That just happened! Can you believe it?

Tonight?s win was almost surreal. In the ninth inning, part of me just wanted to close my eyes and start praying, and part of me was like, ?Well, I gotta watch!? Joe got strike three, and right away I hugged Trot Nixon. We both were like, ?That just happened! Can you believe it?? To go out on the mound at Yankee Stadium and hug all these guys who have been through a lot together was just an awesome feeling.

During batting practice, they were showing a video of that ?96 Yankees team, and talking about how they pulled wins out of nowhere and had guys come out of nowhere to pull off victories. I was thinking, ?That sounds exactly like the 2007 Indians.? It?s nice to do this here at Yankee Stadium, because, obviously, they?ve had a dynasty the last 10 years or so. Maybe we can do the same thing now. We?ve got a lot of young guys and a lot of young players and young superstars like Grady and Travis and Vic. Going out on that mound and seeing these fans celebrating there was incredible. Who would have thought it? You look at their lineup and the names in that lineup, and it was definitely David and Goliath. It was a tall task.


I think it?s always more fun to be the underdog. But at the same time, when we sat down as 25 guys, we knew we had a better record, we played in a tougher division, we had a better pitching staff and we have a lot of great young players. You can?t buy into the name on the front of the uniform or the name on the back. You?ve got to go out and actually play the game. That?s the way I looked at this series. The reason we struggled so much with the Yankees during the season was it was the first time we faced guys like Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina. This time around, it was just like, ?Who cares?? They?re not any better than Johan Santana or Justin Verlander or Mark Buehrle and all those guys we played against all year.

Obviously, I wasn?t in the lineup tonight, because Kelly Shoppach caught Paul Byrd and Vic went to first base. All I thought about is that it?s cool that Eric had the courage to do what we?ve been doing all year and do what got us here to the playoffs. If you start C.C. on three days? rest, you don?t know what you?re going to get. If you catch Vic with Byrd, you don?t know what you?re going to get there, either. This is how we won our division and won games, and we went with it. I?ve had some of my best games of the year coming off the bench when Byrdie starts. Who cares? It?s all about getting wins now. I was ready to go if we needed to, and I was actually hoping I wouldn?t get in there tonight, because that would mean we won. And that?s how it turned out. We had a meeting when the playoffs started, and Eric said, ?Just be yourselves. Don?t do anything different.? If he started getting out of character and changing things, what message would that send to us?

We?ve been doing great things all year but haven?t been getting attention for it. There are probably people who never watched an Indians game. This series gave us a chance to show we have superstars like Victor and Grady? quiet, humble superstars that don?t get enough attention. Maybe they will now.

The coolest thing about these celebrations is that this is the best team I?ve ever played on where all the guys like each other and have fun together. It might look like we?re out of control when we?re celebrating, but it?s all genuine. It?s just been a lot of fun playing with these guys.

P.S. To all the Yankees fans who wrote in, thanks for your e-mails. See you next




    I was disappointed to read that you and your .364 postseason BA weren’t going to be in the lineup tonight, but I can’t argue with Wedge’s gameplan. It’s worked so well thus far.

    I’m tired of hearing about the bugs and LeBron’s hat. Not one thing I’ve read gives you guys any props for the way you’ve played. (Especially those killer 2-out RBI!)

    8 more wins!! So proud of you guys. Keep up the great work. You make me proud to be an Indians fan!


    ryan, you are completely right about wedge. I’ve been following the Indians closely since 97. Shapiro cerated this team of ballplayers with an Omar Vizquel mentality. as anyone should know, Vizquel is the role model athelete in baseball and the last player to remain from clevelAnds 90s glory days. He is also my favorite player of all time. watching this team is like watching 25 Vizquels playing the game like it should be played. Major congradulations


    Congratulations, Ryan. This team is an old, grizzled Tribe fan’s dream. The Yankees are vanquished, and now it’s time for the Red Sox, and maybe the Series.

    You did great against the Yanks, and gave no quarter. I have no doubt that you’ll be giving the Sox something to think about.

    As for the Yankees, well, gnat’s life.


    congrats are in order for the whole team. we have amazing players amazing pitchers and now after beating those **** yankees as a fan i feel we can take on anyone. i love watching yall celebrate and win. i actually get a lil teary eyed. maybe its because now on tues i get to go to my very first playoff game with my mom but i think its because yall are a family and we have watched yall grow this year and players and become one of the best teams even if the media will never give us any credit, which we know who they are saying will win the next series but with cc and fausto pitching the first two games we should at least take one of them…then the next 3 are home so i say a 4-1 series win for us against the red soxs. just keep focused keep play yalls game and yall deserve the best and will get it. bring home the rings.


    Congratulations guys, I’ve been watchin since around June 1st only missed a couple games. You guys are a ton better than anyone will give you credit for. It’s awesome to see you guys succeed, Boston has a tall order ahead of them, I got tickets to game 4 should be a riot down at the Jake. Its exciting to know that our two big horses will be riding on the road and giving us a huge lift to start the series. You guys are awesome down to the 25th man. Good luck on to Boston, I’m gonna buy a Joe Borowski Jersey this week, guys a freakin stud, so much for espn’s #2 thing to watch this post season being The yankees diving all over eachother while Borowski is on the mound with his head down. Jungle karma baby. Mike C-Town


    As a guy who grew up in Cleveland in the ’50s and ’60s and attended the ’48 World Series in utero, I want to congratulate you and the Indians on great baseball. As a rabbi who lives in Israel, where baseball is not greatly appreciated, I want to express my appreciation for something more important: values. Eric Wedge and the Indians players, as expressed in your articulate blog, are a group of people characterized by lack of ego. They care for others. They never waste effort daydreaming of tomorrow or cursing yesterday. They work together with a focus on today’s job. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present. May you all go far, Indians, and may millions of people, young and old, learn an object lession from how you do it.


    Congratulations from Oakland, Ryno. Having watched you progress from your days at Stanford, this is poetic justice. This is the first year I’ve followed the Indians closely, and have actually watched the Tribe more than my own A’s! You guys have had a tremendous season, and plenty of excitement ahead.

