, but what do ya say you keep going? You’ve got nothing to lose so just go out, play, and have fun.

    Ryan, Loved the Triple tonight!


    if the indians dont score a good amount of runs in the first three innings the game may be over quickly.


    Most of these comments make it sound like the Indians are down 3-1! It’s 3-3, going to 7 like many expected this series would. Let’s not forget that the Indians got blown out of Fenway in Game 1 also, only to come back and when 13-6 in 11 innings the next night. This game is not a foregone conclusion. This series is not 3-1 and this series is definitely not over! Tomorrow night is going to be fun..GO TRIBE!


    what freakn ever…….if they lose its a choke job….and this statement is real….that game last night was advantage indians….carmona was so nervous he almost….well he almost passed out……ive never seen a team lose because of being nervous….he looked like a lil kid on that mound…i love the tribe and im supportive..but to lose because your nervous…its a hard way to go…i know this seems like a lame excuse…schilling had nothing…look at the tape..look at his face and his neck…im shocked he didnt have a heart attack


    and the blog today is kind of funny….i know noone would of wrote a blog after this last game…..unfortunately, we needed to win game five in cleveland….i think its over…fortunately , im usually wrong..maybe i should put some money on the be sure to win



    It is hard as a Tribe fan to see something in your grasp and falling out as fast. However God willing, you will all do the things that got you to this point: Play hard, score first, play excellent defense and hold them with your bullpen. Bottom line: Find a way to win! Make this different than ’05. Don’t blow your last few games. Visualize this as you did when you were barely hang on against Detroit in Detroit and beat them when only up by .5 or by 1 game earlier this year.
    May God be with you all and help you hang on with all of your abilities. Whatever the case, hold your head high and be not afraid. Wait on the Lord and if you must go down, go down fighting. God bring good out of all of this. Go Ryan, I believe in you and your team! I hope this test will only make you stronger for whatever may lay ahead. I hope it may be the World Series still against Colorado.

    God, if it be your Will, allow Ryan and the team do what they have done all year long, win when it matters most, nevertheless, not my will but yours be done, Amen!


    I admire the Indians for getting where they are despite the fairweather fans here. As for Pronk, he’s just saving the best for Game 7. And I realize that mlbtribefan thinks that God has something to do with the outcome of this game, but it’s about skill, confidence, focus, and execution. The Red Sox are the underdogs, not the Indians. It’s gonna be a great game! Go TRIBE!!!



    If you guys lose tonight, I will still love you no matter what. I won’t give up until it’s over either way. I think if Eric Wedge is smart, he would put Paul Byrd in as a reliever and Bentancourt in as closer. If they want to throw Beckett in our faces, then give them our best. C.C. has not proven himself in this series, why would they put him on? Byrd is the word! I have every confidence in Jake. WE CAN DO THIS!!! Remember Josh Groban……”DON’T GIVE UP, YOU ARE LOVED!!!”


    GO TRIBE!!!!!!


  25. Cyn

    I’m a Sox fan but, honestly, how can any of you say if the Indians lose tonight they’ve ‘choked’? They’ve played great ball and, guess what, so have the Red Sox.

    You don’t get to Game 7 in the LCS by ‘choking’. There was no clear-cut favorite in this series, to me, most Sox fans knew the Indians were going to be tough and Indians fans should have known the Sox weren’t going to let Cleveland walk over them to get to the WS.

    I have high hopes that the Sox will win tonight, but if they don’t that doesn’t mean they choked. Nor will it mean the Indians choked if they happen to lose tonight.


    Don’t give up! One game….winner take all! Go out there and just play some baseball… you can do this! GO TRIBE!


    This team has been all about fantastic finishes this year. I know that you can pull together and make this a Game 7 to remember. Either way, thanks for a great season!! You guys have pulled this whole city together and gave us a reason to cheer when we had so many reasons not to.

    We all love you guys!!!! Good luck tonight and just remember to have fun and enjoy the experience πŸ™‚


    Yesterday is gone, forget it!!! Tomorrow never comes, don’t worry about it!!! Today is all you have, get busy!!!!!! Go Tribe!!!!!


