Were up not down in this series

It would have been fun to win at home, obviously. Just to do it on this field and get relaxed a little bit. But for me, as a player, the way I?m looking at it is, we came home and we won two of three, which is a pretty good feeling. We knew it would be tough against Josh Beckett. It would have been our dream to win all three here, but we knew how tough it was going to be.

I still think we?re in a good spot going back to Fenway Park. If you would have said we?d go back to Boston up 3-2 rather than down 3-2, that?s the more important part for us.

I thought Youkilis hitting that home run and them scoring first was big. They got the clutch homer tonight, which we had been doing. We just couldn?t get the clutch hit tonight. It seems like the games we lose, we just don?t get the clutch hit. That happens. Sometimes you just get beat. That?s what it felt like tonight. Their starting pitcher just beat us.

During that Lofton-Beckett scuffle, I was watching my last at-bat down below. They had a second TV on, but they didn?t really show it. It?s funny, because, as a player, there?s no dumber feeling than being the last guy to run out on the field. Chris Gomez and I were down below watching my at-bat. We come out there, and you try to act like you?re mad, but you don?t know what?s happening. By the time you get there, the situation is already cooled down. It?s a dumb feeling. You feel like, ?I should have just stayed down there watching film.?

So now we?ll go back to Boston and face Curt Schilling in Game 6. You have to live in the present. Schilling has re-invented himself. He used to be a great power guy, but he?s still tough. He mixes up his pitches and hits his spots. But that?s the Schilling we?re facing, and we have to remember that. We?re not facing the Diamondbacks in 2001. We?re facing the Red Sox in 2007.


  1. newclevelander@yahoo.com

    Hi Ryan,

    We knew this was going to be a tough series, but you still have the edge. I am confident you guys will take care of business on Saturday. Your fans are behind you all the way.

    Go Tribe!

  2. patriots122483@aol.com

    i give you a lot of credit. i dont know if i could my calm being on the same team as that self-centered jerk kenny lofton. especially after he just awoke a sleeping giant.

  3. dgille17@mercyhurst.edu

    Where were the high sox? I was at the game today and I noticed you didn’t have your high sox up. Your breaking tradition!! How dare you! We’ll get them next time. We need to let them win at least twice so their heads don’t deflate to quickly.

  4. dannyz69@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Gark,

    Very simply put, you guys ran ran up against a buzz saw 2night, but we are still in a GR8 position with Fab Fausto going Saturday. Hey if you saw me and Kyle you would know who we are. He wants to go to Boston and see Fausto throw, and you guys wrap it up. We know him well too, but he doesn’t speak good enough English to get tickets from. Was wanting to get on here quick and hope you read this. Please contact me if you can help us at all. Guarantee Kyle your BIGGEST lil 12 year old FAN, would be overwhelmed. We have followed all you guys since 2001 with all our heart, been to Kinston, Lake County, Akron, Buffalo. Please call me at 4407969800 or contact my email address. I am ready to drive to Boston, went there for the last playoffs with them, took Indian Head pennies and threw them on 3rd base, it worked and we won BOTH. David Justice was MVP. Guarantee if we can get tics, and bring the pennies we WILL BE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPS 2007. I know you guys are all superstitous so PLEASE HELP US OUT.


    Dannyz and Lil Kyle

    PS: We use to bring the cakes to the Mahoney Valley Locker room when you were there, after the 5 games in Jamestown, NOTHIN THERE and Kyle started taking you guys cakes and you won.

  5. vsgiacomo@msn.com

    Hey Ryan,

    So even though it would have been awesome to wrap up the series at home in front of us your fabulous fans, I think it was meant to go to 6 games. In both ’95 and ’97 we won the ALCS in game 6 on the road. Coincidence? I don’t think so…obviously it’s fate. Hopefully this time the final chapter will end differently and you guys will end up with championship rings on your fingers!! The fans always have and always will believe in you guys! Best of luck Saturday 🙂 GO TRIBE!!!

  6. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu

    Hey Ryan-

    Watched the game tonight over at “The Clevelander” downtown. The atmosphere at that place made me feel like I was at the game. My friends and I were harassing a Boston fan (who, by the way, was born and raised in Cleveland). I can’t really figure that one out for the life of me.

    Anyways, you are absolutely right…you are in a great position. Being up 3-2 in the series, heading back to Boston, is great motivation for the team. I have confidence in you guys to get this thing done…whether it’s in game 6 or game 7. It’s not over!

    Safe flight to Boston and best of luck to you in game 6. Spend some time in the food court again…eating chicken fingers 🙂

    Take care,


  7. gamefreak1386@hotmail.com

    Self-centered jerk? I’d hardly say Kenny is that. What Beckett did was very unprofessional. There’s no place for taunting a player anywhere on the field, in any sport. His reaction to Beckett was justified.

    It was a tough loss tonight though. It would have been nice to see you guys sweep them at home, but you can’t win them all, especially against Boston. You’re already living past what everyone thought you would do.

    All you guys need to do now is head into Boston and play through their crowd. Drown it out, then shut them up. I think Fausto and the bullpen will pull through, as well as the bats in Game 6.

    Good luck Tribe!

  8. cancer@pcmail.com.tw

    Hey Ryan,
    I felt a little bit upset that you guys didn’t won tonight, though I am still confident of Indians can win this series! All fans will back you up. When we saw Beckett said something to Keeny, we felt Beckett was really like a jerk no matter how well he pitched and how good he was. It will be really great you guys win the next game and let all Boston fans shut up!

