Yankee Stadium, Seinfeld, October baseball

Every time we drive into Yankee Stadium, all I think about is ?Seinfeld.? I remember the episode where George Costanza parks his car out in front of the ballpark and leaves it there so that George Steinbrenner thinks he?s always working, and he keeps getting promoted.


But I also think about all the playoff games that have played here. We?ve all seen the playoff games since ?96 or ?97. We know what it?s going to be like. It?s going to be great. It?s going to be Roger Clemens in Yankee Stadium in October. It doesn?t get any better than that.

The trip here to New York was fun. I sat in front of Victor Martinez and Rafael Betancourt on the plane. They were blasting their music and having a good time. It was big that we won that game Friday in that fashion, because the plane ride was so much fun. It would have been a drag if we had lost.

We?ve still got work to do. Once we landed, we knew that game was over and the celebration was over. It?s time to start getting ready for Game 3.

With the off day we have a chance to exhale a little bit. But as soon as we stepped onto the field for batting practice today, you see it?s Yankee Stadium and it?s October, and everybody kind of realizes the moment.

My brother and sister and my aunt and uncle are coming into town for the games here. My brother Michael and I can?t stop talking about October baseball in New York. It?s going to be cool. A lot of it is surreal and hasn?t really sunk in with my family yet. My mom and dad have been at home in California watching on TV. They can?t believe it. It?s been my dream since I was a kid.


  1. knc227@nyu.edu


    I am so excited for you guys! I was born and raised in Cleveland and I am a huge Indians fan, I now go to college and live in NYC. I am so excited you all are here and wish I could come see you play! I went to 28 Indians games this summer including the 3 in NY. I am so proud to be a Cleveland fan! Best of luck and enjoy youre time in the city!!


    PS. I’m always with Megan (the DATZ AWESOME girl!)and we appreciate how wonderful you guys always are to your fans!

  2. Kelly

    I was forced against my will to go bowling last night (zzzz), but luckily they had the game on the big screens all over the place. When Cleveland won, the entire establishment erupted. Odd, considering half of South Florida is from NY… they were probably disgruntled Mets fans.

    Go Indians!


  3. laurie_loves_gators@yahoo.com

    Hi Ryan —

    Just wanted to let you know that WE BELIEVE! The whole city (well, minus LeBron and what does he know?) is behind you, and we look forward to welcoming back our victorious team. YOU CAN DO IT! Thurs and Fri showed that – and you guys have done it all year. I think it is great how the Tribe has silenced its critics on the field – just where it is supposed to happen.

  4. laurie_loves_gators@yahoo.com

    Oh yeah – I forgot to add – the last time I was in Yankee Stadium wearing all my Tribe gear – I was pelted with peanuts and ice. Some fans, huh!?

  5. mgrisier@bex.net

    Keep up the GREAT work! You guys are a TEAM and playing the baseball that is Indians Baseball! You probably dont remember but in early June against the Mariners I stood up in the bleachers as you were warming up and yelled “Hey Gark!” and pointed to the number 25 on my jersey. You looked up, smiled, and gave me the thumbs up! You’re my boy and KEEP THE #25 BROTHERHOOD ALIVE!!!! Go Tribe

  6. oreomonkeyec@aol.com


    You guys were amazing last night! That stadium was crazy and I love games like that-I’ve been a fan of the Tribe since I was old enough to know what baseball is, and I’m so excited for you guys! This is our year! WE BELIEVE! Go out there and enjoy the game and know we’re all going to be here in Cleveland tomorrow rooting for you!!

    GO TRIBE! 🙂

  7. g0tribe@yahoo.com

    Ryan, I just found this blog today and started reading it. What a great perspective it gives a fan to get get to read it from a player’s point of view. You guys were awesome the last couple of days. And you….fantastic job last night. For 30 years my first love has been the Tribe and I’ve been begging for that championship. You guys have something special this year. It’s a different feeling from the other years. I heard one of the Tigers being interviewed about playing the Tribe this year, and HE even said they could just feel something special is going on with you guys. October…Yankee Stadium… Roger Clemens…how many players dreams are made up of those 3 things right there? It’s got to be intimidating. It’s intimidating just being a fan. The thing is though, you’re all playing well. Roger isn’t the Roger of yesteryear. A-Rod’s playing his usual post season ball. Our bullpen is incredible right now, as it’s been most of the year. THEY are the one’s with all the pressure right now. It’s win or go home for them….AT HOME. You CAN do this and it’s going to be exciting to watch. GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. mmihalic@kent.edu

    Awesome game last night!! I’m super excited for you guys and I wish I could be in NYC to see you finish it off tomorrow. I’ve had the pleasure of going to 48 games this year, including Thursday and Friday, and it has been great seeing you guys work so hard and finally having it pay off. I’m so confident in this team and I can’t wait to see how far we go!! Bring it home and I’ll keep reppin the “Datz Awesome” sign!

