Game 2 was a huge win heading to New York

Celebration_blog_1Tonight the whole game felt like the first two or three innings in Game 1. We went 11 innings where you could just feel the tension in the stadium. We kept getting guys on base and kept getting guys on base but just couldn?t get the big hit. That had a lot to do with the way Andy Pettitte was pitching. He really clutched up for them.

You really want to win these kinds of games, because there?s so much emotion. Because when you go into extra innings and start using all your pitchers, it?s tough. It would have been a tough flight going to New York losing a game like that after all the opportunities we had.

The win is big, because, if we lose this game, it would have taken away all the momentum we had from Game 1. And we would have had to go into Yankee Stadium  needing to win a game, or else our season would be over. To win is just nice. The Yankees are a team of All-Stars, and it?s Yankee Stadium in October, so it?s going to be tough to go there. But we?re not going to relax. Eric?s not going to let us relax. We have to play this next game just like it?s an elimination game,
because it?s the playoffs and we?ve got to get after it. But obviously, the pressure?s not going to be what it could have been.

It?s not like we go to New York and relax and see what happens. We need to keep focused. By no stretch can we relax one bit, just because we?re up 2-0. It?s about winning three games, nFlycartoonot two.

The bugs caused a lot of drama tonight. But Fausto didn?t flinch. He didn?t blink. That says a lot about him. You?ve got to give him credit. There was some adversity thrown at him. That might have been my favorite part of the game. He didn?t step off the mound once, and the other guys on the Yankees were acting like there were bullets flying around their heads, not gnats. I mean? this is the big leagues.

Garko_blog_3 My grandparents [Frank and Vera Rimolt] were in town from Pittsburgh for these two games.
They?re loving this. That Yankee mystique hangs over everybody. You throw out the records, and it?s still a David versus Goliath kind of thing. My grandparents were sitting at dinner Thursday night and just kept saying, ?I can?t believe you guys beat the Yankees.? They remember all those great players on the Yankees. All of us do.

We knew coming in that C.C. and Fausto were two aces. They?re pitching like it. Hopefully Jake and Byrdie can carry this on.



    That was a game for the ages, and the Tribe won! What a team! Keep grinding!

    One more win, and gnats all there is!


    This was an amazing game Ryan, I am so glad we won! Just keep playing like you guys are and we’ll be good, let’s go for the sweep.***** Yankees! How about Fausto? Absolutely awesome! And Grady running to first on strike 3!

  3. Sid

    The Indians go up 2-0 on the Yankees in the ALDS, and tomorrow the only things you’ll read about are A) the bugs, and B) A-Rod going 0-for. I don’t think that’s fair to you guys.

    Carmona and Sabathia have looked like Koufax and Drysdale out there the last two games. Kenny Lofton has shown you guys the way.

    The story is in Cleveland, not New York.

    -Sid McHenry


    Ryan – you are exactly right – the Indians handled the adversity of “the bugs” way better than the seasoned Yankees. Fausto looked unfazed; when Chamberlain was flinching and stepping off the mound – Grady didn’t even blink. We showed great focus. Let’s get ’em on Sunday!!!


    Congrats on another amazing game!! I missed the first few innings due to a school function, but I had a friend text me and keep me posted. I was on the edge of my seat the rest of the game.
    Jacob’s Field magic is still here in Cleveland, now take that with you to New York and it will be bye-bye Yankees!

    Keep it up!!!

    And tell Fausto, he did an B-E-A-UTIFUL job tonight!!

    Good luck on Sunday!!!!!!

    ❤ your #1 fan,



    I was at the game and i couldt help but to just laugh at the way jeter was acting! When the bugs were around he looked like a little crybaby “pretty-boy” with the way he was swinging his arms around. You guys did great these 2 games and i cant wait to see you all in the ALCS!


    I was at the game tonight sporting my Garko t-shirt and if there are two things I know for sure: 1) I will not have a voice tomorrow and 2) I will see you boys in the ALCS!!!

    So happy your grandparents could make it to a game. My grandma died a month ago and she lived for the Cleveland Indians. My whole family was at the game tonight, in a suite, in memory of her. We know she was there too….as your angel in the outfield!!

    Safe trip to NY and I have no doubt that you will return to C-town as the ALDS Champions!

    Good luck!




    Thank-you for doing this blog. As the lone Indian fan in a bar in Rochester of 50 people, nothing felt better than Hafner delivering that hit. All game long they Yankee fans kept thinking Carmona would wilt. Keep it going guys. I will be there for game 2 of the next series. War Tribe! Oh and thank goodness for the off day, I have no voice left.