    Good luck Tribe!

    May force be with you, Ryan!

  9. jason@sikorski.org

    I feel pretty good about the series – Beckett is out of the way, and you guys *always* come back with a vengeance after a loss. Plus, when was the last time Fausto had two mediocre outings in a row, especially coming off full rest + 2-3 days more.

    With regard to Kenny/Beckett – Kenny was justified to do what he did. Beckett has no class – we were reminded of that when he threw at Franky’s head.. you could see him smirking on the mound immediately after that. That’s ashame, because with the exception of Manny + Beckett, the rest of the Red Sox players are class-acts (especially Ortiz).

    Good luck in game six!!

  10. smkatusha@hotmail.com

    Ryan, You have the best attitude. We..well you guys…beat the Sox at home before and you can do it again! I look forward to watching the next name.

    In regards to the K-Lo scuffle. It’s intense out there, and as the media keeps saying, Kenny wants the BIG WIN! I’ve seen Kenny yell at pitchers before, what can you say? I mean there’s a lot of testosterone out there!

  11. tlee6565@aol.com

    Start sweating TRibe… you’re coming back to Fenway– oh..and the CY YOUNG race is over .. it is Beckett (1.93 ERA in ALCS) and not Sabathia (10.45 ERA ). Lastly, your Lofton made a serious mistake–he is a low class guy–flipping his bat like that on a strike right down the plate..wait till he hears the Fenway crowd– thanks, Kenny for giving Boston a HUGE amount of emotional energy.. Start sweating TRIBE!!!!

  12. rustygirl_89@hotmail.com

    Hey Ryan

    I just want to say that you guys are putting up a **** of a fight against the Sox. Yeah they are a pretty tough team, and you guys could totally come around in the 9th inning of the 7th game to win the series. You know what though, the Indians have gotten so far already that I would not be disappointed if you didn’t make it to the world series. You’re a great team and to me, it seems like anything that gets thrown at you guys you’re able to hit it out of the park one way or another. So, best of luck Mr. Garko! We’re all rooting for you. 🙂

  13. bloomingrose11377@orlandobloom.ws


    That was a tough game last night, but this is the ALCS, no one expected it to be easy. When you hear those Boston fans cheering on a count with two strikes, just think of them as being Indians fans cheering for you to get the big hit. You and all the players have such a good attitude about everything. Keep it up! We have much better odds of winning one more game than Boston now trying to win 3 in a row (counting last night’s win). Here’s to praying it’ll happen in game 6!! I’ll be here rooting my heart out for you guys! GO TRIBE!!!

  14. rotorhds0701@verizon.net

    Heartbreaker of a game, I would have loved to see you guys just finish it at the Jake, of course if it has to be done at Fenway, so be it. As far as K-Lo and Beckett, you never want to see that happen but Beckett was wrong, good thing they got Kenny off the field, if they hadn’t Beckett wouldn’t be pitching for a long time! It’s Tribe time, let’s bring it to them!

  15. hamburgler316@yahoo.com

    We won in Fenway when Schilling was pitching, we can do it again. Carmona is going to pitch a gem tomorrow I can feel it, good luck guys and stay confident and strong!

  16. jas205@aol.com

    Hi Ryan,
    I was looking forward to reading you blog this morning after the game last night. That was a terrible lose last night, but you win some and you lose some, we all know that. I know you guys will come back in game 6 to kick the socks off the sox in Boston. Goooooooooooooooo TRIBE 🙂

    My Dad was born and raised in the Boston area, so he is a Red Sox Fan but, he also loves the Tribe. He has been watching the games with my daughter and I here at our home on the big screen with his Red Sox hat on cheering for The Tribe. The last few years we have bought him tickets to a Tribe vs Red Sox game during the regular. My daughter, my Dad and I have a blast when we go to that game each year. Dad in his Red Sox hat and Tribe shirt and my daughter and I supporting the Tribe in our Tribe gear.

    Goooooooooooooooo TRIBE 🙂

    One more thing Ryan. You are my favorite player. You remind me of a young Jim Thome. Not only do you have his #25, but the way you handle your at bats and the power you have behind that bat and the way you handle your position at 1st Base. Ryan, you will be around in MLB for a long time. I look forward to following your career.


  17. kimberly_lauver@yahoo.com

    Oh well-we will get ’em Saturday night! As the pp said-eat some chicken fingers and bring home a WIN! 🙂

  18. danimal@yahoo.com

    Some great things are happening in this series. You guys are looking confident and even last night vs. Beckett there were two or three innings we could have opened it up. Just keep on doing what your doing! I like our position with Fausto tomorrow Boston will be fired up so lets go out there and quiet those fans early!!!!
    Go TRIBE!!! From way down in ALA!!! ITS TRIBE TIME NOW!!!

  19. majercis@canisius.edu

    great game last night! i knew the game against beckett would be hard as well. but you guys tried your hardest! you can do this, you already have proved that you can beat them in their own house, so lets do this!!

    GO Ryan! and Go Tribe!