    GO TRIBE!!!!!



    I ditto Karen’s comments and I truly appreciate how nice you all are to us. It’s very rare to get a chance to interact with players and it means a lot that you don’t blow us off like other teams do to their fans. Thanks =]

  9. bbcm@sdplains.com

    Ryan, Our family is so excited with the Indians being in the playoffs. Thanks for making it such a fantastic season and post season. We are from the Dakotas, and we were thrilled to see Pronk come through like he did. You all are AWESOME! GO TRIBE and

  10. amoureux40@aol.com

    My dad would have LOVED to see this! We went to a world series game and sat in the bleachers, my brother won the “lottery” by sending in a postcard, or something like that. It was surreal. My dad and brother loved Cleveland sports (we are from Canton) and they both have passed away in the past few years, so I know they are watching down on you and loving this so much!
    No matter what, I feel that the Indians as a team and Cleveland as a city is a family. I cannot even think of better players to be on such a great team in such a lovable atmosphere. It’s kind of like, being a fan-we walk into the stadium and we all get each other. We are all there because we are from Ohio, we love you guys, and we want you to succeed so much.

    I wish you the BEST of luck this series. You all just deserve this so much. I know my bro and dad are so proud and you have made all of us so proud by playing your hearts out..that’s what it’s all about. Follow your dream and know that we are true fans, through ANY ups and downs, forever.


  11. anthonyv1121@aol.com

    dude..that’s pretty amazing that as a professional baseball player the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of YANKEE STADIUM is Seinfeld….you clearly have no respect for the Yankee franchise

  12. hestergray@cleveland-indians.net

    In Cleveland, there is a good vibe
    It’s kind of hard to describe

    But as a fanatic

    I’m feeling ecstatic

    ‘Cause no one can stop the Tribe!

    Your devoted fan,


  13. zmtroyer@hotmail.com

    the only bad thing about playoff baseball is that seinfeld wont be on TBS for a while lol. but you guys continue to amazing me. last night i thought the game was over when joba came in but you guys refuse to quit. keep it up in new york! GO TRIBE!


  14. djkevingillman75@aol.com

    clearly have no respect for the Yankees franchise? Did you read the entire blog? He said it doesn’t get any better than to face Clemens in Yankee stadium, it’s just that the Indians are not laying down for the Yankees. Ryan, thank you for writing this. Do the city of Cleveland proud and get this series done. Good luck the next game.

    Kevin Gillman

  15. hockeymom@centurytel.net

    Love the Blog! Through it we get a glimpse of what it is like to be living the dream!

    October at Yankee Stadium!

    Sweet Dreams!

  16. ***************@aol.com

    We miss you Trot and we would let you play:)

    Good luck Indians because I do not want to play the Yankees if we win our series. Not taking anything away from you because you guys are ten times better then NY it is just I can handle losing to you guys. I have no plans of handeling losing to the evil empire.lol

  17. sally3510@hotmail.com

    Hello –
    The Blog is great….hope it continues for a long time! Last night’s game was awesome – the Tribe fans were going crazy at BW3’s. Keep it going!

  18. ***************@aol.com

    Why should anyone respect the Yankees? Because you won world series 7 years ago? Please.
    I don’t respect cheaters like A-Rod or ego’s like Damon’s and I never will (and yes I didn’t like Damon when he played in Boston )

  19. malteseqt@oh.rr.com

    Hi Ryan,
    How nice of you to take the time to post these blogs! The one thing I love about our team this year is how everyone gets along. I think that makes all the difference. All you see on the other teams is how some are fighting, or on steroids or getting in trouble. You guys have it all together and it means a lot to us fans to see that our players are the real deal. I am so proud of all of you. Keep up the great work, Ryan! And, keep those Rally Pies flying! We love them! GO TRIBE!


  20. thudia@gmail.com


    Also I want to let everybody know that the bugs are not what caused Joba to be bad. It was my excessive unneccessary Heckling for 2 hours before games 1 and 2. Game 2 I also heckled Visciano. And go figure the 2 I yelled at for hours are the 2 yankees that blew it.!!!!!!!!


  21. gotribe@minetfiber.com

    Ryan —

    Thank you so much for treating the fans to your thoughts via this blog. I’ve been a Tribe fan for 48 years — yes, all the way back to the Rocky Colavito days — but this year has been the most fun because of the spirit and comadaradie you guys all have.