    I remain confident in this team, just like I have all season long, good times and bad. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I will never lose faith in this amazing team. I’m so proud of the way you guys have battled all year and tonight isn’t any different. You have to battle. Screw all of these “fans” who don’t believe in you because your TRUE fans still do and we’ll be here until the end… which WON’T be tonight. I’m counting on you guys to go out tonight and play like you have all season. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys back at the Jake on Wednesday… It’s too early for the sign to retire for the year. Bring it home Garko! GO TRIBE!!


    Back in July, August and September the naysayers (read that Detroit fans) were saying you guys didn’t have what it takes. You won the second game in Boston after they had a good outing in Game 1, it’s time to do it again and shut up the non-believers!


    Don’t give up Garks! All the REAL fans still love and believe in you guys!!! You guys just gotta stay focused tomorrow and play ball the way you guys have done all year – it’s gotten you this far and it will take you through one more game! I know you guys have it in you! We love you guys and are so proud of how far you’ve come and no matter what happens you guys are still awesome to us! GOOOO TRIBEEEE!!!

    ps. if any of you tribe fans thought that the red sox were going to be a cake-walk you obviously haven’t been paying attention to baseball that much this season…so you can’t get down on these guys for losing last night because they were playing a tough team so stand by your guys and pick them up!\

    love –



    All I have to say is GIT-R-DONE boys!! You can do it, we all know you can. Tell Hafner to quit pressing. We can all see it. Use the talent that got you to this point.


    You guys are my heroes. I had not watched an Indians game in years until I started in July. It has been great to get to know all of the Indians and see so many wonderful fans.

    Was at Thursday’s game and the noise was overwhelming. Don’t know how the players can focus with all the noise and other distractions. I hope that our players give themselves a break and that each finds a zone. Indians here and now and forever!


    Hey Garko,
    No one in Cleveland wants Yankee-fan Lebron to bring the city its first championship in decades. We all want the Tribe to do it first!

    Play your hearts out tonight. The entire city is behind you.


    As heartbreaking as last night was-I still believe!!!BRING IT TONIGHT!! and yes if the dreaded outcome happens-we will STILL love you guys! πŸ™‚ GO TRIBE!


    so many of us fans still believe!! Tell everyone to just stay positive!!! Yesterday won’t matter at all if we kick *** tonight.


    What more can we ask for in an ALCS series?!!?? We have two teams who finished the season with IDENTICAL records, and we’re looking at Game 7! That is the best any fan, Indians or Sox, can ask for! What a helluva series!

    Someone has to win. Someone has to lose. Bottom line, we’ve seen the best October baseball in Cleveland in 10 years. Live it and Love it! Go Tribe! Let’s wrap it up tonight!


    Well, we saw the Indians do what they always do when its important once again last night.

    Change your name to the Cleveland Clowns…it’s much more appropriate.

    You make me sick.


    In spring trainning we were expected to be where we are today. You guys have gone beyond what people thought you would do. I could not be the proudest fan in the world. You guys have proven playing like a real team can get you somewhere in the playoffs. Tell the guys that you have fans that back you and beleive in you in being able to pull this game off. Westbrook has proven to me that he has earned his stripes in the playoffs. Pronk friend you just need to relax and find that pitch to hit. GO TRIBE!!! We have been through so much this season that we know how to win this game. i am one fan that will never give up on any of you guys. To be there is no other team that better the you guys. FAITHFUL FAN ALWAYS!!!


    Ya real nice guys you had em and you lost em,their going to kick your *** tonight,its all over,mabey you should go home right now and just forfeit game seven. You all are a pitiful team, where did your great hitting go, are you all wearing blinders, you all need help.


    Faithful Fan….you must be a youngin…because you just don’t get how much you’re wasting your time.

    I fell into believing in this team. I thought things would be different…but it’s not. It doesn’t matter who is playing on their team…the franchise is cursed.

    Pack em’ up and sell em’ to the highest bidder in a city that deserves them…like Omaha.


    Ryan and the Guys,

    What I have learned loving you all for the past years is that there are some games where you go out there and look at each other in disbelief like “What the heck just happened?” But we know and you know that you can shake these games off…you all know that you can make the all know that you can swing the bat, you all know that you can throw your pitches and we all know that you can WIN!

    Go out there and play your game. Do what you know that you can do! Win it on your terms…we’re all behind you 110% all the way….1 through 9.