  20. papi1@yahoo.com

    And now the real Indians take the field. No more LUCKY breaks for you. Your team is imploding just like every Cleveland team throughout history has. The Indians are not that good, sorry but its true. You people talk about the Sox overpaying their players…if Hafner makes more than $2.00 a game hes overpaid. Your pitcher CC is a ******* head case. Cant perform under pressure. So to all the losers in Cleveland, get ready to watch your little punks get schooled by men. Manny Ramirez=John Elway.
    By the way Ryan Garko looks like a retard. Go Sox!!!!!

    Go Sox!!!! Go Sox!!!!!! Go Sox!!!

  21. ccarls@juno.com

    Hey tlee6565@aol.com:

    Just like a ******** fan! Crying about Kenny’s flipping that bat.

    You don’t see anyone crying about Manny with his BS.

    FYI-Ryan and the Tribe already killed Curt in that **** you call a ballyard.

    You have Beckett and only Beckett. Time for Theo to go buy a new pitcher.

    GO TRIBE!!!

  22. mhcat606@yahoo.com

    good luck tomorrow night in Boston. just remember, you have all your fans back home cheering for you. when you guys are playing, just imagine that the Boston fans are us Indians fans yelling and cheering. you are in a great place, you have 2 games left to play and you only have to win one. i’ve said this all along, this is a very special team and good things will happen when you care about someone as much as you guys do. i’m not usually one to say something like this, but as for the Loftn/Beckett thing, Kenny dropping his bat when he thought it was ball 4 is the same thing as Manny standing at home plate watching his homerun clear the fence and then walking half way to first before jogging the rest of the way. just food for thought. enough about the Sox though, good luck tomorrow night and if you have time, eat some chicken fingers too!!! you have already earned all of our respect and I am so proud of all of you. Please tell Grady, Asdrubal and the rest of the team good luck tomorrow for me. I love all of you guys…IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!!

  23. jhollenack@hotmail.com

    Hey Ryan,
    Love the blog! You guys have had a great run in the playoffs so far and have been so fun to watch. There is something special about this team! I think it will be even more exciting to see you guys take the pennant IN Boston!

    Keep the bat goin’…Go get’em Garko, and Go Tribe!!!

  24. robtgbbs@yahoo.com

    Just like a typical red sox fan….you get a little bit of optimism and your arrogence comes out….papi1..first off david ortiz looks like hes at the end of road…hes still a masher but you would think he can afford a health membership….you will be respecting us before its over..maybe not you personally cause you seem like your unreasonable….i can pick at your team…manram is an easy target…he maybe the dumbest player in the league..but you cant deny how good he is….your starting pitching *** compared to us….after game one i knew we were going to lose to beckett twice…scoreboard…cleveland four …beckett two


  25. mossgoldensrule@comcast.net

    All series the homeplate umps have been very inconsistant calling balls and strikes and for Kenny to think that he had just walked was only natural. Baby Beckett smart mouthed off to Frank-en-beauty just the inning before. Ryan, blank them all out and play little ball. This tribe team IS a team. Get to Fausto and tell him to just do his thing. IN-OUT-UP-DOWN! You need to step up in the batters box, you are reaching for everything. Pronk needs a good shot at something to get his lack of hits in the postseason off his mind. Look at those tapes again. I am all for the TRIBE and I know that you CAN and WILL win.

  26. soxnation@yahoo.com

    Garko hid in the dugout because he knew better. Youk would have broke him and then taken a squat on him.

    I wish games 6 and 7 were in Cleveland so we could DANCE DANCE DANCE all over your infield when we win it all.

    Great comment Papi1, I got some more



    Sizemore=Tim Couch

    Cleveland=a steamy pile-o-****

  27. soxnation@yahoo.com

    All the little pricks
    With their 2″ diicckks sing

    Cleveland *****,

    Cleveland *****

    Their gonna lose it all again

    Cus the Tribe cant win cus

    Cleveland *****,

    Cleveland *****,

    Cleveland *****,

    Cleveland *****!

    OHIO!!!!! ******)

  28. ltrego08@jcu.edu

    ryan, a girl tried to fight me at the bar last night because we were wearing the same jersey of yours. it was real sweet how obsessed she was about it – it’s not like there was a game going on then or anything..

  29. anniebellehart@aol.com

    Garko- you are hilarious! I love reading this blog- thank you for doing it… :o) The part where you talked about being the last one out there is the best!! You guys are all great- I love watching my tribe… Go Get ’em in Boston!!

  30. icantheru@insight.rr.com

    I hear your owner is moving the indians to Vermont. They will fit right in with the rest of the queeers.

    He will change their name from the indians to the brown sox, because thats what they have after craaappin down their legs this weekend.

    Lets go Red Sox!

  31. robtgbbs@yahoo.com

    wow its good to see their is so much class in boston….and to know all the facts on cleveland sports…tells me you were born and raised here in cleveland…your just a lost soul that turns on their hometown team…..i was looking at the blogs on the boston site and soxnation was on there dogging his team for losing to the tribe…..soxnation find yourself….your a lost soul

  32. vessalo.1@osu.edu

    I feel the need to break up all the negative comments from the Red Sox fans on this board

    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. robkel2314@yahoo.com

    GO TRIBE!!! For the Red Sox fans who post comments in this blog, it just shows you you how tasteless Boston fans are, by the way, nice song!!!!NOT! The victory to the world series will be even sweeter doing it in Fenway Park, after all look what happened to the Yankees! Our rookies and so called “no name” players have proved time and time again that they are MAJOR LEAGUE and belong where they are! Let’s go to Boston boys and show them what we got, we’ll love you no matter what, it’s been a great season BUT you’re going all the way!! NO FAIR WEATHER FANS IN CLEVELAND!!! GO TRIBE CLEVELAND ROCKS!! Knock their SOX OFF!