    Of course Jake and Byrd can carry it on! You guys are ALL amazing! I love watching you, have been watching you all season, and I am LOVING watching you now. Had me a sitting on the edge of my seat tonight, but I loved every second of the game. Even the gnats. I no longer hate gnats… :o) You guys all just dealt with them, but those yanks were cranky and upset. MAN UP! Way to go Garko- you’re my favorite! Go to NY, and keep doing what you’re doing.


    Tonight was awesome! Hope that the pitch that hit your elbow didn’t hurt to bad.

    Fausto’s pitching was stellar.

    The bugs were awesome because they really distracted the Yankees. It was great to see Jeter swatting at the bugs like a priss!

    Bring it home to us on Sunday!!! Cleveland needs this, it’s so awesome to see the fans so pumped up again.

  11. Jaq

    I’m such an Indians fan right now. Wanna know why?

    You may hate my Braves. And I don’t blame you. No one beats my team in the World Series and stays on my good side (Apologies to Twins, Blue Jays, and Yankees fans).

    But I want you to know I was rootin’ hard for the Tribe tonight. Because…

    A) An Indian is kinda like a Brave…same team colors…same Native American send up. And since I cannot Tomahawk Chop in October I guess I’ll…do whatever you do in Cleveland along with you to rally the boys on.

    B) Anyone who gets the first two against the Evil Empire gets my vote. The sooner the Yanks are out the better it is for all of us.

    C) The Indians are the team to beat in the AL in my opinion. Boston and LA, either one would be tough second rounders but I think the Wahoo’s are up for it!

    D)It’s about time to see that trophy make it’s way to the Cuyahoga. The first two appearances were good series’ for y’all. (Although I’m glad my Braves won the first one, I pulled for the Tribe against the Fish). The Indians are due and after making a big push and coming up short last season, these guys played well all year behind Sizemore, Hafner, Sabbathia, and even Karmona.

    Anyways, I’m pulling for ya to win it all! Great extra’s win tonight. I watched from the 7th inning on and loved seeing Hafner get that bases loaded single. You got an honorary Indians fan in Atlanta!

    JB in ATL


    Ryan, way to go man, Cleveland fan all my life and I haven’t even been able to breathe since the first pitch of game 1, can’t imagine what its like for you guys out there.

    Tell Grady to keep playing linebacker out there and taking dudes out left and right.


    Watching the ESPN highlights right now, and it really ***** that all they could talk about were the bugs and A-rod. The only mention Fausto got was that he “pitched pretty well tonight also.” How about he pitched a FANTASTIC game!!


    These are the games that kept us up late at night in the days leading to the playoffs. The thought that everything would be close; every pitch, every swing of the bat would be a deciding moment. You guys really came through tonight and you did it in classic style. Tonight’s game was October baseball at its purest form and for you guys to come out on top is so special. I can’t wait for you guys to come out here to New York. It is hard being a minority in a city full of Yankee fans, but you guys have made it a lot easier for me to wear my Tribe colors proudly. See you Sunday and good luck guys. This is a good year to be a Cleveland fan!


    What a good time watching the game. Wish I could have been there to experience the atmosphere. Watching the game on TBS was like watching it from a New York sports network. They are so biased toward New York on that network it disgusted me. It’s 1am here and I still cant sleep. Keep it going guys. Don’t let the New York atmosphere phase you. You can smoke those clowns.


    What a great game Ryan! God bless the bugs! It was so funny to see The reaction from the Yankees, I watched the game with my mother and we really laughed at the way they were acting(especially Jeter). Indians of course kept their cool. Great pitching tonight From Carmona and Petit. YOU Are due in Game 3…I have always loved my Kenny…Lofton is still the man! Keep it up Kenny…Sunday is all TRIBE! Take The energy of these wins with you and win one more!


    Its sad that with the glorious, timeless game of baseball as a backdrop, a game built on grit patience and love, the yankees, a mix of young and old to whom baseball is life, and who don’t break any rules, should be subject to such relentless scorn and hatred. How could any fan of any team that was aboard tonight’s tension/elation roller coaster, waste energy on hate.


    “I mean? this is the big leagues.”

    Exactly. The Yankees looked like little girls reacting to those gnats.

    Good Luck in New York. The atmosphere will be rough, but I don’t see that stopping you guys from getting a win on Sunday. I’m so glad my favorite player is blogging during the playoffs 🙂



    Great game tonight! I’m surprised the Yankees didn’t have their hair and make-up people come out there for touch ups. They were such divas(-;


    I was delighted when Mr. Garko was drafted, and I knew he’d be a good one. But, I’ve been talking about the coming of the Fausto Era for a long time, and it has arrived. There could’ve been crocodiles attacking him on the mound, and he still would’ve had the Yankees’ number.

    Do it up right on Sunday, Ryan!