    By the way…if you want to know why they lost. It’s pretty clear. The Baseball Commissioners do NOT ever want this team to win.

    Call a home run down the baseline foul and then squeeze the strike zone on the pitcher for an inning and a half so he doesn’t know where to throw a strike.

    Baseball is like every other sport in America corrupt to the core.


    Ryan, This is exciting! Don’t be nervous or feeling down and out. You guys can do this! We all (or mostly all) believe in you guys! We have stuck with the Indians for years, win or lose! Go out there and do it tonight! IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!!! Love you! Good luck!


    Garks take one for the team and steal Travis Hafner’s bats. I’m thinking that if you take and destroy all of his bats he will not be able to DH tonight. It is painful to watch. He makes Mike Rouse look like Ted Williams at this point.



    Regardless of the outcome tonight it is a great season and you all are a great team and great bunch of human beings. Of course I hope we win tonight, but should we not, still want to thank you guys for a great and memorable season. Go Tribe!!!


    Ryan and all of the Tribe!!! We love you in Erie, PA! You have been great all season. I love the way you pick each other up and never give up. Tonight you will prove to all the great team you are. We believe!!!!!!! It’s been a great season and there’s only one more step to take. Go out there tonight, have fun and do what you have done throughout!!! It will be exciting!!!! We luv Ya!!!!


    there’s something very specific that’s happened in the last two games:ANXIOUSNESS. in the last month, the thing that struck me most about cleveland at the lead of GRAMPA LOFTON: WAIT TO BE PITCHED TO, EVEN IF IT MEANS A FEW CALLED STRIKEOUTS. if you watch closely, most pitches aren’t strikes. When you guys wait a bit more patiently, it makes the pitcher edgy. Lofton is the best at this task- making them pitch to him. He draws walks well, and unnerves the pitcher. i think everyone tonight should come out NOT SWINGING. don’t get anxious. Wait an inning, or two, take the lead in the power game (the psych out). it’s an old idea, but Kenny is the expert. Take deep breaths and make them nervous. That will be the deciding issue tonight. You guys are so much better than the yankees or boston. But, you’ve gotten a little nervous. Just relax, and quit swinging at junk. those pitchers are not really that good. Don’t be your own worst enemy!!! the homers will come. but, as WOODIE GUTHRIE said, ‘the big ones are made up of the little kind’. just relax, get walked, and hit little hits. it’ll add up. last night, the grand slam should have been an isolated homer. it was the walk, and the little hits that ruined that. you guys rock. let’s see it again. i know it’s there, hidden under Lord wahoo.


    The thing I remember most about seeing Manny Ramirez play here in the 90’s was that almost every time I went to a game he dropped a ball in the outfield.


    Nothing they do will matter. You do not understand the sickening amount of money to be lost if the small-market Indians face off against the unknown Colorado Rockies. It ain’t gonna happen.

    All it takes is for the umpires to call anything close for the Red Sox and shrink the strike zone until the pitcher can throw nothing but fast balls down the middle–just like they did last night.

    The more Cleveland protests, the worse it will get.

    It’s a joke. Now take your towels and put them over your head and call it a season.


    The thing that I remember most about Manny Ramirez playing here in the 90’s was that almost every time I went to a game he dropped a ball in the outfield.


    Ryan is right, talk is cheap right now. I just want to thank the Tribe for an unbelievable post season! Whatever happens tonight, we will love and support our team. Unlike Boston who will rip their team apart if they don’t deliver a win. I’d rather be in Cleveland anyday!! GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU RYAN!

    It’s shame Red Sox fans feel the need to stalk you over here. It’s kind of sad actually, it’s like they wished they belonged.



    No matter what happens tonight, we are so proud of you guys.I know one thing, the Indians have allot more class then Boston. “there is only one thing left to do win the whole Fu**ing thing!!!!”

    p.s dskinsey GO TO ****!!!


    To, how sad that you feel the only way your team can win is if the game is fixed? Wow…that’s some loyal fan!

    So if they win, it won’t be out of skill, or fair and square, it will be because umpires gave bad calls, and advertisers want to make a little more money? That’s impressive!!! Wow, the American dream. Nice you believe in your team SO LITTLE!!!