  34. windycityg16@yahoo.com

    Yo Garko. Well I was a little disappointed last night because I really wanted you guys to clinch in Cleveland, but I knew sweeping at home was going to have to be an amazing feat against the Red Sox. You guys still came out well with 2 games out of it like you said. I know you guys will knock around Curt Shilling! Get some rest fella’s, it’s going to be a memorable night for the Tribe on Saturday. Wahoo!! GO TRIBE! I cant wait for the game Saturday.

  35. laurie_loves_gators@yahoo.com

    Classless players (Manny, Beckett, Schilling) = classless fans. Need I say more?

    We will be the ones to dash their dreams this time.

    Time to set your clocks, Tribe fans – IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Win it tomorrow, guys – we have great confidence in you. You did it before – now do it again! Just one win to go to the World Series!

  36. vsprl@yahoo.com

    Wow..I see the Red Sox fans are are crass and ignorant as their team is. I’m embarrassed for them, and even more so that Ryan has to read that ****. It makes them look really bad and I think spoils the atmosphere of baseball and post season. I know you can’t buy class like you can a team, but geez, can’t they at least fake it? It’s quite disgraceful.

    And yeah, Cleveland does rock and it’s killing you guys.

  37. sonyanicolee@hotmail.com

    I knew It was going to be tough against Josh Beckett,Ok we lost,like Ryan says we’re still up one,we’ll clinch In boston,would have been great to do It Cleveland but It didn’t work out that way so off we go to Boston to win It! I have complete faith In you guys,you beat the Yankees and now almost Boston,too tough teams,no one said this was going to be easy,but you guys will do.Yall are always In my heart no matter what!Hugs

  38. scandalous_rob_o2@yahoo.com

    It’s pretty bad that the RedSox fans want to say that the Indians suucckk…. Well what about Manny’s 390 foot SINGLE! .. How stupid is that… if he would stop tryin to act like he’s God… he might have had a triple. Ryan you guys are doing great… no team wins every game… good luck this weekend man … GO TRIBE!

  39. hodrowsk@gmail.com

    Hey Ryan

    My name is Holly and I’m writing to you from Ontario Canada. My dad has been following the Tribe since the 60’s and is likely your biggest Canadian fan. Every game we get together, set up our “Jacob’s Field seating” and cheer you guys on like crazy.

    You are all doing great and we are so proud of you as a team. Don’t worry about Boston and their negative fans. You’re bigger than the press and you’re bigger than the opposition. Remember all your fans back in Cleveland and the ones north of the border like us who are with you every step of the way! You guys can do this. WE BELIEVE. IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW….Go get ’em!

  40. mlm4363@sru.edu

    First of all, you are my favorite player. You are so full of energy and always have a smile on your face. I had a special shirt made to show that you are my favorite player, which I proudly wear across campus. I also loved you reading the lineps. Don’t discredit yourself-you are a great looking guy! Now off to the nitty gritty…

    Please tell Fausto these things:

    1. Up, Down, In Out=crucial

    2. Don’t be afraid of Papi and Manny

    3. Hit your spots-watch Byrdie he’s great at this

    4. Trust your stuff-Fausto is nasty

    Most importantly, LIMIT THE BASERUNNERS!!

    Please tell this to the team:

    1. Play little ball, get those bloop singles

    2. Get people on base-you guys are awesome with 2 outs but the more people you have on base, the better chance you have of getting more runs

    3. Don’t over power yourselves. Don’t try and hit the long ball-just relax.

    And for you there Mr. Garko,

    you seem to be really far out of the batters box and when they throw the outside pitches you can’t hit them. Move up and you will improve that sweet swing of yours.

    Also-bring back the high socks and the rally pie!

    One day I hope to meet you so you can sign my Garko shirt. Good Luck Saturday and I hope to be at the Jake cheering you on to the World Series!

  41. msredboot7@wowway.com

    there is only one RETARD commenting in here,

    Hey Papi1, ANYone ever teach you any class? You could never compare to the likes of Our Ryan….. talk smak on yer own website, back in stupidville please…….seriously, and i said Please

    Tribe wins in 6!

    gooooooo TRIBE !!!!

  42. btownheater@yahoo.com

    We all believe in you guys! You can do this in Boston! (What did I say about those Red Sox fans?) Bring back the high socks! Love you! GO TRIBE!!!!!!

  43. ramblergirl21@sbcglobal.net

    tlee….first of all, I admit Beckett pitched well. HOWEVER, What he did was unprofessional. Kenny thougt it was ball four. so he dropped the bat. But Beckett had no right to taunt him. we beat you in boston once we can do it again. Your red sox are not the same team they were in 2004…you can spout off all the stats you want. The difference is that we are still a game up on you. One game dosen’t mean ****!

    Go Tribe!

  44. ramblergirl21@sbcglobal.net

    papi1….remember who is still leading the series??? what do you feel that it is neccessary to post a comment calling our players names? no wonder why boson players and fans are so poor winners and even worse loosers! It will be really nice to hear the silence when we are celebrating on your field like we did in NY.