    Those gnats off of the lake are pretty common around Lake Erie. I think the Tribe was just more prepared for them than New York was. That was a big advantage. It really helps the team out that Mother Nature is rooting for them. Can’t blame her, really.
    And JR Calabrese, contrary to what ESPN says, most of the nation outside of New England doesn’t care two (insert expletive) about the Yankees and actually, dislikes them tremendously. Don’t be surprised when Indians fans respond to a blog written by someone from the tribe with anti-Yankee sentiment. You might want to start reading Derek Jeter’s blog.


    Hey, when you guys get to NY, start twitching your noses and then have the coaches spray you with room deoderant!

    You guys are great! I was 5 in 1948, a broken hearted 11 in ’54 – overjoyed with what the Tribe did in the 90’s – but now it is time guys. I still have my sweat shirt from Municipal Stdm. but it is in rags, I swore I would keep it until the Indians were World Champions. Need a new one that says Cleveland Indians 2007 World Champions!


    Great blog, Ryan! I grew up in Cleveland and worked at the Jake in 95 & 97. Now I live in NYC. It’s nice to feel that kind of electricity again, especially all the way out here! Yankees fans are going nuts, blaming the gnats for the loss. The bugs weren’t only on Joba. It’s just hard to admit that their man-God is human after all. Keep up the good work, guys. See you in the big city!
    Go Tribe!


    Ryan: what a game. This is what you guys have been doing all year – finding ways to win. Never giving up. Picking each other up when someone might not be at their best. It’s so fun to watch, I can barely put it into words.

    There were two plays tonight that almost work as metaphors for the approach you guys take to each game:

    1. Grady coming home on the wild-pitch, running with reckless abandon and beating the tag by a microsecond.

    2. Fausto, completely unphased by the swarm of bugs buzzing around his face & head, finalizes a 9-inning, 3-hit gem of a game by striking out A-Rod, with 2 out & the go-ahead run at 2nd, on a 3-2 pitch.

    I watched both of those replays like 15 times – like I said, they really represent what this team is all about.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing, one game at a time, and there’s nothing stopping you guys from reaching your goal. Most importantly, thank you *all* for such a memorable season (even if it ended today).



    Awesome game Ryan. Now just go to Yankee Stadium like a big can of Raid and eliminate the biggest bugs of all.


    ‘Bug Out Yankees’ – that was a classic at the Jake. We were rolling in the stands when that was shown. Great plays at first Ryan – stay focus – one more and the Evil Empire has been slained by the Tribe and the Bugs. I think the gnats were looking for George Steinbrenner. What do you think? Go Tribe !!!!! Don’t let the doughnut man Clemens intimidate you. He will try with some high cheese and beaners – don’t get out of game. Stay Focus !!!!!


    Ryan I watched you for a few years in Buffalo and the first thing I said when you made it this year was that I had to go to Cleveland and get my Garko t-shirt… I was at a hockey game last night where many of us crowded into a little bar with the only TV that had the game on. Among many Yankee fans I proudly cheered for the Indians and when someone asked me if I was wearing a Sizemore shirt I just looked at him and said nope not Sizemore… GARKO. Congrats!


    The pressure is on the Yankees now more than ever. In game 1 the Indians outslugged the Yankees. In game 2 they limited the Yanks to 3 hits. The icing on the cake will be to finish them off in NY! Game 2 was a close game. Once again look how the whole team contributed. The pitching was amazing, Carmona and “Raffie Left.” Grady reaching first on the strikeout and his diving catch and beating the tag at home just barely. THE BUNTS! Guttierez’s clutch hit with 2 strikes on him. And Travis Hafner’s game-winning hit! And Kenny Lofton batting 714 with 4 RBIs for the 2 games. I can’t wait to watch Sunday’s game. Go Tribe!


    WAY TO GO RYN-O! Ryan, the upper deck was shaking last night. My wife and I have been to both ALDS games and we brought our friends last night and everyone is just spent. Ryan we gave everything we had the last 2 nights. We left it all at the park for you guys. I think I speak for all the Tribe nation when we say we are so proud of you guys. My gosh Ryan I have been to a lot of games this year but nothing has ever had the energy of the past 2 nights. As a matter of fact as you were hitting your HR in the 8th of Game 1, I was in pronkville buying your tshirt at the souvenir stand. That’s not irony, that’s JUNGLE KARMA. Hey Ryan, STAY CLOSE TO THAT LOFTON GUY. HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT!

    And what can you say about Fausto? Nothing because WE’VE KNOWN about him all season. I think that was the best pitching I have ever seen since I’ve been going to baseball games. WOW! Consider the stage and the magnitude of this game. JUST AWESOME!

    Ryan go get em in the Bronx. Stay focused, stay hungry and play smart.


    And just let the guys know, the whole LeBron thing- He means nothing to us anymore. There are some things you don’t do in this city, #1 Root for the Steelers and #2 You don’t EVER wear pinstripes.