    You, Pronk, Victor and all the guys seem to be “blue collar” dudes like us fans, and no egos come through at all. I’m so happy to see you “living the dream.” Get those Yankees! Go, Tribe!

    PS: Seinfeld? That is SO funny. You rock! And a GREAT job at first base this year, Ryan. I know how hard you’ve worked.

  22. lenjoy28@hotmail.com

    Hey Ryan, congrats on making it 2-0 against the Yankees! You and the Tribe deserve to win it all!!

    Also, congrats on both the Stanford and Notre Dame wins. Being an Ohio Stater, I couldn’t be happier that Stanford pulled that upset.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  23. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu

    Hey Gark!

    Glad you made it safe to NY! I keep thinking about last night’s game and how lucky I am to have been a part of that!

    Looking forward to game #3 and I’m glad your family will be there to see you clinch the division!

    Good luck licious!


    P.S. I will probably leave a comment on every blog because I can’t stop thinking Tribe!

  24. pleroma@sonic.net

    Hey Ryan,

    I was born in 1948 – you know what happened that year. Do it again my brother. Give Jake a big hug for me, he’s a big game pitcher with some top shelf big league players backing him. I believe.


  25. npeb@yahoo.com

    This is directed to webmaster:

    Cleveland fans are ***? Well, at least they’re not rude and classless like the NY fans.

    The Tribe won on a wild pitch in the 8th – not one hit? Well, it was YOUR pitcher that made the wild pitch, so I wouldn’t be so proud of it if I were you.

    Who is Ryan Garko? He’s a major league ballplayer who is very busy in the playoffs right now, but who is nevertheless taking time out to share his feelings about it with the fans. Would any of your Yankee prima donnas do that? Not for an extra million bucks or so…..

    Sorry, Ryan. I apologize that this, uh, person had to come along and trash your very interesting blog. Been loving the postseason, as I did the regular season, and GO TRIBE!!!


  26. anadolson@laca.org


    I am so excited for you guys…All of my life i have been a tribe fan, and taken quite a rippin for it most of the time, but you have made all my years of disappointment worthwhile. I can feel the adrenaline myself, I can’t imagine how you actually feel.

    It is an “Indian”Summer so I just know you are going to get it done!

    Remember, no matter where you are or what inning it is, keep your head and just play baseball as you have been taught. Don’t let the hype get to you!



  27. greatfeats.com@comcast.net

    I signed up for MLB.com for the first time this year and watched about 150 of your games. I NOW can watch on network TV beacuse THE TRIBE IS IN THE PLAYOFFS BABY!!
    Relax, have fun and remember this A.B.T.Y.

    ANYBODY BUT THE YANKEES ! Good luck tonight.

  28. tribefans17@mchsi.com

    Keep the dream alive young man! I’m a LONG time Indians fan, born and raise there but now living out of state and catching as much as I can on TV, MLB audio on the computer and on XM radio.

    Don’t let yankee stadium do you guys in. Just play YOUR game. Support Jake with great defense, ’cause he’s going to throw a ton of ground balls!!!

    Keep the bats HOT! A win in ny would be the best….GO TRIBE!!!!!

  29. gsumner@rogers.com

    The key to winning tonight is patience at the plate with Clemens.

    Expect the Yanks to come out strong in the first, weather the storm, get Clemens pitch count up quickly, get to their pen and the win belongs to the Tribe.

  30. jlnovotn@gmail.com

    I am originally from the Cleveland area, but have since moved out to Omaha for work. I drove down to KC last weekend to see the last game and it is amazing watching you all play. It is so much fun watching you all play, whether it is a regular season game or bottom of the 11th in a playoffs because you can tell that you are all in it for the love of the game. Thanks for making this an October to remember.

  31. webmaster@xonairmgp.com

    even if the Indians get past the Yankees, which is highly unlikely, I will be sure to post here when they lose next round.

  32. drl1@cogeco.ca

    To “WEbmaster”:
    You must be the sorest loser I have ever encountered and you don’t stop,do you?

    Why spew venom at Ryan Garko and Indians fans,when so far your team is losing?

    Cool off and enjoy the great game of baseball,which has been terriffic this October on many fronts.

  33. sally3510@hotmail.com

    Hey “webmaster” –
    It’s extremely funny that a yankee’s fan is taking the time to sign on the Tribe’s website, read Ryan’s blog, and say things about the yankee’s like how bad their pitcher was Friday night and that the Indians might “get past” the yankee’s! Thanks for your comments -Just goes to show…Cleveland Rocks!