  45. kristypaulette@hotmail.com

    Sorry about all the rude Red Sox fans. We’re not all like that. The Indians are a great team, and maybe some of the Sox fans are being immature because you are making them nervous?! I love reading your blog, you’re my favorite player on the Indians too. I was a bit misty eyed when you had the day off, and Martinez took your place.

  46. gocubsluv5@aol.com

    Why did Wedge bring in CC to start the 7th?

    Why didn’t he pull him immediately after giving up a hit to start the inning?

    Why why why why did he bring in Mastny instead of Lewis?

    Usually I think he’s an ok manager, but last night it looked like he was trying to made a bad situation worse.

  47. jpaumi48@aol.com

    Hey you can do this!I believe in this team.I think it is funny how the media keeps jumping ship- when the series was 3-1 it was like they were all Indians fans, now it is 3-2 they are like remeber 2004 Red Sox! That bugs me! This is not 2004. It’s 2007 and its TRIBE TIME NOW!!!!

  48. rippinmics2003@yahoo.com

    You’re totally right Ryan, we’re still up in this series.We beat them before at their home and we’ll do it again. Keep your heads up, we are all so proud of you guys.
    Go TRIBE!!!

    Good luck!

    Victor-a tribe fan for life

  49. polecatgn@aol.com

    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to keep this blog going!! It’s awesome to get a look at things from your side!!

    I was born and raised in Ohio, went to school in Florida and now hail from your sunny stomping grounds in SO CAL!!!! This west coast baseball viewing is KILLING me!! I’ve had to watch just about every game in my office (of course in full tribe gear) WHILE working!!!!

    Anyways, all I really wanted to say is that KARMA KILLS!!!

    I mean, you guys have been such a classy club all season long!! The sox fans are putting a “WICKED” (to use a term they’ll understand) lot of negative energy out there with all the sh*t talk on this blog…it’ll come back around to them…I recall a taking a LOT of **** from yankees fans and look what happened to them…Karma kills…softly…

    You guys just keep on taking the high road and do what you gotta do one pitch at a time and it’ll all be yours!!!

    GO TRIBE!!!!

  50. unstable_gal56@yahoo.com


  51. tlee6565@aol.com

    HEy guys.. you know me.. a red sox fan..but i will not write ignorant stuff like some of my fellow fans.. tough game last night..for once..and only once in 5 games–Cleveland did not play flawless ball– Sizemore’s hesitation… Perez’s error…and Beckett did pitch great… Sabathia labored again, but I was very worried when he got out of the bases loaded jam with no runs..and Lowell missed that double by inches… and let’s not get into a ******* match over Lofton/Beckett..they are both fierce competitors and both guilty.. I do have to tell you though..that Manny is truly from another world–he does not do that stuff at the plate to show up the pitcher.. he is a kid at heart and gets excited when he hits 450 foot home runs..unfortunately, he also does not run when he hits balls that are close like last night–but he is hitting like a madman.. .471 against cleveland with an on base percentage of .609–so you can boo him all you want, but because he is unflappable, it does not affect him. He remains one of the best pure hitters ever in baseball–you had him for 7 good years..and his production in Boston has been exactly the same..career batting average of .313 with almost 500 homers. Good luck on saturday night.. it should be a great game

  52. karleeee@gmail.com


    I feel like I could possibly be shot down attempting to write here.

    Since I’m a Twins fan and all *hides*

    But I just wanted to say you guys are kicking some red sox-booty. It makes me smile.

    Last nights loss blew. Obviously. Haha.

    And hey..when you guys aren’t playing the Twins I’ll cheer for you. That sounds like a good deal to me. Right?

    And Mlm..you are right he’s a nice looking guy. And he deserves more credit.

  53. connorgrace@aol.com

    Guys I’m a Red Sox fan and I just wanted to check out the blog to get a taste of what you guys are thinking. First of all, the Sox fans who are taunting you are ridiculous and the best medicine is to ignore them. You guys win this and I’m supporting you in WS. Secound, I have a friend of a friend who went to 2 of the games in Cleveland and at both games he was attacked. My understanding is this kid is not the type to get in fight, so we all have bad fans. Lastly, and Idon’t mean this disresptfully for I have never been on this blog, but you guys just seem to pat your Indians onthe back and but for one critique of letting CC pitch in the 7th, nothing too critical. Go to the Sox blog, those guys are calling for Coco’s, Drews and Francona’s head. I guess it is either a very soft fan base or a very soft blog. I went to college in Ohio and found the people to be super nice. Maybe too nice and very different than Bostonians. We tend to be a little aggressive. Either way, Lofton v. Beck is just in the heat of battle, Lofton is as you know is a hired gun available for sale each July 31st, and I’m sure both those guys haveforgotton about it. I’d wish you good luck on Sat but you know I wouldn’t mean it. It should be a good game.

  54. jerandal@cox.net

    My goodness. Little harsh in here today. We’re sitting here ripping on Manny, Kenny and Beckett for their immaturity, and we’re making ourselves look like idiots too. Thanks to the Indians and Sox fans who showed a some class today. Sheesh!

    Tough loss last night. We knew Beckett would be tough. We are still up 3-2. Keep your heads held high. Go Fausto! Go Tribe! Go Ryan! Nobody is giving up yet!! Not in OUR town!