    Westbrook was amazing in Game 3, he’ll pitch another great game tonight… It’s been a good series, game 7 will be exciting. Don’t force anything, just go out there and do what you guys do. I know some of you are frustrated that you haven’t been getting hits, but just be patient. Tonight’s the night! GO TRIBE!! It has been so great watching you all season, and it’s just great to have come this far. You guys rock! :o)


    You are good enough. You are strong enough. And doggone it, people love you.

    You’re the lucky few that get to take that field tonight. Make the most of it!!


    Damagenic…dream all you want buddy. The Indians will win the series when Muslims start eating pork chops.

    Bud $elig will make sure of that.



    We’re not quite ready for you to pack up and head back to CA for the offseason. We’re ready for a Cleveland-Colorado show down!

    Do your best tonight and have no regrets. Just like Wedge said, the two greatest teams are playing for all or nothing tonight. It should be an exciting game!

    Game #7…TRIBE TIME!!!

    Good luck,




    Kudos to all of the Indians for getting us to where we are today…the seventh game in ALCS POSTSEASON play! One thing that I have learned this year, is to NEVER count the Indians out until the last strike of the last inning! You all need to take a deep breath, clear your minds of all of the other games, and play tonight like the winning TEAM that you ARE. Relax and have fun! I wish you all the luck in the world. GO TRIBE!!!


    VSPRL…you didn’t understand a thing I wrote.

    The fix is in for the Sox buddy.

    Cleveland is a great team, but that makes no difference. They will not be allowed to win.

    Resistance is futile…


    Hate to tell you this dskinsey, but if that were the case, we never would have made it past the Yankees. They would bring a **** of a lot more revenue than the Red Sox would. You are not in their league, stop pretending you are.

    The best comment was from bg2422!!They are right, we are **** lucky to be in this spot, let’s all just enjoy it!!! GO TRIBE!!!!!!!


    How can anyone who knows anything about baseball watch last night’s game and not say that it was fixed!

    Sizemore hit an obvious home run and it gets called foul!

    Carmona has to pitch to the incredibly shrinking strike zone while Shilling’s got ever more generous as the night went on.

    How else do you explain one of the best teams in baseball turning into a bunch of clowns?


    Yesterday was yesterday, it’s in the past, let’s keep it there! Concentrate on today, keep your heads up, because we all know that you can do this! A couple bad games is nothing, don’t let it affect your performance tonight. THIS TEAM HAS GOT IT IN THEM…AND ALL OF CLEVELAND KNOWS IT!!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys and this team, you are nothing short of SPECTACULAR! ❀ ❀ ❀

    GO TRIBE!!!!


    Hi Ryan,

    Please hang in there. We still have tonight and can win this Series. It only takes one more game to win this thing, so be strong and play your best tonight. We have faith in you guys and know you can do it. Just take some time today to regroup before you hit the field. The last 2 games were just a bad nights – every team has nights like that every now and then. Tonight is a new game where we can start fresh at 0-0!

    We love you guys no matter what the outcome is tonight – but of course we would love to see the World Series!

    Good Luck and Go Tribe!

    Love you guys!

    Julie πŸ˜‰


    P.S. Ryan, don’t forget what you have been saying all season. Go out there and have fun. That’s what it’s all about. You guys are living every little boys dream right now!


    the indians **** they shouldnt be in the world series. maybe they should be in the world series of ******* 10″ ****. peace.


    Listen, Ryan, you guys can’t be feeling sorry or resigned at this point. You’ve played a terrific season so far and you’re entirely capable of beating the Red Sox or anyone else. The only thing that can beat you is yourselves. The Red Sox are just another team on your schedule. Don’t tighten up and don’t let the atmosphere in Fenway get to you. Play your game and pound Matsuzaka the way you can and you’ll win.
    Go Tribe!!!


    I totally agree with g hammill about Fenway. We are proud of you guys, no matter the outcome. But, you are so very very close! BELIEVELAND is behind you 110%. YOU CAN DO THIS. Pronk – hit the **** ball – we know you can. Don’t let Fenway and the overpaid salaries of the BoSox get to you. I need to silence my Beantown friend once and for all. Her message today was painful …. COME ON – ONE MORE!!!! Best of luck, guys – you deserve success!