    Just keep mashing like you did in the College WS and this postseason, and everything will be alright.

    By the way, I heard about your RBI Baseball tournaments and urge you to check out Baseball Stars! It puts all others to shame!!!


    Ryan that was an amazing game…it has really ****** for me not bein able to watch you guys all season cause I live in Arizona, but bein able to watch you guys in the playoffs is something special…Seeing you guys play together is so much fun…you guys are having fun…Ive read articles about you guys when you are faced with tough games you guys are relaxed and goofin off…Thats what I love about this team…youre fun to watch! I love how each of you back youre starters…and how Eric wasnt willing to start CC over Byrdie…He gives all the players the respect that they deserve…You guys rock!!! Oh if you wanna see a picture of the shirt I wore to the Dbacks game to support you guys check out this site…


    As a Yankee fan that bleeds blue and now feels blue, the loss has been difficult. Losing in your own house is tough. But the Tribe deserve it. The NY press and online media had a ball spinning the demise of Byrd and inflating the greatness of the Yankees’ vaunted lineup. But we know better here that, especially with the disappointment of the last 3 years, solid pitching and timely hitting win games. Respect to Wedge for sticking to his rotation. Scoring early away is tremendous, especially in the Bronx. The team matches up well with the Sox. Maybe you’ll get your first since ’48. I didn’t blame the gnats, but can we have a bag of them when the Red Sox come into NYC? I watched the game online from Poland.


    Congratulations to all of you from this Red Sox fan! Much as we enjoy beating on the Yankees, it will be good to watch the Sox tangle with the other best team in baseball. Should be a lot of fun; both teams really do enjoy what they’re doing and have great attitudes toward the game. (The Yanks never seem to be having nearly as much fun.)

    Everyone is talking up the Beckett vs. Sabathia matchup, but I’m more curious about how you think the Indians will fare against Wakefield — the knuckleball is a rarity, if not a novelty, to most of the team.


    Congrats to you, Ryan, and to the rest of the ‘Tribe!’ I have been an Indians fan all of my life. And all I know is this year you guys have it. The team really has what has been lacking over the past years, well-minded management(Wedge), the powerful offense AND defense, the caliber of the players, the attitude of the team…?

    I recently moved from Cleveland to the Toledo area, and watching the team this season has been awesome (with all of these Tigers fans here, and all)I just knew you guys would get to this moment this year! So well deserved, and yet this teams’ talent is so underplayed. (especially here.)I know you guys will show them what it’s all about in Boston.

    (Not to mention, I saw you knock out that homer in game one of this series, as I sat next to my friend – a true Yankees fan- and I couldn’t help but to gloat. Nice job!!)

    Good luck with the Sox. You guys can do it!!



    You’re a young superstar too! Don’t count yourself out!

    The Tribe Pride Party at the Jake last night was awesome! Everybody was just going wild! And when I was walking back to my car, everyone was honking their car horns and waving out their windows. I felt like I’d just seen a live game, instead of watching it on the screen. Sooo exciting!




    Congratulation to the whole Tribe Family!!! I knew this year would be different when I saw the team training at the Chain of Lakes Park in Winterhaven this past spring. I stood outside the weight room one warm spring day in February and was fortunate enough to have you and Jake sign my cap (by the way, it’s officially retired). You looked like, acted like, and have played like a family ever since. All I can say is keep up the good work.


    RYAN WOW. Congratulations!!! You guys didn’t surprize me you have been awesome all year and the fun has just begun. The Tribe family is alive and The Worls Series is around the next corner!!!!! Just contnue to be the people and players you are and we shall get the prize.


    A huge congrats to you and the whole team.! Go Paul Byrd!

    I can’t wait to turn on the tv Friday and watch you guys in the ALCS! Even though it was a late gmae I stayed up for the postgame and watched all of you in the clubhouse! You all are so much fun to watch down there! Ever since the start of the season when Grady hit the homer in Chi town I’ve been syaing this is our year, and I still say it just might happen! Go tribe!



    ahh congrats Ryan!! you guys are amazing, and have been all year round!

    Bring on the Red Sox’s!Good luck!!


    WOW! Amazing season! We have the Tribe’s schedule on our fridge and mark every win and loss! I’ve rooted for the Tribe all of my life (still remember that catchy tune: “Tribe ’85, this is our team!”

    Tell Paul Byrd that I prayed for him to just do his best yesterday… what a job!

    My daughter gets excited when you come to the plate… you are one of her favorite players.

    Thanks for making this such a fantastic year for us Indians Fans!



    Congrats to the most humble of superstars and thanks for giving us an insight into the mindset of the team. It is very refreshing to know the focus and commradery in the clubhouse (I am so glad the Tribe is headed to Boston, but I am not sure I can survive more TBS commentators!)

    Way to go Tribe!


    Double WAHOO from Port Charlotte Florida! I was a season ticket holder for 23 years before retiring to Florida. My Tribe flag has flown proudly since Opening Day for my boys. I’ve returned to my childhood days of collecting baseball cards of you and the entire team. If I’m sitting here with goosebumps as I write this, I can’t even imagine how you feel! I may be 1200 miles away but my heart and my love of the TRIBE is still in Cleveland! Thanks Ryan for being on the field for us “old” folks who could only dream of being there.



    Well All I can say is Thank You. Thank you for being our team. A team of individuals that functions for the greater cause is virtually unheard of in the world of professional sports. You play baseball as it was intended. As pure as watching a little leaguer as he steps onto a sandlot for the first time, you all take the field with that “love of the game” that inspires us all. You get to live the dream that many professional athletes now take for granted. We live vicariously through your successes. You are our dreams personified. Each time you take that field, know that we are with you…




    so excited we’re going to the ALCS! I had a feeling that Byrd was going to come out victorious in this game if Wedge started him and he did! No offense to you at all Ryan, but I also had a feeling that Shoppach was going to be real good at bat tonight!! I was soooooo excited that Grady hit that leadoff homerun. He is my favorite player and because I don’t get a lot of time to watch the games, I usually just find out scores on the internet, so believe it or not, it was the first time this entire year that I actually watched Grady hit a homerun! After that, I just knew we were going to come out on top!