  34. elemental_79@yahoo.com

    Hey Garko,

    Nice blog. Did you put the fly buzzing around in your last entry, or does somebody else add that stuff? Either way it’s hilarious!

    I’m a die-hard White Sox fan, but I’ve been enjoying watching the Indians play this postseason. I’ve got a bottle of bubbly I was gonna open when the Phillies (my favorite NL team) won, but since THAT obviously isn’t going to happen, I’ll have to use it for the Tribe’s win tonight!

    GO INDIANS!! Beat Clemens and the Yankees!

    Melissa (soxnphillyfan)

  35. patlilly@cleveland-indians.net

    Have fun Ryan, keep focussed and remember we are all behind you and the rest of the team…GO TRIBE!!!

  36. saravalentine_92@hotmail.com

    I really like reading your blog! It’s great how you and the rest of the Indians are so great to the fans! Keep it up!! I’m a die-hard Indians fan and this past season I got my first chance to come to a game at Jacob’s Field. To sum it all up, it was amazing. I could see the Indians spirit up close and it just made me more of an Indians fan. Even my school loves the Indians, I went to our football game on Friday and I was getting play-by-play updates on my cell…not the greatest way to watch the game, but it’s better than not knowing what was happening. Anyway GOOD LUCK to you and the rest of the team in tonight’s game and the rest of the post season!!!

    And as patlilly said, we are all behind you and the rest of the team…GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!

    we believe

  37. infernodragon02@msn.com

    Lol Webmaster is a stupid Yankee troll, LOL!

    Seinfeld, lol, you got it. Keep the dream alive, you’re doing us all proud.

  38. jallen@indiansmvp.com

    Congrats Ryan! Good luck to everyone today! And thanks for keeping the rest of us updated on these last few days. It’s been a great ride and we’re all hoping it continues for a few more weeks!

  39. htshannon@windstream.net

    This blog is really nice to read everyday. It helps me feel alot more like a part of the team too! I’ve been an Indians fan for about 3 or so years. I have a scrapbook with all the tribes wins newspaper articles dating back to 2005! Letting you know I am with you ALL the way no matter what happens, but adding my own advice, I think this team is going all the way! Good luck and keep on rolling!

  40. glfr129@neo.rr.com

    GIT_R_DONE !!!!!!!!! Shut those Yankees up! They have been looking past you guys the whole series. You see what it got ’em huh? Spank ’em again!!!!!!!

  41. pinkkillersheepz@yahoo.com

    dear ryan,
    i was at the game friday and my friend and i just loved watching the yankees freak out over the bugs *especially derek jeter!* anyway, i can’t wait to watch the game tonight and i’ll see you at game 1 of the ALCS!

  42. klinskey0214@gmail.com


    Kelly Linskey here. Can’t tell you how crazy it is to go to a bar and watch you on TV. I remember being in 5th grade and watching you and Kevin play in the good old days at Servite, under the watchful eye of Coach T. It’s unbelievable. I’m so glad you’re living you dream. Good Luck. The whole Linskey family is rootin for you!!!

    Orange County forever!!!

    – Kelly Linskey

  43. vessalo.1@osu.edu

    Watching the game now – GO TRIBE GO! Cleveland WANTS you guys to win, New York just expects things. You guys can do it, I KNOW it! CLEVELAND LOVES YOU AND WE BACK YOU ALL THE WAY!!!

  44. friedy07@netvision.net.il

    Ryan and all the Tribe,
    I’m sitting up here at after 4 am in Israel trying to recover. I was born in ’48. I was at the ’48 series inside my mother at the time. I was a little kid when the Tribe got blown away in ’54. I may be on the other side of the world, but I’m with you despite my New Yorker friends. GO GET ‘EM TOMORROW!

  45. yatesjohnr@gmail.com

    Hey Ryan,

    Hope game 3 doesn’t get you and the team down. The Yankees are too good to go down in 3.

    No, it will take 4. The Tribe has the Yanks in the right spot. Tomorrow, an ineffective starter (Mussina) is pitching against our 15 game winner. Even more important, the Yanks have already used up their two effective relievers – Hughes and Chamberlin.

    All pitching hands on deck for game 4 – GO TRIBE!

  46. infernodragon02@msn.com

    Webmaster take a hint and leave. We don’t jump ship like you do.

    Anyway, RG, you guys played great last night, and I have all the faith in the world that you will send home the idiots like Webmaster that keep crawling out of the sewer to show how much class they LACK.

  47. languilano@yahoo.com

    webmaster , you couldnt be a bigger loser,,, go play on the yankee web page, Cleveland is #1 so go blow……. Torre for starters

  48. kjthuryjliuliyhklhkjh@hotmail.com

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