  55. apadubid@kent.edu

    Wow… the comments on this blog remind me of the messy game last night! There were fights, cops removing players, Manny’s little outburst, the brawl without a brawl, and then there was the game itself.

    BUT come on, boys. Let’s take care of this in Boston!!! You got this Ry!!! GO TRIBE!!! 🙂

    I painted your name on my back last night haha!! http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v130/238/80/23312799/n23312799_34512783_3743.jpg

    But anyway.. IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!!!


  56. sarzier@msn.com

    well, what can be said that hasn’t already? 1 more win and you’re in, easier said then done.
    Tell Pronk to just relax, pressing too much, see the ball hit the ball! I’ve been a Tribe fan for over 40 years since about 8/9 years old. You guys have a lot of heart which is the one aspect not to be overlooked. You guys enjoy your day off have fun with the ones you’re with today and play ball tomorrow night! Refuse to lose! Go Tribe! and Great job Mr. Garko!

  57. hockeymom@centurytel.net

    Joe Torre just finished his press conference. He talked about his post-season games with the Indians. He mentioned Sabathia, Carmona and the BUGS! He said he should have gone to the mound and he should have tried to convince the umps to STOP/delay the game!

    He did give the Indians a huge compliment. That is exactly what he should say. He also said there is an element of luck in winning a 5 game series. Ya, right! It is skill and the decisions made by the front office and the team manager.(maybe a tiny bit of luck)

    Good luck, in Boston! This is a seven game series!

    Oh, yea, LOVED how Manny was thrown out at the plate!! That and his inability to run down to first base on that single to the fence!

  58. brettalltop@yahoo.com

    hey ryan… does grady have a huge ****???? check it out in the locker room for me. its just this theory me and my friend have because h e has everything else going for him.. so i just kind of have to no…. im not *** its just one of those things u gotta no… p.s ure the man and beckett is a racist ****

  59. raycorey@hotmail.com

    I would just like to say I agree with some of the Sox fans entries on here. I’m a Sox fan and I don’t like it when other Sox fans come on here and just talk trash. Clearly Cleveland has an excellent team and this is turning out to be a great series.

  60. robtgbbs@yahoo.com

    in case you were wondering bettalltop….yes yu are ***….wth….going back to boston is scary…anything can happend..there is a life form in every baseball game that is why it is great…hopefully we get the lead early and have a five run lead before we see borowski……INDIAN FEVER DA DA IT STARTS AT THE VERY FIRST INNING..INDIAN FEVER..BE A BELIEVER ON CHANNEL 43…WOOOOOO HOOOOOO

  61. edrich@neo.rr.com

    Hey Ryan,

    You guys are doing great. I am confident that you will do it in bean town over the weekend. I have to admit I would rather it didn’t come down to a game 7 match up simply because of the venue and the home town crowd there in Boston.

    Frankly speaking as a Cleveland fan, winning in our own home town was too easy. That simply never happens. In this case Beckett was pitching lights-out and that is hard to deal with.

    I wish Wedge would have gone to the pen going into the 7th inning. CC was struggling and we all knew it. Going to the pen early in a game like that and it might have kept the game a little closer. Sure it could have still ended 2-1 but at the end of the day. People would be saying “Beckett beat the Tribe” not Boston as a whole. We gave too many guys the chance to feel better at the plate.

    As for the Kenny – Beckett display… Beckett was trying to get under Kenny’s skin. I understand the emotion. What I don’t understand is Manny Cadillac-ing after the HR the other night in our house. In the old days players would have drilled him. When Beckett put one up near Franklins head I really expected CC to plunk someone and it never happened?

    I remember when something similar happened the last time the Tribe was close and Oral Hershier calmly walked up to the catcher on the other team during the show on the field and calmly said – “You know I will have the ball in my hand on the mound in a few minutes. This stops now!”.. and it did.

    I’ve got a good feeling about the next game. Good luck! I’ll be rooting from my family room – wearing my #25 Garko Jersey!

    Go Tribe!!

  62. roll_tribe@hotmail.com

    Orel Hershiser is bad, bad man! That guy was an INTENSE competitor.

    On one hand, I would really love to see that kind of attitude from some of the Tribe players. Personally, I would have plunked Manny when the score got away at 7-1 with 2 outs late in the game. Plus, it was Mastny who would have hit him and suffered the subsequent suspension…fine by me, thanks for the “handicap” MLB brass!

    On the other hand, Wedge and the Indians define themselves by their ability to keep the ship stable and to never make panic-laced decisions, so I kinda dig that they just stayed the course.

    Whatever the case, you can be sure this will have implications extending into next season when the two teams meet during the regular season.

    Schilling tomorrow worries me because of his track record for saving his best performances in the biggest games…but I’m also pretty sure that his arm is more or less stapled onto his body at this point in his career and our bats are incorrigible. Someone said earlier that we did have chances to blow that game open last night and I think that is extremely important to remember, we still put up runs on their best pitching(Beckett and Pap).