    I was just watching Sports Center, and one of the guys asked the others “Do you think that the best team won this series?”, obviously not too happy about the outcome, and…the other guys pretty much responded YESSSSSSSS! After I heard the initital question, I was like typical ESPN…but I was real happy to hear the other guys basically shut him up. 🙂

    The 2007 Indians are an amazing team and I look forward to an interesting series against Boston!! As a fan, it’s a surreal feeling, but it’s a good feeling about the Tribe! I hope to maybe go to a game in Cleveland or atleast to the Jake to watch it while you’re in Boston…LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Keep up the amazing positive attitudes as you head to Boston and you will go far!!


    this game was absolutle increadible!!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Paul Byrd pitched an exceptional game, shame on everyone who thought he wouldn’t. It was great to see him go out there and succeed, as he has been doing consistantly all season! That is what I love about Indians baseball. I have been watching since I was a little girl, growing up in Cleveland and pretty much living at the old stadium (and eventually the Jake) with my dad. This team is probably the best since the 95 team, and I think myself, as well as the rest of the world, would love to see you guys bring home the title of World Series Champion! I’m so happy you got to postseason. I live in Elkins WV now (pirates country) and only got to watch the games they had on ESPN this year. Seriously, last nights game was unbelievable! and you’re right, our record was better. We had the players. What the Yankees have is (although they do have good players, obviously) the hype on their side. Nobody expected us to win, even though we had the better record, and an arguably better lineup! All water under the bridge now though!
    Thanks so much for posting these blogs, they are the first thing I read when I get up in the morning and am getting ready for class.


    Amazing game. I am in New York for college right now, and it seems like I am the only one wearing Tribe stuff every day and have been getting heckled for it. What they don’t understand is having complete faith in a team, even when others don’t. Wedge has made some great decisions and the whole team has been playing great baseball. Byrd was fantastic,having C.C pitch would have been risky.

    I’ve been watching baseball since I was 4, in 1991 and this team is the best I have seen. The best part is that everyone is so young, I hope that they don’t get greedy and remember why they love to put on a Tribe uniform. I can’t wait to watch the first game on the Jumbotron at the Jake on Friday night when I get home.


    The NY Met fans love the Indians! Having read the well written posts by all the Indians fans on your player blog, I can add only an exclamation point and a “Go Tribe, Beat the BoSox!”


    You’re probably gonna get bashed again by angry Yankee fans looking for some way to promote their team’s greatness :p

    Way to show them that the haters get what they deserve. It’s like 1997 all over again and I couldn’t be happier. Enjoy the well-deserved victory, from Byrdie to Shoppach to Jo-Bo… rest up and we’ll be bringing the fever back Friday!


    I’ve never been so excited in my entire life and I can’t wait til we play Boston on Friday!!!! I’m so confident in this team and I’m just so happy that everything is coming together for you! This is by far the greatest team in Tribe history and I’m hoping it stays like this for a LONG time!! Kudos to Wedge for sticking to his everyday line-up and staying true to his team. Way to bring it home and I’ll see you at the Jake on Monday!! And keep writing these blogs, they get me so pumped!!!!

    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    p.s. I saw you BEAST those two beers to the face hahaha classic!


    Way to go! It’s good to hear your take on why you didn’t play last night. I totally agree with throwing Byrd instead of CC. It wasn’t win-or-go-home for you all. And its not like Byrd is a rookie. You didn’t have the best record in baseball for nothing. Way to be a man and not a prima donna. Other players on other teams wouldn’t get it. And way to take it out on those two poor BL cans. I don’t know which makes me prouder: your attitude or torching the cans. Either way, good luck with the BoSox and congratulations from Nebraska!


    Congrats team! This is really exciting baseball. We get very little credit from the announcers and it gets sickening to listen to sometimes. We belong in October Baseball ! You guys proved that with the incredible teamwork that I have seen. Its no one player that has done it all and that makes it so much more rewarding to us fans. BRING ON BOSTON! (Thanks for your perspective Ryan~ this is really neat!) ~Shannon


    You know what I love about this great team?? Just that – it is all about team! When we heard Byrd being interviewed last night he could have agreed with the guy about how good he did and how he pulled us through, but that isn’t what we heard – we heard about how it was all about the team – focus on the other players. And here on your blog that is what we hear – teamwork, teamwork. I think this is why you guys are doing as good as you are! Keep it up – you are awesome!

    By the way, I did miss your playing last night, but I agree with you that Eric did the best thing – stayed the same!



    Congrats to your whole team!! You guys rocked the yanks and it was so awesome-although terribly nerve racking at the same time. My mom’s boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend are “looking forward” to wearing Indians gear at Christmas!!!

    ROCK DA SOCKS!!! 🙂


    I have had so much fun watching you guys play this season, and last night was the best! I love this team so much, and you guys deserve to win these games. Keep up the great work Gark, and beat the Red Sox! GO TRIBE!


    Congratulations Tribe! One more step closer! Congrats to you also Ryan, what a great series you had. I’m sorry you didn’t get to play last night it was really hard knowing you weren’t going to be in the line-up with the great bat you have had lately. But sticking to the plan was the right thing to do for the entire team & it paid off! I was agonizing through every pitch last night…this game was an up & down roller coaster & it lasted FOREVER, but the outcome was well worth the ride & now you just don’t want to get off! Next stop Boston!

    Ryan you have been my favorite player since you set foot in Jacobs field & it is a little funny because there was another player wearing the same number as you several years ago that I loved the day he set foot in Jacobs field with the #25 on his back. I guess there is just something about that number! :o) Not really just a funny coincidence you could say. I’ve not got the chance to meet you like I did Jim Thome, but I hope I do one day, in the meantime just know that you have another fan rooting for you out there.

    Keep kicking some a** & let’s take it to Boston early like we did the Yankees so they can’t recover & come back! Good Luck Tribe & to you as well Ryan!

    Luv you all!