  69. Kristin

    Waatching last night I notice that the strike zone was squeezed when Fausto was on the mound. Jake, pitch like you did in game 3. Make Dice K go into deep counts and score some runs. Who cares about the ratings! Show some TRIBE PRIDE!


    you guys have had a wonderful season and lets not forget that. we’ve given boston a run for their money all throughout the regular season and the postseason, lets not stop now. play your hearts out boys, i believe, and i’m proud of you guys no matter what.

    love you guys!

    go tribe!


    Hey Ryan,
    I’d like to thank you for your comment before game six. A no-name player like yourself saying something that stupid really gave the sox what the needed to beat the **** out of the tribe. Also if you see you 80 year old teammate lofton today please say thank you to him also, he’s jsut lucky beck didn’t send him to the grave. So Ryan have fun watching the Sox in the World Series with your stupid *** fans with those really stupid towles



    During Thursday’s game, FOX posted a comment from Manny. It was something to the effect of it not mattering if Boston went to the Series because it wasn’t “the end of the world” or anything. Well, I think that pretty much sums up the difference in the two ball clubs. We may have the same record, but I have no doubt that the Tribe has the heart.

    Tonight will be the night and I have every confidence that the Tribe can do it. This season has been incredible and regardless of the outcome, what a year you guys have had. But I firmly believe that tonight will be your night. You guys may be playing in Fenway, but you have the die-hard Cleveland fans going just as crazy here in Ohio. Good luck!


    Oh, and as for the SUPER CLASSY Sox fans that posted on your blog…I’m glad you can talk a lot of smack toward Ryan and the Tribe VIA INTERNET BLOG. You’re really tough and SO impressive. I also added that fact that many of you sounded border-line illiterate to the list of reasons why I loathe a majority Boston fans.


    this has been the best october ever, and i’m not ready for it to be over yet. go out there tonight and play like there’s no tomorrow. you guys dont need to swing for the fence, playing small ball works too. i would love to see you guys win tonight and silence fenway!!!! good luck tonight and tell Pronk, to calm down and make the pitcher pitch to him. that goes for all of you guys. i believe in all of you 200% and have the faith that you’ll come out victorious tonight…you have made this one heck of summer/fall and i couldnt be more proud! go out and bring home a win tonight. i love you guys!



    You guys can do this. I still believe in you. Come out with intensity and fire and you guys can win this. If I prayed it one time, I prayed it a million, you guys deserve to be in the World Series. The Red Sox don’t. They don’t have half the heart that you guys do. What time is it? IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!! I love all of you guys!


    Even if Game 7 is a win for the other guys, this team has given Cleveland the hope they needed to in our sports teams. You’ve proven to everybody that we’re not complete losers, and the 2007 American Leauge Central Divison already belongs to the Indians.

    I still believe, I’m just trying to prepeare myself for the worst. Nothing looks in favor of either team right now, despite what Boston fans are saying. Anyway, all season long you guys have left things to extra-inngings, last chance, one more stike, and then make something happen. You just love to put your fans in nerve-racking, heart-weakening positions, don’t you?

    Nobody would have believed this after last year, but you guys really have put together something amazing here.

    So, on behalf of my family and friends and a good portion of the city, thank you.

    Now go hang up those Red Sox, huh?


    We’ve got one more game to play, one more chance. The fans still believe and so should the team! We’ve got one last chance to take the sox down and we can do it! Westbrook and the team have to remain confident and in the end we will be the team on the top!

    Let’s go tribe!


    i have some hope…all ive ever asked from players is to play hard and with heart…which you have…if were going to lose unfortunately is due to being not ready for it…there is no doubt in my intellegent mind that we are better…pitching wise…it was all due to nerves that we lost last night..i hate to use that card but it has to be played…schilling looked awful…just that the pressure was off early….key tonight is the first inning…we need to get off to a good start…we can do it….whoooty whooo


    redsox fan2772

    When you hit 291 with 21 HR as a rookie you’re not a no name player. He is also a highly educated Stanford grad who won the Johnny Bench award his senior year. He should win the rookie of the year, but 5’5″ cocky Dustin Pedroia will probably win. He fits your city perfect. No class manny also fits the ruddiest city in America perfect. Any body who constantly elects fat a** Murderer Kennedy every 6 years needs their head examined.