    Two last quick things to say: 1)If Schilling pulls off the heroics tomorrow…I am absolutely not intimidated by Dice-K…that’s a big spot for a pitcher who has head issues(sadly like CC too); and 2) Did anyone catch the ridiculous dance Paplebon did after sweeping the Angels? I mean, really man?? That was just strange and alienating, and for the love of God, why did he do it in tight spandex biker shorts…


  63. jovi_girl83@hotmail.com

    I’d like to know for sure if Ryan actually reads all these comments… I wonder if there’s a way…

    GO TRIBE!! 🙂

  64. baileysbud6003@aol.com


    Have every faith in you and our team. Knew going in last night that Beckett is tough. We are still up 3-2 GO GET EM!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy/Cleveland

  65. damageinc157@yahoo.com


    I know you guys have the mental toughness to go in to Fenway and kick some a**!!!

    GO TRIBE!!!!!! We have Faith!!!

  66. sbindians13@cox.net

    I like your view on the entire situation of being up 3-2 going into Fenway. Most people along with the media are looking at it as up 3-1 and just trying to hold them off, which it is, but it’s really 3 series developed into one. We were able to tie the first series in Boston 1-1 and we took the second series in Cleveland 2-1. Now we just need to tie the last series in Boston again. As good as Schilling has been I think you guys are going to get to him again. Carmona knows that if he loses this game there is more pressure going into game 7 but I think there is less pressure than game 2 being down 0-1. Hopefully he’ll be a little more calm and we’ll see the Fausto we saw all year. I’m feeling a big game from you Ryan. A couple homers maybe? I live in Rhode Island now so I’m doing my best to rep you guys in Red Sox Nation, go Indians!.

  67. baurdiales@aol.com


    Rome gave you the Karma, the clones are behind you, and the team. Dont sweat the punka$$ redsox fans. I cant wait to read the excuses that are created after we destroy them in their own park. Its so funny how confident they feel after winning once. Hey Chowder Heads, Josh can’t pitch for you every game!!

  68. clevegirl@gmail.com

    i guess it was only a matter of time before this blog got out of control with haters and foul language. i live in new york, so i’m used to the boo hooing of the yanks fans. but they don’t even come close to some of the red sox fans. i’m so sick of “manny being manny” and “red sox nation” and “the curse.” what about all those titles the celtics won? or the pats? cleveland hasn’t won a title in forever. and we don’t cry.
    so let’s get it done, tribe! and shut up these idiots. the city believes in you.

    ps. tell the bearded wonder that “g-size” was classic.

  69. imreallyshort5@aim.com

    i second the brett kid i always wonderd if grady had a huge **** if u can plaease just tell me if its big im just wondering and i think it is proly big huge tan and gernatiouse bc hes black half black that is.

  70. yaee_its_lauren29@yahoo.com

    CI: Good luck tomorrow!Remember to be yourself,play your game, the rest will shine though. Go CI.

  71. malteseqt@oh.rr.com


    Hey, I’m pulling for all of you guys tomorrow night! I know you can do it! You’ve come this far, don’t give up!!!! All of you are the best! I had to laugh at your comment about when you guys empty the benches and run out on the field and have to act like you’re mad! That was classic! It’s obvious that only a couple of people actually know what is really going on and that no one is really prepared to fight. If you were, you’d bring the bats out with you, and maybe C.C.’s glove! LOL!

    Anyway, you go out and win that game for us tomorrow night! We are counting on you!

    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. karen.leach@sbcglobal.net

    I just wanted to wish the Indians the best of luck in Game 6. It will be a challenge, but I trust we’ve got the stuff to do it.

    And for those who post comments on here that refer to private parts and other off-color comments, please get off. This is no place for you to trash or disrespect anyone. Go to another message board on your own website and do that if you must. I have been an Indians fan for a long time and I have never seen comments this ridiculous, either from a red sox fan or one of our fans. And whoever made that comment about Grady has some real issues and is very insensitive to the fact that someone of color may be reading these comments.

    It’s too bad there is no mediator or someone who can say what should be posted on here and what should not, but I feel strongly that there should be someone to monitor what gets posted on this blog.

    But our Tribe is in it to win it and that’s all that matters! Go Ryan! Good Luck! And see you in the World Series.

    k 🙂

  73. gems4deb@wildmail.com

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the great blog! Was sad to see the loss last night, but that is in the past and tomorrow we will be celebrating a victory with all of you! Tell all the guys to stay confident, relaxed and just go out and do it! Just do it!! We love you guys – GO TRIBE!!

  74. mhcat606@yahoo.com

    i honestly love reading these blogs…i feel like i know you and the team that much more now! go out tonight in Fenway and show everyone there why you deserve to be here…we back home in cleveland already know and you proved it to us, but obviously they havent gotten the memo yet. as much as i would have loved seeing you clinch the ALCS at home, i think it would be funner to see you celebrating infront of all of the SILENT Boston fans (the one’s who thought you couldnt win)and then you can come home and party with all of us!!!!! tell Fausto good luck tonight and to just stay calm and pitch the way he has all season. we got this far for a reason and not by accident…lets show Boston what were made of!!! Love you guys!!

  75. cat@optician.com

    Hey Ryan!

    It’s a beautiful morning! Today’s the day! You guys deserve this more than any team I can think of in the 30+ years I’ve been a Tribe fan. I love not knowing who’s going to be the hero, but knowing that one of you will. A full lineup of potenial like you all have makes for exciting baseball and it’s even better that it’s my team! You never give up. I love that! I can’t wait til tonight…at least it’s on at 5:20 her in Cali, I don’t think I could wait that extra 3 hours with the time difference. To paraphrase my all time favorite movie quote…”The Indians win it! The Indian win it! Oh my God, the Indians win it!” Have a great game tonight, and make sure that Wedge doesn’t shave,ok.