    Don’t cut yourself short. You are one of those young superstars. You are every bit as good as Travis, Grady, and Victor. I was upset that you were not in last night but understood why Eric Wedge did it. The series was intense and I wish I could’ve been there. The Tribe was the underdog and no one thought you guys could do it. Congratulations on the win. Thanks for bringing life back to Cleveland. Good Luck against the Sox. Let’s go to the World Series!


    Yeaaahhh! Way to go Tribe!

    I started watching the game on gamecast at work, then moved to the radio on my way home and caught the last 6 innings on tv. Such dedication for a girl who has loved the Tribe for 26 years! What a great game to witness on all spectrums. What happened to all the Yankee fans that were on here over the weekend??? Everyone on the team contributed great. Congrats Ryan!


    Seeing you guzzle down 2 beers at one time during the celebration put the biggest smile on my face. Keep up the good work!


    This blog is awesome, Ryan; a heartfelt insight into what goes on within the team. I live in NY right now and felt so deprived not being able to watch you guys play at the Yankees Stadium, although I still went there on Sunday to take pictures of any Cleveland fan I spotted. (Got about 5. I’d submit them to the website, but didn’t get any names.)

    Anyway, you mentioned a lot of points that I loved but I’ll only comment on a few:

    I may not be a baseball pro, but I think your point about having several young players is a big part in why the Tribe is doing well. I look at the Yankees team and they are all “old” and don’t have that certain aura about them that the young players of Cleveland give to the team. The Yankees may have more seasoned players, but Cleveland has the attitude to not care about the other team’s records and just fight Goliath.

    “There are probably people who never watched an Indians game.” – My friend from Colorado started watching the Indians now, but I think it’s mostly because of Grady! Hahaha!

    “… this is the best team I?ve ever played on where all the guys like each other and have fun together.” – That makes such a difference, not only to the team but to the fans as well because it’s a visceral feeling.


    Ryan – congratulations to you and the Tribe. Beating the Yankees is a personal World Series to many tribe fans. Their smug attitudes (ARod always nodding his head, Jeter smiling, Steinbrenner’s buy at all cost policy etc etc…) It really really gets old and aggravates you. Then the national media never gives markets like Cleveland any respect. It is always NY — Yankees this and Yankees that – blah, blah blah. Well they are done. You guys left them on the grill as a burger no one whats. One Evil Empire down and another one to go. You guys can do it – just believe. But have fun because a lot of Tribe fans are. Though I need some TUMS when Borowski comes it.


    All I can say is “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU”!! You guys played a helluva game yesterday. You deserve it all! Congratulations!

    (p.s…Anyone know what happened to webmaster? He’s a little quiet today.)


    Congratulations, Ryan, to you and the entire Tribe. This city is so proud of all of you. Your blue collar approach to the game is so fitting for our city. Thanks for not only being a terrific group of players but, more importantly, a terrific group of guys. No matter what happens from here on out this team has won our hearts.


    Garko, all I have to say is that there were two things I loved seeing last night, Byrd Man Wheeling and Dealing out there, and you double fisting beers afterwards. Congratulations, and Go TRIBE.


    AMEN! Well deserved victory and we Tribe fans are very grateful. We drowned out Yankees Stadium down at the Jake last night cheering so loud, I hope you guys felt the love!

    Thank you for all the positive supportive comments from other team’s fans today. Nice to see such good sports!

    See..we did believe!

    GO TRIBE..and thank you!


    GO TRIBE!! Ry, U.Doug, myself and your #1 fan listened to the game on XM while flying home from Ontario. Liked being able to be in the know, but disliked the XM broadcasters (just a little biased!) Planning Fri. eve around the game, maybe I’ll serve some pork! Remember to enjoy the moment.
    With much love…sausage patty


    Thank You! I am so proud of you guys! I’m a die-hard Indians fan and was going crazy last night when you showed everyone who the ’07 Tribe is!!! You better believe Yankee Nation will remember this! Now let’s show Boston! GO TRIBE!!!


    Ryan – pass this along to Paul Byrd – great game !!!! And his interview was a classic. It is how all of us Tribe fans (check that – Cleveland fans) have felt for a long time. Now we have hope with you guys against the Evil Empire #2.


    Ryan –

    I am soooo happy for you guys right now!! My professor let my night class out early so we could watch the game. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

    I’ve always been a Manny Ramirez fan from the time he played for the Tribe but I’m ready for you to take him and the rest of the BoSox down!

    I’ll see ya at game #4, wearing my #25 shirt, and I’ll be sure to stop at the parking lot so I hope you’ll come out for a visit 🙂

    Have a good few days off!


    BTW….I saw you double fistin’ last night in the clubhouse. That’s what I like to see 🙂


    Hey two fisted drinker! I was sad I didn’t get to see my favorite indian out there last night, but am so glad you guys kept everything the same and came up with the win. It was amazing seeing you guys celebrate after the game- it was just great. I live in Ohio, but close enough to Detroit that it seems like everyone is a Tigers fan and doesn’t know anything about Cleveland. Now they are finally seeing how great this team is! You’re a superstar too, so keep it up and bring on the sox!! Also, it has been really nice to read this blog each day. Way to go! GO TRIBE!


    In the words of Tom Hamilton, WOW! Congratulations on moving up to the next level. Keep up the great work Ryan and that goes for the rest of the team. We’ll be watching and we’ll be there for you guys, what ever happens. Cleveland Rocks.


    Congrats to all the Tribe players and coaches for moving on to the ALCS series. What an exciting night, to knock of the Yankees in their own ballpark!!! And as a fan, I’m thrilled to death we no longer have to listen to those TBS anouncers going on and on with their praises of the Yankees!! For awhile I wasn’t sure they knew who the other team on the field was!!! Let’s hope Joe & Tim will give our Indians the credit they deserve!!! Good luck to you Ryan, and all the other players – Go Tribe!!!


    Thanks for doing the blog. It is great to get a sense of how it all feels from a player’s perspective.

    I’m looking forward to the best week of baseball all year!