    I just want to say whatever happens tonight you guys are the best team out of the two. This season has been such a wonderful one for me to follow and to just watch you all play your hearts out! Thanks! Your comeback from last year has been outstanding! Early during spring training this season I was telling my mom and dad that I just knew that we were heading to the world series. Well, even if you don’t make it, look how far you came! Thanks for doing this blog too. I like to pour my heart into my comments! Go tribe and hopefully I’ll see you playing in just a few days at Cleveland! Love you all!



    Hey after they get their ***
    whooping tonight ,they can stay and help clean, Fenway Park. Don’t forget to meet them at the airport with your I Believe ,I Believe Bull****


    As a NY Met fan, I went into this post season pretty disgusted after the collapse of my team. But now after seeing how the post season played out, I am enjoying the games stress free.

    Ryan, I have to say that the Cleveland Indians have really caught my eye. They are a solid team who plays their hearts out and I am enjoying these games much more than I thought I would because of them.

    Ryan, good luck to you and your team mates – I am rooting for you and hope tonite’s game is a thriller and the Tribe comes out victorious.

    By the way, as a New Yorker, I am no stranger to rudeness and classless behavior. Looking over the posts on your blog I am convinced that Red Sox fans are just as rude and classless as what everyone defines New Yorkers as being. Looking at all the bleeps on almost every Red Sox post compared to Indians fans posts, Red Sox fans should be proud they have become exactly what they proclaim to hate about New York fans. Congratulations Sox fans -you are as classless as the New York fans you claim to dispise.


    im not going ot lie, it has been tough watching these last couple of games vs. the sox. now were tied 3-3 going into game 7. i really do believe that we can do this, i have no doubt that we can. we just need to stay focused and be confident.

    goodluck, lets go tribe!


    Wow, it frustrates me that Sox fans are already thinking that Boston is going to win. Come on!! The tribe won in the second game, no I’m sorry, they DESTROYED in the second game and you are already buying tickets for a Boston world series game. I am not someone who despises other teams in any way, I love any player who has passion- I’m a lady so passion means a lot to us! I just think that the Tribe can do it. I believe in my heart that you guys can go in there and do it. If it doesn’t work out, you had one **** of a year.
    best best best best of luck!!


    dear ryan,
    yesterday was embarassing. there’s no getting around it. i haven’t lost faith, though. i know you’ll rise to the challenge and silence all the doubters and nay-sayers. make cleveland proud tonight!


    You are wonderful–I believe in you and the rest of the team. Each of you has shown so much class, talent, and determination. Tell Travis to just smack the heck out of that ball–get mad and smack it! This is it–you all have so many of us who believe in you and we have all the faith in you. JUST DO IT! Thanks for the best baseball season and we look forward to the World series this week!

    Love ya! you make us proud! and you do not look like fred flintstone–more like a dashing marlon brando!


    I’m not afraid to admit that I stopped watching the game after the top of the 5th, because I knew the game was all but over at that point. I have a lot of high hopes for you guys, especially after how well you have done. I was disappointed at how you guys played. I’ve been an Indians fan my whole life, and I always will be, no matter what happens.

    I’d love to see the Tribe in the World Series again, but win or lose tonight, I’ll be back next year to watch you guys fight your way to the top again. It’s been a great run, and I’m excited you all were good enough to make it this far.





    I would like the team to know that as loud as the Red Sox fans try to be… we are screaming for them even louder here! At least in my neighborhood we are! And, I am sure those who are able to be at the Jake!

    I cannot believe all of the negative comments about the Tribe here.

    This is MY TRIBE (and those of you that are being supportive) that you are talking about, and, if you want to spread some negativity, please do it elsewhere tonight!! Thanks!

    GO TRIBE!!!


    Don’t the Red Sox fans have their own blog that they can go swear on? This is a blog for Ryan Garko and for the fans of Cleveland. I sincerely doubt that we would be on your Sox blog writing hateful things.

    Don’t listen to anything they say Ryan πŸ˜‰

    Oh and Ryan, you are FAR from a Fred Flinstone look alike. My friends and I think you are soooo hot and so cute in interviews!


    For the whole team… WE BELIEVE! It has been an incredible year and we’re excited to be here. There is only today to fight for! We were fans yesterday, fans today, and fans tomorrow no matter what! Go Tribe!!!