    GOT EM RYAN! It’s Tribe Time!


    You guys have had that “it” factor all season long. I was 15 rows behind home plate at one of the best games I’ve ever seen. 2 front line starters, a great defense that features 3 center fielders, 4 shutdown relievers, 2 aces, and a lineup that can beat any pitcher 1 thru 9. 9 more wins and the city of Cleveland has a team of heroes…THANK YOU!


    These games have been so exciting to see, it makes me so happy every day to hear what’s going on with the Indians! The team is so great, and I wish them all the best of luck in New York! GO TRIBE!!!


    “…other guys on the Yankees were acting like there were bullets flying around their heads, not gnats. I mean? this is the big leagues.”
    This is quite possibly the best quote ever!


    The last 2 games have been so exciting to watch and the fact that the Yankees dominated us all season long and now you guys are showing them how tough you really are and what you are all about is fantastic!!! Nice work


    Hello from Norway. These two games have been so exciting that i can hardly watch. We have a 6 hour time differents so we sit up all night to weatch the game. But it is worth it big time, you guys are awesome. Keep getting all the hits in NY, and we will be watching…GO TRIBE..


    Simply Amazing Baseball!! First we shellac them with homers in Game 1 then we hold them to a three hitter in Game 2. Carmona was amazing, and deserves all the press that the bugs seem to be getting! Go TRIBE!!


    A nicely worded blog and some nice things you say about Pettitte. BUT. That line about bugs and this being the Big Leagues? Okay, let’s look at big league playing for a moment. You, my friend, ought be ashamed. Let me walk you through it. Two outs, bottom nine, men on first and third, two strikes, Mo’s on the mound….ring any bells? Do I have to say it? Okay I will if no one else will, let’s talk about leaning into a pitch. Total bush league. Man up, Garko. Swing away. This is the major league, not Babe Ruth.


    “A nicely worded blog and some nice things you say about Pettitte. BUT. That line about bugs and this being the Big Leagues? Okay, let’s look at big league playing for a moment. You, my friend, ought be ashamed. Let me walk you through it. Two outs, bottom nine, men on first and third, two strikes, Mo’s on the mound….ring any bells? Do I have to say it? Okay I will if no one else will, let’s talk about leaning into a pitch. Total bush league. Man up, Garko. Swing away.”

    I completely agree. Fausto pitched a great game but Pettite was just as good. Obviously the bugs were affecting the Yankees more, Joba in particular, but that’s no reason reason to insult all the Yankee players. I really can’t believe some of the things you Indians fans said. Calling Derek Jeter a priss and a pretty boy is just unneccessary. Have a little respect for a great player. And don’t go acting like poor little Ryan didn’t lean into that pitch. And people think Yankee fans are the only bad fans. And that “this is the big leagues” line was pretty ridiculous. You guys hung in there and beat us, but you weren’t exactly the 1998 Yankees out there and it’s not over yet. Have fun in New York. Trust me, I was at Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. When Yankee fans get mad, it’s not pretty.


    Garko definitely didn’t get out of the way of that pitch, but that’s the risk you run when you pitch inside. Do Yankee fans remember during the play-offs against the Red Sox when A-Rod almost took off the hand of the first baseman when he tried to knock the ball out of his glove? Now that was bush league. Leaning into a pitch is part of the game. Its called taking one for the team. The frustrating thing for the Yankees fan is where he took one for the team, on his elbow pad (which is legal, by the way).
    Tough break, Yankees fans. Its time that you start to feel what pain and suffering truly are. The Empire is crumbling. The wretched are about to be seated next to god. Tribe in ’07!


    Cleveland played a good game, but to dismiss the bugs as being something that could merely be ignored is a lame swipe at the Yankees. Quite frankly, the game should have been played under protest from the moment it was clear the bugs were effecting the game worse than any downpour could have. And the Yankees took the brunt of the swarm. Chamberlin had about 30-50 bugs on his neck alone, and there was a cloud of them across the field. Why this game wasn’t stopped until conditons cleared is beyond me. B.S. win.



    Who cares about some bugs? Like Ryan said, Fausto was out there with the same bugs, same conditions…he didn’t complain. He just did what he had done all night, which was spank the Yanks!!!


    This post is laughable. Indians did not deserve to win this game at all. The game should have been suspended during that inning. Joba has not thrown a passed ball all year and throws 2 in that inning. And Fausto was like raised in the jungle so fu_king obviously it didnt bug him at all. Garko you’re garbage. Lean into a clemens pitch tomorrow I dare you.