    I have always been an indians fan but it wasnt

    unitl this year that I became a TRUE indians fan. I have been following the team ever since March. I went to spring training and knew automatically that the team this year was going to be an amazing group of guys. Yesterdays game, as well as this whole season, proved my theory right. Each and everyone of you has become my favorite at certain times, but you have been my favorite throughout the entire season. This team has such a great bond that no matter what happens you always seem to have fun. I just wanted to say thank you because you guys gave me something to look forward to every night this past summer. I am proud of this team and no matter what happens you guys will always have my support 100%. Congratulations, and lets go get um! =)


    I think you guys deserve it 100% and it is time to bring a championship to Cleveland. You guys are playing great, keep it up. And Ryan i think you are so cute and Good Luck to you and the rest of the team friday. Go Tribe!!!


    WAHOO!!! I’m so excited to see you guys doing great in the postseason. And as someone else said on here, don’t sell yourself short Ryan. You’re one of those young superstars too! I always enjoy watching you play. You always look like you’re having so much fun out there. You’re pretty easy on the eyes as well 😉

    GO TRIBE!!!!


    AWESOME – SIMPLY AWESOME. You guys were great. But be glad you were on the field. How distracting was that sportcaster’s outfit who was interviewing people during the game? Pinstriped suit, pinstriped shirt and yellow tie – ICK! I hope his wife did not let him go out like that. I tease my husband about how he dresses but geez that guy takes the cake. His outfits are always comical.

    Now, I have a friend named Donna who is the worst sore winner you would ever meet. She is a BoSox fan. Can you please help me to shut her up once and for all? I have been dodging her calls since the Pats beat up the Browns.

    Let’s get it done on the field. Looking forward to another great series and to knowing that you guys are moving on to the big show.



    Sox Fan Here…

    Good luck to all of you! Its really goin’ to be an awsome series!! Yeah Yankee Stadium is loud.. REALLY loud.. I want to a Sox Yanks game! Now that was CRAZY! I was geting yelled at left and right by yankee fans! of couse i was wearing my Varitek Shirt.. and they HATE Tek.. b/c well u know the whole a-rod tek thing.. but anyways getting off subject.. Fenway is even more crazier! and a heard ball park to play in if your not use to it… But just wishing you guys good luck and exspect the RED SOX to BRING IT ALL!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    I think I’m still giddy, even after 12 hours of sleep. Pretty sure that I’m still shell shocked and not really sure what to do with myself and all of my cheering! Haha, favorite moments of last night:
    – Turning the game on at the top of 2 with the Tribe already up 2.

    – Listening to the commentators slowly but surely give credit to the Tribe as the Yankees fell apart.

    – Sighing in relief when the disputes went our way (two were right, one was wrong, but oh well)

    – Listening to God Bless America at 7th inning stretch.

    – Seeing the guys get hit after hit and run after run.

    – Seeing the Yanks get a solo homerun, but knowing it was too little too late.

    – Holding my breath the last few outs, and making sure I didn’t have a drink in my hand so I didn’t spill when we won.

    – Texting two friends the whole game one a Tribe fan another a Yank fan.

    – Watching the guys rush the field after the win.

    – Laughing hysterically when Ryan pounded the two beers.

    – Loving the closeness as Blake got a face full of champaign, and CC got doused with beer!

    Can’t wait for the next celebration, and all that comes inbetween! God Bless!


    Ryan, Congratulations on the remarkable year you’ve had. I’ve watched a lot of sports for a lot of years. Your clutch performance, once finally called up at the end of ’06, after having been passed over time and again, was one of the most impressive I’ve seen. With your career on the line, you simply forced the naysayers to give you a legitimate shot. Having made the ALCS, my advice to you is to enjoy the moment and to make the most of this opportunity. There’s no telling when or if you will ever be in this position again. Like you did in ’06, take the opportunity by the horns and make a name for yourself.


    Congratulations to you Ryan and the rest of the team! I obviously couldn’t go to Yankee Stadium to watch it, so the closest thing to it was going to the Jake and watching it on the scoreboard. It was crazy down guys did it!!
    You guys have such great chemistry as a team. I loved watching all of you in the clubhouse celebrating, haha it was awesome. You with the two beers in your hand, i was laughing so hard.

    Good luck to you on Friday!

    Let’s do the same thing to boston that we did to the Yanks!!


    Congrats on winning the series. I was on the edge of my seat the whole series. I love being at the stadium for games 1 and 2 chanting and standing the entire game. How did it feel having 44 thousand plus cheering your name “Lets go Garko”. How much of a difference does that feel? I can’t imagine!! I look forward to watching the rest of the games. Hopefully we can get tickets to chant for Garko again! Way to go buddy.


    Ryan, You guys have done a fabulous job this season. Thanks to MLB.TV my wife and I have watched more than 100 games this year …. plus we took in a 6-5 Tribe patented come from behind win over Toronto back in May when we were in town.

    I’ve NEVER turned a game off this year just because you guys were behind 🙂 …. actually being behind at times has seemed like a huge plus for this team 🙂 And all those two out RBI hits against the Yanks were truly remarkable! You guys may get down but NEVER out!

    Like many of the notes I’ve read here, we’re OLD lifelong Tribe fans who have lived away from Cleveland for over 25 years. But we’ve never quit rooting for our beloved Indians. Best of luck to ALL you guys against the BoSox …. and thank you all so much for a GREAT season and especially for beating those ***** Yankees” …..

    And to you Ryan …. my wife roots louder for you than anyone I think 🙂

    You have had a wonderful season and many of your timely hits were the catalyst for victories. At the start of the season it was kinda … Garko???

    Now it’s GARKO!!!!


    Ryan congratulations to the entire team. You all proved what any Indians fan already knew that this team is for real! This team has so many heros looking back on the year. Day after day someone steps up and gets the hit or makes the play that notches another win. I was at the double header in Seattle a couple weeks ago and saw you hit a monster HR. Seeing Fausto pitch in person was unbelievable, it speaks volumes when guys walk away from the plate shaking thier heads. The Sox are really in for a battle. With this bunch of guys and the best manager in the bigs I sense great things to come!