  76. drna2@yahoo.com


    Papelbon said that the Tribe has “awakened a sleeping giant” and that there will “be consequences”…Please get the team together asap and come back to Cleveland–you can’t possibly win. How about that weak smack coming from a punk who’s put more guys on base than Borowski? Can’t wait to see all the sorry chowderheads empty out of their minor league-style ballpark tonight after their elimination. Even better, you could wait until tomorrow to do it.

  77. katelynnnnnnn3@aol.com

    hey ry.
    I get so frustrated reading all the comments on here by sox fans. Majority of them are about how horrible Cleveland is, and how un-classy the tribe is…

    Because you know ry, leaving unnecessary comments about another team’s city on a players blog who has done nothing but shown respect to their team is COMPLETELY classy … right

    haha =]

    but anyways on a baseball aspect, Josh Beckett is an amazing pitcher,and as for C.C he was not the normal C.C we all know but i really think he kept the team in it, and i truly didn’t think he did bad.

    all the jams he got into, he,with the defense’s help, got out of them.

    Then in the 7th he gave up that double but i think he had to be tired he was already over and 105 pitch count.

    but tonightt!!!

    Lets do it in Fenway.!!

    Our offense was pretty strong against shilling. so hopefully we can do it again and get the trophy and advance to the world series =]!

    (every clevelanders dream)

    ahhhh. I’m nervous but i know you guys can do it.

    so good luck tonighttt

    Garko-mania :]

    P.S my favorite part of the Klo-jb conflict was when we all started the Kenny chant in the stands. hah and when the bullpen ran out, i was pretty pumped after that =]

    letss go indians! =]

    – Katelyn!

  78. lysaasyl@aol.com


    Do you know why it takes so much longer to get from 2nd to 3rd than from 1st to 2nd?.

    Because there?s a short stop!!!

    (this joke applies to all base runners with the only exception being Ortiz because, he?ll just tag himself out!)



  79. zeroechoes@yahoo.com

    our cy young candidates are ****! they cant throw strikes! they get behind and give up runs on meatball pitcher WESTBROOK SHOULDA PITCHED TONIGHT! i would consider carmona lucky to be in the rest of the game after tha tjoke of an inning!

  80. robtgbbs@yahoo.com

    yeah, well did you see caromnas neck…his heart was coming out of it…he was real nervous…..and obviously sabathia is nervous….still have faith..maybe not this game but…**** i dont know….hopefully it will work out…funny thing is….we dont know what kind of stuff he had…the hits that set up the grand slam were hit in the right place…and he never threw it over the plate again….nerves…against the yankees he was at home…..we can still do it

    go tribe

  81. webmaster@xonairmgp.com

    im starting to question the pitching…..the red sox batter your pitchers.. was your pitching that good or were the yankees just not hitting?

  82. nlynch7137@yahoo.com

    Thanks for getting the Sox fired up for tonights game. The last thing that you needed to do was give the Sox more of a reason to win at home when facing elimination. Maybe you need to concentrate more on throwing the ball accurately than writing trash talk to the opposing team.

  83. npc_pronk29@sbcglobal.net

    Ryan don’t listen to any of these red sox fans. You didn’t say anything wrong, they love to twist words.

    Just stay focused and bring it home in game 7. Cleveland believes in their team.

  84. rb695@yahoo.com

    once again, The Indians, just like the Browns and Cavaliers, should change their name to The Cleveland Chokers. You can’t get to the World Series, making Little League mistakes.

  85. nlynch7137@yahoo.com

    Way to make the final out Ryan, see you on Sunday. Better have your bags packed to head back to Cleveland.

  86. katelynnnnnnn3@aol.com

    “Maybe you need to concentrate more on throwing the ball accurately than writing trash talk to the opposing team”

    maybe you need to actually get the story straight before you come on here and write on garko’s blog.

    because you have NO idea what your talking about

    garko never said any of the stuff that they posted on their locker room door.

    he basically said that itd be sweet to win in boston still.

    Putting words in his mouth is lame.

    and stop dissing him, it was an error you need to chill.

    and stop comming on here and making crude remarks if your a socks fan its annoying and obnoxious.

    Game seven.

    lets doo it tribee!

  87. gradyslady24@hotmail.com

    seriously Boston fans, get a life. this is a blog for CLEVELAND fans so don’t come on here and bash our team. this team is full of raw talent, and so we’ve had a couple of off days. this series isn’t over until that last out is made and until then there is still hope.

    put this behind you guys, you have one more day, focus on that. you may not be at home, but just remember all the people in Cleveland who are rooting for you, don’t lose faith, because we sure haven’t.

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW NIGHT…i know you boys can do this! Keep your heads up, work as the ridiculously AMAZING team that we all know you are!!!

    GO TRIBE ❤ ❤ ❤

  88. ranaway@adelphia.net

    SHould be a great game 7 tonite .Just a one game situation in baseball will probably be determined by little breaks one way or the other. Things have kind of gone the tribes way this year. I think that will continue Sunday night . Not sure how but the indians will find a way to win, because well… its just our year !!!

  89. gizzygurl15@yahoo.com

    As a Re Sox fan, I want to congragulate you guys for a good series. You played good and really made us work to win. I want to wish you luck next season. Maybe your turn will be next year.

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