    Yeah and the big leagues thing. Gimme a break you dont even deserve to be in the big leagues kid. Yankees utility infielders are better than you


    Ryan thanks for doing this blog! I am from Cleveland but live in Chicago now and have been patiently waiting for the playoffs and knew you the Tribe would do great things this season. These past 2 games have been unbelievable. I keep telling myself….oh my gosh we have Kenny Lofton on our team again and he’s doing awesome, the Indians are up 2-0 on the Yankees, Derek Jeter must have put way too much of his crappy cologne on and brought these bugs upon him, and JOBA should change his name to JoeBoo (ala Major League style). Congrats on the HR in game one! Keep ’em coming. GO TRIBE!!!!!!!


    If you actually think the yankees are not going to come back win 2 in a row at home with our fans laughing at your crappy team your kidding me.

    Then we will come back with andy in game 5 and put the indians to rest .

    The you can all go home and cheer for the redsox to beat the yankees in your living room or trailers like you do every year.

    Only this year it will hurt a lot more because you were teased with a little taste of october .

    You shoud thank god for your flying ants because that was the fault of the wild pitch and if you were to lose the game you would carry on how your ***** team got screwed up by the ants.

    There are no flying ants in NY

    just flying bottles , and I hope one hits RYAN GARKO off his eyeball .

    His eyes dont work anyway from what he seen and i seen .

    I hope everybody in Cleveland gets to read what Im writing here, but im sure some ***** cleveland lover will erase my thoughts.

    Keep think of the past yankees history , we have climbed out of this situation many times in the past , its just 3 very simple wins away , so get out your tissues

    your going to need them.

    Keep thinking cleveland fans of the bright side theres always next year.

    Think about this little reminder all through the next 3 games ( our team is going to lose game 3 right in front of us ).

    Keep saying it over and over again because thats the ending .

    From your NY buddy

    Mondo number one Yankee fan !


    the only reason you won is because of the tied the game in the 8th without getting a base hit, cant hit Chamberlain


    EVWEISS what a sore loser…. 200 million reasons why Ryan Garko is better then SHELLY FREAKING DUNCAN. I think Kenny Lofton has more hits AND RBI’s this series then the entire Yankees roster. I can’t wait until Sunday night when the Tribe sweeps the Yanks, Joe Torre is fired and A-ROD opts out of his contract and leaves NY. I love that AROD still gets paid all that moola in the end and the Yankees fans are left with another bloated payroll to talk about next season and a talentless farm system.


    Your right, they had bugs. NY has roaches, rats, drunks and bums…….Uh ohhh suspend the game, I see a swarm of pan handlers coming…..


    Mr Garko, your comments were totally uncalled for, may you get beaned in the head with a fastball


    “…other guys on the Yankees were acting like there were bullets flying around their heads, not gnats. I mean? this is the big leagues.”
    I Really hope that comment gets to the Yankees and that it’s posted in the Yankees Locker Room, that might be the added motivation they need to get out their hitting rut. Garko you should have waited till you won the series to make a comment like that.

    Also Fausto had already pitched 7 innings he was in a zone where nothing was going to distract him, Joba had pitched 2/3 of an inning and was nowhere close to in the zone like Fausto was.

    Lets GO YANKEES!!!! Lets just win game 3!!


    Mondo1 shouldn’t you be out selling hot dogs or fake purses on Broadway? Do you have to wait until your wife finishes shaving her beard?


    Indians were totally lucky to win last night…If you, as an Indian fan, can not see that, theres something wrong.


    Actually, Indians have outplayed Y, mainly from a pitching point of view. Wang, in game one, was pitching batting practice so any team would have hit him that day. I would like to see yanks win game 3 if nothing more that to come back on this blog and check out the change in attitude. As a Y fan, I see the diffence in our team from the late 90’s till now. Cleveland fans should enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. If it goes the distance, good for you. If not, you will be talking like every other team that loses a series…what could have and should have happened.


    Sure they might have had some things go their way. I think the Yankees had some help from Jeffrey Maier a few years ago too…. It’s part of the game. There were still 3 full innings left for the Yankees to come back and beat the Tribe though. The Tribe kept blowing opportunity after opportunity but finally had a hit go their way. The Yanks just cant get any of their big, highly touted MLB leading offense to do anything. So Yankees and baseball fans cannot blame 25 minutes of bugs on the Indians striking ‘luck’ to tie the game. NY surely cant say Thursday was luck….that was awesome talent for 12 runs off Wang and the BP.


    Hey Garko buddy…yes your team won a very close game but show some respect towards the Yankees. In your blog you seem like the Yankee are a bunch of unprofessionals when you say:

    “He didn?t step off the mound once, and the other guys on the Yankees were acting like there were bullets flying around their heads, not gnats. I mean? this is the big leagues.”