    Congrats are in order! It hasn’t always been easy being a Tribe fan, and the thought of 1997 has haunted me since. This current team makes me forget about ’97. ’07 is our year!!! I love that you guys are a class act. After following you online every day all season (I live in St. Louis area) it is great to watch the magic. Continue to be yourselves and be confident in who you are. We believe! Can’t wait for Friday


    Congrats to you and the Tribe!!! My dad has been taking me to tribe games since I was a kid and now that i’m a little older it is so much fun to really appreciate how awesome you guys are doing!!!
    It is killing me being away from cleveland right now!! I go to school at U of Dayton and all the Cleveland fans are just going nuts down here! We’re pulling for ya!!

    Anyways…great job against the yankees! you guys were amazing…a true team effort in every meaning of the phrase! Keep on right through Boston!!!


    Congrats Ryan and Go Tribe!!! I’m a student at OSU and me and my buddies have been watching all the games ever since the season started. I thought is was halarious after the game on TBS, the first time they cut to the locker room it was a shot of you dumping 2 beers in your mouth at the same time, haha, me and my buddies thought that was classic. We wanna party with you and Barfield, haha. We were going nuts after the game and it looked like the team was too. Anyway, you guys are a sweet team and i can’t wait to see you guys play again. GO TRIBE!!!!


    Rudy Guliani just mentioned the series and Joe Torre during the CNBC Republican Candidates Debate.10/08/07 4:07pm
    I have to mention what got us (the fans and team) here. Give props to Wedge and the coaches! I love that the hitters lay off the first pitch! It makes the opposing teams pitchers work! It makes a big difference in the outcome of the game. The Indians hitters are patient in the box. There are so many pieces parts that add up to victory. So give props to the Indian’s Organization! And boy it is so much fun to watch Byrd, Carmona,Westbrook and Sabathia and the bull pen IN THE ZONE! I am so Happy that you did it in THEIR HOUSE IN FRONT OF THEIR FANS!


    YES!!!!!!!!!congrats Ryan and the rest of the Tribe. Wow what a series. I love this team. You guys play so well together and with such heart and I saw a sign at the Jake that said….”Steinbrenner, you can’t buy HEART”….isn’t that the truth. Thanks for beating the hated Yankees. Now you are on to beat another hated team. It’s time to show the world what this team is all about and bring home that ring to a city that deserves it more than any other city. I will be there for some ALCS games cheering my butt off for you guys!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!! GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT ALL!!!


    Ryan – I couldn’t help but think of Frank from Old School when I saw you pouring two cans of Bud Light all over your face, some of which was actually making it into your mouth. I live in chicago so I get real tired of Sox/Cubs fans thinking their teams are going somewhere when they’re obviously not even close. The White Sox may have had 2005 but this is our year, I feel it deep down in my loins!


    Hey Ryan,

    My sister told me you had a blog up…It’s Kristine from grade school! HAHA!

    Congratulations on knocking out the Yankees! It is definitely crazy watching you on TV especially in the last week. I remember you telling us (back in the day) you wanted to be a major league baseball player and here you are! Good luck against BOSTON!



    Quite a ride, Ryan. You bring up a good point about not changing your approach in the playoffs. I think Bob Brenly said it in the broadcast booth during the game, you guys played like you did all season. Shoppach always catches Paul Byrd. Joe Borowski is the closer. Why change the formula that got you 96 wins? Eric Wedge does not appear intimidated by anything right now. Indians-Red Sox will be a great series. Good luck, Ryan!


    Wow! What a game last night! You guys were awesome and I knew you could beat the Yankees! I missed you playing but it makes sense and Shoppach did really well against the Yankee pitchers. I love this team, it’s so great watching everyone out there playing hard and having fun.

    I can’t wait for the ALCS. There is nothing better in life than October baseball! Thanks for doing this blog and keep up the great work.



    Enjoying your post-season blog and hopefully I can continue to do that deep into October.

    You guys have no idea what you are doing for all the fans who have starved for a championship. Keep on plugging away, everyone has faith in you to beat Boston. Just play your game.

    On a side note I told everyone you were ready to go on a hot streak and you’d be the MVP. So no pressure but I’m counting on you 🙂

    Don’t worry about the media coverage. The only coverage we care about is the due you guys get when you bring home the trophy!


    2 things I don’t want to be redundant about:
    1) congratulations because that’s a given. you guys are awesome – don’t let anyone realize that just yet.

    2)your beer drinking abilities. being out of college does not mean we stop double fisting.

    That said, when and where is the party? We know W 6th but we’re going to need specifics Ryan.

    Thanks for blogging, it makes my day! (more seinfeld references, please)


    Hey Ryan!!

    It’s me Karen from STO! I’m sure you may remember me. My mom and I did make that trip to Anaheim to see Dawn and Mike! I did get to meet Benny’s parents and his family while I was in California at the Angels game. It looks like you won’t make it to Jackie’s wedding, but Congrats to all of you guys for getting the big win against the Yanks! Anyhow, good luck in the ALCS! Enjoy the moment you deserve it!

    Karen 🙂


    ok so I guess I wrote the wrong comment under the wrong blog, but I think you will beable to figure that out.. good luck on Friday…I hope that my favorite player gets to play in the next game…tell Paul that he did an amazing job and that we love him…My friend Kaleigh sends her love to grady….u should remember that one when ran down the street after him and pretty much jumped in his car…and it was funny to see your face after she told you that but then again it was funny to see mine after you signed my jersey which to let you know I never let that thing out of my sight and well everything else that says 25 anyways your such a sweet heart and one of the hottest players I have ever met in my life….hope you get to read these and maybe even reply to some of them…can’t wait to see you again… your number one fan ❤ and yeah by the way I like the way u were drinking them beers… u can drink with this girl anyday…..


    Ryan,I am so happy for this team and this city. I am only 27, and not as old as some indians fans, but I have lived and died with this team my whole life. This season brings back all the great memories I was able to share with my dad during that great stretch we had in the 90’s. The only thing that would make this sweeter was if he was here watching the games with me, but I know he is up in heaven cheering you guys on. Keep up the hard work and GO TRIBE!


    Congrats Ryan to you and the tribe on a great season! And to think in spring training you were just going to be happy to make the team! You really made watching this year special! See you at the game on tuesday and Beef’s in the Spring!!! Go Tribe!!