    Hey guys, I?m a Yankee fan, and I just wanted to say good luck tonight! Obviously things have been down in NY this week and I need some sports cheer. I would absolutely hate it if Boston gets the title of AL champion and all the classless fans could rub that in our face. The Indians have got heart, Sizemore?s hot?and you guyz are a good team. We know Boston all to well?the polar opposite of what the Indians represent. I?ll be watching the game and I want to see some kick *** on your part!!! Can you assure me of that?


    Go Tribe!! Thanks 4 the Ride!! Ryan, You guys are here because you found a way to WIN!! That comes from hard work, and the Tribe has Paid their dues, and earned this spot!! Only two AL teams can say that tonight! All the other teams can just watch, and wait for next year!! Hopefully you guys can feel the wave of support, and know we are VERY proud of all of you!! GO TRIBE!!



    Indians just lost but I wanted to say thanks for the great year. You’re a class act. Keep your head up. I know it hurts b/c you care so much. But the Indians had a great year as did you, you played awesome, and had great ab’s throughout the postseason. Big double tonight and you “almost” tied the game in the 8th. Keep up the great work and have a good break.


    As usual…Cleveland falls apart when it’s important.

    Like I said, change Chief Wahoo to Bozo the Clown.

    I will never waste my time watching you again.


    Right on “webmaster”! Outscored 30-5 and for God’s sake why in **** did Eric Wedge keep pencilling in Hafner game after game?He looked like a minor leaguer swatting flies at the plate.But it wasn’t just Carmona and Hafner.Many of the young players caved to the pressure.Having said that I shook my head in disbelief when Sports Illustrated in a March issue picked them to finish first in AL Central.If someone back in March told me this team would actually come to within one game of the World Series,I would have been overjoyed.
    Yes,they folded or ran out of gas,but it was a maturing experience and this team will be heard from in 2008!


    Hi Ryan,

    I just want to say thank you for an amazing season! It has been so much fun watching you play all year. I’m so proud of you guys, and I can’t wait til ’08!


    You guys still make us true Tribe fans proud. You made it to Game 7 of the ALCS and played with heart. Even though the team and the fans are heartbroken right now, there will be great things to come. You, Eric Wedge, and your great teammates will do it next year!!


    You guys had a great season! Makes me proud to be a fan! Can’t wait until next year! I’ll be at spring training for sure! You make this city proud!


    Thank you Tribe for a great season. It has been one **** of a year. Of course I’m sad that you aren’t going to the World Series but I am so so proud to say I am a Tribe fan. See you next year!


    You guys had an awesome season and I’m so sorry it had to end like it did. Me and friends got together for every game and even made it to Game 2 of the ALDS. It was so much fun cheering you on. Even though we left the bar in tears tonight it was a great run and I can’t wait til next year. You are awesome! Go Rockies!!!


    Thank you for a heart stopping season. I know this part of the game is not a happy one, but we all cannot wait until next year. You all did SO awesome to get to where you are. Seven intense games but an alds championship- that rocks!! much much love. I wish next year was next week.
    (Let’s hope CO pummels Boston)


    I want to apologize for all of the derogatory comments made by some of the posters. Obviously they were made by Fair Weather Fans. A true Tribe fan is disappointed for the loss tonight, yet remains hopeful and excited for next year. This is a young ball club that is destined for great things, if not this year, then certainly in the future. The team should be proud of their accomplishments this year. The predictions were that we wouldn’t even make the postseason this year, but the relentless efforts and major talents of this club proved them all wrong. Next year should prove to be exciting. The team has finally had enough time together to actually meld as a true team in every sense of the word. Please go into the off season with a positive attitude. See you on opening day!


    I love you guys!!! Great season and I can’t wait to see what you guys do next year!!! I’ll be counting down the days!


    We should trademark the phrase there’s always next year.

    Because we believe this without fear.

    Cavs, Browns & Indians are here.

    For all of them we shall always cheer.

    Cleveland is the best city-

    So please don’t give us your pitty.

    Our umps aren’t corrupt.

    Our sports announcers are far from being abrupt.

    We have a love of the game.

    That nowhere else is quite the same.