    I guess your Indian ball club sets the standard for baseball professionalism.


    golglovem you are truly an idiot. Probably one of the thousand geriatric retarded cleveland fans the cameraman panned over last night. the yankees clawed back from 15 games back in the AL east to win the wild card beating the indians and jungleboy fausto 6 times. wang threw a bad game on thursday. fausto pitched a good game in jungle like conditions last night. the series should be 1-1 heading back to the bronx but i guess when you’re a bunch of no name scrubs like the indians you’ll take a win however u can get it.


    People, people! Come on, now! All this jibber-jabber is meaningless. The Indian fans are drunk with power at the moment and cannot see the forest through the trees–pure and simple, Friday WAS a lucky win for them–the ONLY Indian player who has been consistent at bat is Kenny Lofton–the rest were 0 for EVERYTHING with RISP.

    As for Yankee fans…let’s not start sounding like Mets fans, okay? Sunday is going to be a win for us no matter what. All that offensive malaise will be shaken off in the Bronx and the thunder will roll!!!

    But let’s try and maintain a little perspective. The bottom line is this: The Thunder BETTER roll tomorrow or we will be no better than Mets fans. C’mon A-Rod wake up! Same goes for every other hitter in the line-up.

    Not to take anything away from the pitching of Sabathia and Carmona, but we housed them fellas all season long. So when the lumber does wake up, Tribesmen, run for cover! Go Yanks!


    oh yeah and I know I said this before, but I can’t let y’all forget it—

    Garko leaned in on the pitch like a girl scout looking for a cookie sale on a fat farm. Takin’ the easy way out. Part of baseball? Yeah, the lame part.

    And I love how whenever anyone calls b.s. on someone’s bush league manuever, the ol’ “A-Rod slappin’ the glove” move is dusted off and thrown back at us. THAT was a bush league play, we can all admit it, but it was 3 YEARS AGO! We have moved on. Just admit that Garko punked out when the chips were down. Remember that for the rest of the week….


    Wow, the crybaby Yankee fans are showing up on the Garko blog. What fun!

    Let’s face facts- the Yankee brain-trust sprayed OFF on Joba, and that just attracted more gnats. That stuff is for mosquitoes! The Tribe knew better, and thus, the best team won. Like Shapiro said, it takes every guy in the organization doing their job, and the Tribe, to a man, is doing theirs. Get OFF it, Yankee fans.

    Ryan Garko is a class act, and a fine ballplayer, and he’s playing with a lot of heart. I hope he plays his whole career in Cleveland.

    GO, TRIBE!


    “Acting like there were bullets on the field” In reference to the Yankees and the bugs. Be cocky all you want Mr. Garko. Prepare to eat crow Monday night when going back to Cleveland tied 2-2.

    Typical cocky remarks. You’re a disgrace


    Where did those bugs come from? It was a disgraceful sight for Cleveland and America? Did you watch a replay of it on t.v.? It looked ghastly. Really, get your hands on some banned DDT or something(being in the MLB,you should have no problem doing that) before the next playoff series at Jacobs Field. Baseball has enough of an image problem!


    Last night’s game was one of the most intense things I have ever experienced in my life. It was amazing to be at both the games (I am really lucky to have gotten to go) and see the fans giving you guys the support you deserve. This has been a great season. Thank you.

    I’m psyched that you have a blog. You’re my favorite.


    Nice game!!! I watched as much of it at home as I could before going to a high school football game w/my daughter. Then it was on the radio. At the game it was people with radios and cell phones texting and talking. My wife was going nuts! She couldn’t stand the pressure. In the end I was able to listen to Hafner’s base hit to win the game. Keep up the good work and remember to stay relaxed, it seems to help.


    The bugs came from Lake Erie and usually stay dormant at this time of year. The increased temperatures caused them to hatch early. So, if you are wondering where the bugs came from, they are most likely bourne because of global warming. Now, which of the two cities produces more greenhouse gases? The Cleveland area has a collective population of 3 million people. The population of the New York area is 18 million people. All things being equal, the people of New York produce roughly 6 times as many greenhouse gases as the people of Cleveland. Therefore, New York, ironically enough, had more of a role to play in those bugs hatching early than anything to do with Cleveland.
    Oh and the Yankees are also old and not as good as their fans think.


    Awesome game! I am from Taiwan, and Tribe has a lot of fans in Taiwan! (though not as many as Yankees=.=) It’s Tribe Time Now, Sweep Yankees! Fight On! Indians!
    Wish you have great outing in New York!


    Wow…the Nats kicked the Mets out of the playoffs and our gnats took care of the Yanks. Must be a sign from above. God must really be displeased with how Steinbrenner is running the Yankees. I think the Yanks need an attitude adjustment. Their gluttonous payroll does not entitle them to squat. Baseball is and always will be a team sport. The TRIBE has played all year with this as their focus. Look where they are. Tell CC to sign the deal. Stay here where real fans of the game will support him. There aren’t any better true die-hard fans than in Northeast Ohio. If you question that, just ask Lebron.