    Lindsay and Mala from Y-town!


    Ryan, I know you’ve heard it a million times by now, but last night’s game was so much fun to watch!
    We couldn’t ask for a more entertaining or talented group of guys to represent Cleveland.

    Your blog is pretty awesome–I’m especially a fan of the comments about the game #2 bugs. I hope you keep writing throughout October!

    Best of luck in Boston–we’ll be ready to party when you guys get home!~Becki

    P.S. Great job with the beer last night.



    Congrats Ryan and the Tribe! This is my first year as a huge Indians fan, and I must say that #25 is the reason. The first game I attended this year was the pseudo home opener back in April. You were hitting everything and I loved the socks! Why haven’t they been pulled up lately? It wasn’t until later I found out you were hot on top of that! Anyway, I have been to 26 games this season and I love baseball now! Oh yeah, thanks for signing my jersey back in July. You told me it was the first Garko jersey you had seen! I hope you guys go all the way. You can do it!!!!!


    P.S. Ryan Adams rocks!!!


    Congratulations to the Tribe and keep it going in Boston.

    I think your win is going to cause an earthquake in Yankee personal. Watch the changes come.

  79. ***************

    **** at your Yankee fan comment. I hope Red Sox fans act more mature and apologize if some of them do not. REAL Fans of the Red Sox would not act like the Yankee fans on this blog have been acting but you can’t control the bandwagon fans.

    Anyway I can’t wish you good luck because I want the Red Sox to

    You feel the Indians get no credit well I feel the Red Sox get none either. We were in first place for most of the year and until the Yankees got eliminated we were a 10 second spec of a highlight on ESPN all season long.

    See you Friday. Ig only on TV and tell Trot Nixon we miss him in Boston.:(


    Ah Ryan, I’m a little surprised at the lack of angry Yankee fans. Good for them in showing a little bit more decency, hopefully the Red Sox fans are different as they seem to be.

    The trust between manager and team is magic. Wedgie’s done great in showing a continual belief in each individual – risking messing with the lineup and not putting in the pitcher that the media clamored for. And who looks smart now?

    Shoppach had a great game too but I’ll be very happy to see you back in the game.

    Keep the dream alive. I’m still feeling the euphoria.

    PS – no wonder you rule, I forgot you were 25, the greatest =p


    CONGRATS RYAN! and INDIANS!! I was in NYC this weekend and I was so proud of you guys!! You are such a wonderful team and it is true, no one gives you credit! The announcers on TBS were comparing everything you guys did to how the yankees would do it. But we’re a totally different team than the yankees, and a much better one in my view!! Good luck against Boston! I’ll be at the game on tuesday in cleveland cheering you on!!!


    Go Ryan and Tribe!
    This blog is a great idea – it really helps roaming Buckeyes connect. I am out here in South Pasadena, California and, primarily through the internet, have kept in touch with you and the Tribe all season. What a joy you have been! I, like many, I’m sure, shed tears of joy last night. (I just wish my parents were still around to share in this).

    Love of team and city spans time and generations, and I think we have come to one of those magic moments.

    Be strong and do your best. We love you!



    I hope that you guys realize what you’re doing for Ohio, for Cleveland and for the game of baseball. You’ve given a hard-luck town so much to be proud of.

    It may sound silly to you guys, but we all feel like we’re part of the Indians family. And it’s your sportsmanship and integrity that have made us feel that way.

    All I can say is thanks to you and all the Indians for making the game fun again. Keep up the great work and the great ABs. Win or lose, we’re behind you.



    Gark- Keep the Jungle Karma going bro! Maybin in Chapel Hill and the rest of us are impressed. I’ve believed in you guys all year, ive started trouble in the bleachers about 20 times this year. Don’t worry, we chased Yankee fans out of there like no other on Thursday…they have a new outlook on the cleveland indians. War taking down the city of Boston and winning the Ring!


    Way to go!!!

    How exciting!

    My husband calls you “Garko Monster”. He thinks “garko” sounds like the creature in a Japanese monster movie. I think it’s for the Monster hits you get. So, you come to the place, we start in with the Go, Garko Monster! Flatten that baseball like you flattened Tokyo!

    Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    It’s been a great season! Thanks!


    hahaha YOU TELL THOSE NY FANS RYAN!!!! Wow I’ve been posting hoping you actually read these emails and i guess you really do. It it is so AWESOME to have a guy like you on our team most athletes are too cool to interact with fans and act all high and mighty but you are like one of us! Your blogs display the emotions we felt: WOW I DON”T BELIEVE WE DID IT!” You are really down to earth and I hope you are here for the long haul b/c we are about to have a a good 5 years or so with all our guys locked up.

    Good luck on Jim Rome today!


    Hey guys! My son went to the Cavs pre-season last night.
    The notsosmartcav LJ was booed. In the saga of the superstar and the “journeymen” tribe, the superstar wore his Yankee lid in our house. He is takin’ the heat for his lapse of judgement and disrespect for the City that loves with conditions. He has done two interviews “backpeddaling” his youthfull decision. Wearing that cap in our house is a booboo that will take awhile to heal. He loves the Yankees. Manup and take your meds for a lot of Clevelanders Hate the Yanks! He can ‘represent’ for his his boyz, but do it out of sight of millions plus rabbid Tribe fans!


    Congratulations to you and the boys! The feeling in the city lately is amazing! Keep working hard and keep your eye on the prize!



    Thanks for the great blog. More importantly congrats to you and the whole team for a great season and for these wins over the Yankees. You guys are really a class act. Grew up in Ashtabula listening to Jimmy Dudly and Bob Neal for years. Once in a while my dad would take me in to the games when they played the White Sox (he was from Aurora, Ill). Hope you and the Tribe go all the way, but even if you don’t enjoy each and every one of these moments. Go Tribe!


    Hey Ry,
    First of all, I just wanted to say that you are my favorite baseball player ever. I am a huge baseball fan and a huge Tribe and Red Sox fan(I am from Ohio). I just want to congratulate you on making it to the ALCS and I hope you play as well as you always do. You had an amazing season, and I LOVE watching you play. Don’t give up. Thank you for knocking the yankees out of the play offs. It was amazing seeing them out so early! You’re amazing and I missed seeing you in the line up on Tuesday. Good Luck against the Red Sox! I will be cheering for you(a little bit more than I will for them). GOOD LUCK!