    We have the best players that make up real teams

    That aren’t simply full of money making schemes.

    A Cleveland fan is not for the faint of heart,

    We’re actually more like a picture of sports art.

    Loyal to the T

    That is our true guarantee.

    So on and on we shall root

    And as far as what anyone else says- we don’t give a hoot.

    So on and on we shall cheer

    Until finally we have that winning year!!!

    ~Deanna Cox, Parma OH

    Thank you Cleveland Indians for an amazing year!!!


    We should trademark the phrase there’s always next year.

    Because we believe this without fear.

    Cavs, Browns & Indians are here.

    For all of them we shall always cheer.

    Cleveland is the best city-

    So please don’t give us your pitty.

    Our umps aren’t corrupt.

    Our sports announcers are far from being abrupt.

    We have a love of the game.

    That nowhere else is quite the same.

    We have the best players that make up real teams

    That aren’t simply full of money making schemes.

    A Cleveland fan is not for the faint of heart,

    We’re actually more like a picture of sports art.

    Loyal to the T

    That is our true guarantee.

    So on and on we shall root

    And as far as what anyone else says- we don’t give a hoot.

    So on and on we shall cheer

    Until finally we have that winning year!!!

    ~Deanna Cox, Parma OH

    Thank you Cleveland Indians for an amazing year!!!


    Hey Gark tell all the guys great season. I am so proud of you guys I will continue to wear all my Indians gear all winter long. Great season and we will see you guys in March. Stay healthy and enjoy the break.


    While I wasn’t cheering for the Indians in this particular series, it would be nearly impossible for me to say that I didn’t come away from watching you guys night after night this postseason liking you a whole lot more.

    I had my fair share of Indians games in my regular season baseball diet, but nothing can ever compare to watching a team on a nightly basis. It will be said, and should be said, that this team has the talent to compete for a fair number of years. I look forward to tuning into more Indians games next season and seeing you guys in the playoffs again. Yes, the postseason is a crapshoot, but I don’t think any Indians fan could find solace in those words right now.

    In closing, the gesture last night of you finding a child to give that foul ball to warmed the heart of even the coldest and most dispassionate of stat geeks like myself. You, Mr. Garko, and your entire organization certainly made a fan during this playoff cycle.

    Congratulations to the 2007 Cleveland Indians and thier fans for an absolutely remarkable season.

    That being said, Go Red Sox!


    hows that champange tasting these days ryan??? nice prediction you made and nice comment on you about red sox nation… kudos to you for the gift you gave at fenway to that fan. a stand up act after a dumb comment.and as for the champagne?? it taste a lot like your tears…..


    infinity529….I was only kidding. I am a Red Sox fan, but I have a lot of respect for the Indians and how well they played. Had a few things gone differently, they would be playing in the WS. It’s a great time to be an Indians fan, no doubt. I think a lot of teams won’t want to play you guys next season. I’m not a fan of Sox fans coming on here and writing bad comments about you guys….after all, it is your blog. It was a great series and hopefully we can do it again next season!


    I know what it is as a kid to dream of a championship. The difference between you players and us fans is we realized long ago that the talent we possess wasn’t ever going to alow us to be players so we become fans of our favorite team and dream of seeing them become champions. As players your careers will probably see many uniforms as you move to different teams and take your dream with you. For us all we have is “our hometown team”. Like many others I have been “waiting until next year” for 55 years and still have not felt the joy of a Championship. I do not have another 55 years to wait. This hurts . I used to root for Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome. Their dreams are still alive but not as Indians.


    Hi GArko,
    Tell al of the guys that they one fan that could not be the proudest fan in the world of them. I look at this as a learning experince for all of you guys. I have believed in you guys all season long and could get enough of you guys. i do not know what i am going to with my self for the winter. i have already started to count down to SPRING TRANNING CAN’T WAIT!!! I have my Indians calendar ready counting down!! Be proud you represeted the city proud!!! You guys be proud you surprised alot of people this year. People were thinking you guys would not do better than 4th place and you guys beat that by going and winning the Central and going as far as you did. Great Job!!! Enjoy your time off, now you know what it will take to go that next step and it means that you will have to work even harder to get that next level. Have a safe and fun off season and be ready for “08”.

    Your true Tribe Fan Forever!!!


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