    Ryan Garko??? Criticizing the Yankees?? Ryan Garko. The least you, your team, and your city can do is win with a hint of CLASS. That is something the Yankees have done since before you were born. I really think you should be ashamed of yourself. Your team has played fanstastic baseball…don’t diminish it by adding insult to injury. Keep your mouth shut and play baseball. Notice that not one player of the Yankees TEAM has used the bugs as an excuse. It’s all the NY media that the team and the fans can’t control. The Indians are going to come back down to earth this weekend in the Bronx. You have gotten awful full of yourself for not having won the series yet. And remember… you are Ryan Garko. Leave the big talk to the big boys and have some class.


    These Yankee fans are cracking me up…..Garko you said all the right things. They were being a bunch of losers who make way too much money anyways. Leave it to Yankee fans to complain and use any excuses in the book. Maybe they should blame A-Rod who is 0 for October. Keep it up Garko and don’t listen to these cocky Yankee fans!! All they want to do is make excuse after excuse because their team is down to a team that has a $60 million payroll!! You will go out and rock Clemens who shouldn’t be in NY anways!! They are the only team that would/could pay a guy $1 million a start. Sad for baseball really!!I was at the last 2 games and the Jake was rocking!! Fausto is the man and Joba the hut should NOT use bug spray, haha!!! GO TRIBE!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!


    Why are all these Yankees fans posting on this blog? We may have had a little luck last night, but we also outplayed the Yanks on Thursday night. Yankees fans just can’t handle the fact that their gigantic payroll might not get them a World Series ring… for the seventh year in a row.

    Let’s shut the haters up and win tonight in New York! GO TRIBE!!!


    wow. j.h. guelcher are you REALLY going to pull out some crappy comparative study between Yankee fans vs. Indians fans in relation to Climate Change (the new and correct term for what is happening to the world’s environment–but I guess you being from the rural outlands of Ohio and not the bustling intellectually superior Cosmopolis that is New York, then you wouldn’t know that would ya?). Anyways, a nice theory you posit and one with validity, but come on, keep the global politics out of it. There was a swarm of flies that came not from Lake Erie but from that crappy fountain-like thing you have out in the center-field batter’s eye. The architect should be shot and held accountable, of course he/she probably got their degree from Indiana University…hee hee


    Of course these Yankee-fans focus in on the one comment about the ‘big leagues’, and ignore all of Garko’s praise for the Yankees’ organization & players. In his postgame interview, he said they were the best hitting team on the planet, talked about how good Pettitte pitched, etc, etc — but forget all that, he posted some veiled criticism in his blog about bugs!!!11

    To the Yankee-fans: fortunately, there’s nothing you can say or do to diminish the overwhelmingly positive feeling we have about the 2007 Cleveland Indians. You can keep telling us that we’re not “seeing the forest through the trees” (might wanna look that one up), but you’re only wasting your time.

    Good luck in game #3 – GO TRIBE!


    I wouldn’t classify climate change or global warming or whatever you want to call it as global politics instead of global science, but deny the causes all you wish. One thing Yankees fans can’t deny is that they were outplayed in the last two games and that they are grasping at any excuse they can find so that they don’t have to evaluate their own weaknesses, which are many.
    I really feel sorry for Yankee fans because they have heard all year long (and for most of their lifetimes) how superior the Yankees are to anyone else, so they view the Yankees through blue and white pin-striped glasses. The lack of critical self-awareness allows denial to fester and short-comings to go unnoticed and unattended. So you have a bullpen with two good pitchers, seemingly untouchable, being really a weakness and a very aged batting lineup, always told to you to be the best hitting lineup in the league, actually showing their age. Because you denied the truth for so long, all of this is a surprise to Yankees fans and all they can do is rail at bugs and Garko and anything but reflexively look at themselves.

    Therefore, you may be better off blaming ESPN for their continual stroking of the Yankee’s fans feeling of self-importance more than the gnats that flew in from the Lake or the Fountain in center field for the loss yesterday.

    Now is probably a good time for you to realize that you are not preternaturally a privileged team, but one who has bought several rings in the recent past and whose winning strategy is now being trumped but more contemporary winning strategies.


    In the Bible, God brought the plague of locusts to earth to destroy the fields of our enemies.

    Last night, He brought the Canadian Soldiers to help defeat the enemies of the Evil Empire.

    I think He is smiling on the Tribe. And it is Tribe Time now!

    Thanks, Ryan and the whole team – we had an awesome time last night at the Jake. Keep up the great work, and let’s win on Sunday! Great blog even if it is “infested” with comments from Yankees fans.