    I’ve been a huge Cleveland fan all my life. I’ve managed to catch most of the games on MLBtv all year while I’ve been at school. It’s been a real pleasure watching you guys play. You seem like you really like each other. Sometimes we fans forget-with all the big names and big salaries out there-what it’s like to watch a team that really enjoys playing together. Been a lot of fun for us. Good luck in Boston. I’ll be screaming my lungs out here in South Bend. Go tribe!



    To Ryan and the rest of the Tribe,
    I’ve been a baseball fan all my life and an Indians fan since the Jake opened in ’94, but I’ve never been as excited as I am this year! Simply put, I LOVE THIS TEAM!!! There’s so much of an “what’s in it for me” attitude in professional sports these days. Its great to see a team that knows how to play and win by relying on each other. Keep it up, Tribe! I’ll be flying my Indians flag proudly for the rest of the season…good luck against the Sox!

    (By the way, Ryan, you were awesome this year – it helped me forget all about that other guy that used to play first base!)



    A big 17 year old Yankee fan posting here, but please don’t just ignore the comment. First of all, congratulations to you guys. You absolutely outplayed the Yankees in every facet of the game. I really do believe you will have success against Boston. Secondly, I really hope you can ignore the obnoxious fans that you mentioned in your post. These kinds of fans give the Yankee fan base a terrible name.

    Again, best of luck in the postseason. You guys play with a lot of heart out there. Hats off to you guys.



    As A Red Sox fan my hat is off to your team and organization. Just a piece of advice for the future, Do not allow the competition to use your quotes as fuel for big games, next time win the big game and then make as many comments as you like.Have a nice off sesaon and see you next year.


    As A Red Sox fan my hat is off to your team and organization. Just a piece of advice in the the future, Do not allow the competition to use your quotes as fuel for big games, next time win the big game and then make as many comments as you like.Have a nice off sesaon and see you next year.


    To “Shannonmillerfan” & other arrogant R. Sox Fans: the champagne comment I’m sure was only about a confidence or moral booster–…’champagne will taste great(like victory) [at home or on the road]–it’ll be sweet either way I’m sure is all he meant. What’s Gark supposed to say, “oh, I don’t think it’ll be the same…” As for the Lofton/Beckett thing, Beckett’s always been like a little b*tch instigating wherever he goes. Just because Lofton initially thought the call was ball 4, Beckett wants to get the last word to taunt Lofton like the little kid hiding behind Mommy’s apron?? And Manny’s little b*tch antics are great, aren’t they?: …think I’ll just pose like a little kid to taunt everyone like a kid behind his Mommy’s apron. I’m sure there’s more people that despise the Red Sox & Yankees just because their nature (& requisite) is to have hotdogs & primadonnas on their team year after year. There’s no denying the Red Sox outplayed the Tribe, but are they ever going to display an example of sportsmanship they can be proud of?? No wonder most people hate the Red Sox & Yankees than they think. To the mature Red Sox fans: congratulations and thanks for the great series. Go Tribe next year & go Rockies this year!


    Please post an address so we can send a bottle of champagne and a nice package of those cute little white towels you can all cry into.

    Enjoy the golf course, beat you next year.


    Yeah, it’s real class when a comment is taken out of context when Gark was only trying to convey to “Indians’ Nation” [since everyone has a Nation now after Florida’s Urban Meyer coined the phrase] that (if) a victory were to happen on the road, the RITUAL of champagne to represent victory would be just as long awaited on the road as it would’ve been in front of the home fans. As for the actual taste of it, I don’t imagine that they appear to be actually tasting ANY of it as it seems to be always poured all over everyone when they do celebrate with champagne. “They” meaning whoever, not necessarily the Indians, before you rant & rave about how seldom they get to “taste” or break out the champagne. And the actual spelling is: “Primadonna” sometimes a space is included, depending on the country of useage. The definition has evoved somewhat from the lead singer in an opera to these days like when Manny just stands there posing like a 12-yr old in the batter’s box (is he still there?)or, when little boy Beckett has to get the last word by taunting a (professional) opposing player after popping out because he didn’t like when the bat was dropped since it was perceived that it was ball 4 as Lofton’s always done during his entire tenure in the league—yup, that’s class to anyone that’s not a Red Sox ‘ “Nation” ‘ fan—just ask around. And, I never denied that Boston hasn’t endured many years of failure, or that they’re not an elite team (as far as talent goes), and I never denied that the [red] Sox didn’t outplay the Indians neither just for the record. As for being “deserving”, that’s inevitably a subjective matter–of opinion–in other words. I think the lesser of the 2 evils would be rooting for the other Evil Empire. I believe that the Rockies have good enough mojo to reverse the curse though.


    I never in a million years thought that the Indians would end up in the playoffs! The Indians were outstanding this year. I watched every game and as the year went on they got better and better. They played as a TEAM. There was always a different hero(s) every game. The team just clicked together. It was unfortunate that they lost to Boston. The Indians got NO BREAKS FROM THE UMPIRES IN BOSTON. There were balls called that should of been strikes. You could see in the second game that Westbrook pitched, he was getting frustrated because the umpire called most of his pitches balls and they should of been strikes. Anyways, it is unfortunate that they lost. I don’t like Boston especially Manny. He makes me sick. Hopefully, Colorado can come back and beat them. Highlights for this year—Lofton-he should be offered a coaching job here; Blake-keep him at 3rd base; Cabreba–excellent 2nd baseman but maybe he should go to shortstop and Perolta 2nd base; Garko–excellent at 1st sign for long contract; Martinez–keeping going; Sizemore, Franklin, and Lofton-what a wicked outfield crew. That’s all guys!


    I saw the 1948 team play. I have always beem an Indian fan.

    Eric Wedge played on my high school field, when he was in high school. I have all his stats from the games he played against us.

    I love Eric and his wife

    Kate. His high school coach and I are good friends.


    **** Siler

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