    Garko’s a young player in a small market, and these young Indian players are getting it done with enthusiasm this year. You have to admire that. They have had no media network hovering over them all season long (ESPN); they have no big market clout that allows them and their owner to rob the nests of other teams, putting in place any currently successful player until it comes time to throw him aside. Face it, Yankee fans, you are benefactors of a sports monopoly dominated only in excess by the media capital that is New York. The Indians, like other teams around the league, worry every year that George Steinbrenner will pay off their best players, most of whom have come up to the big leagues the honest way: through the farm system. Your success is partly an illusion–if there were no “trades,” your team would struggle mightily. Want proof? Go back to May or June when the Yankees were struggling to win games–why were they yet the media’s marquee team? They were not in first place. They had no bid for the Wild Card. Teams like the Indians, Tigers, and Angels were running away with baseball, but you’d never know it by watching sports television. Don’t begrudge the Garko kid a little good-natured gloating. It makes you as fans uglier than you already are to the rest of the country’s baseball fans. In short, learn to lose–especially when the deck is so auspiciously stacked for you.

  74. ***************

    Get used to it. If the Yankees lose whining and excuses will be the only thing happening for them until next April.


    I’ve read many quotes from the Yankees regarding the bugs. Honestly, yes it looked bad out there, but seriously, if you’re paid millions and millions of dollars to play baseball you should be able to do it in virtually any condition mother earth throws your way.

    The most annoying, was Derek Jeter, who has been quoted in several articles saying something to the effect that it was like Cleveland released the bugs onto the field. As someone who has lived in Cleveland, the midges show up every year at this time. Yes they’re annoying, but whatever. They’re talking as if we went out and captured millions and millions of bugs to win the game, chalking it up soley to “homefield advantage.”


    What is with these Yankee fans on here complaining about how Princess Joba and Princess Jeter need to be powdered up, pampered, and not distracted by bugs. They act like the bugs attacked them. Give me a break, when we sweep you arrogant ******, the entire baseball world is going to cheer. We are sick of you pampered, arrogant, snobs, coming all over and acting invincible.
    Every time someone beats them, they come up with some lame excuse, and if anyone is remotely happy about winning, they whine about them not having class. Give me a break.

    Tear these ****** up Ryan.





    Hey Ryan! Big Fan of yours! I have always loved the Tribe. I watched them when I was a young kid when the Indians lost the 97′ series. I have confidence in you and the rest of the Tribe can pull through with a victory at New York.

    Game 2 is quintessential tribe baseball. You guys have pulled thru all year, coming through with 2 out base hits that are crucial one way or the other. Eevrytime I watch you guys on STO pull through I sit there continued to be amazed hwo this is all happening. Everything has gelled together. Team unity, talent, starting pitching, bullpen, defense and an all- round offense.

    Just keep up the good work as you guys have been doing all year!

    And i’m also looking forward to next year as well, there should be many more great years of Tribe baseball ahead 🙂


    Garko, You are nuts dude. Those bugs….and don’t tell me you were there live…cause my HD tv had a close enough shot for me to see each little bug on Joba’s next mouth, face and jersey….the kid was obviously affected by it, but when Fausto came in, and he did pitch a great game, those bugs were not nearly as bad, and Fausto did flinch a bit, but they weren’t sticking to his head and neck. It doesn’t matter, since we kicked your butts last night, and tonight will be the same. Cleveland is going to witness the biggest loss in their history on Wednesday night….Go Yanks


    hey tiseo go home and cry some more, loser. You didn’t kick anything, and stop sticking up for Joba’s mistakes. I have no problem with the kid but you are sadly mistaken you arrogant Yankee @#$.


    I WAS AT THIS GAME!! it was out of controll!! I feel bad for the players because the first game it was all about LeBron, the second game was about the bugs, and now that it is all said and done all we hear about is if Torre is really gone or not…but my boys really pulled it out and I am so proud of them!! I have been a life long Indians fan and it has ALWAYS been tribe time for me…not just now…but always…GO TRIBE…bring on Boston!!!


    Ryan,, dont listen to anyone here but ME ! im your biggest fan i watch you every nite live cause im there !!! TRIBE IN ’07 wait and see! sorry bean heads its our turn. THE BOYS ARE HOTHOTHOT!!


    We think the Tribe rocks. You’re awesome. We keep you in our prayers each day and even do a Tribe chant. We’re in 5th grade at JPII Academy. From:Tyler, Erin, Kevin, Alison, Alex, Sarah, Kelsey, Dominic, Britt, Danny, Jean, Matt, Sean, Erica, Tyler, Helena, Melody, Brian, Cece, Keagan, and your #1 Fan, Ms. O. Our windows are decorated with wahoos and a sign that says, “It’s Tribe Time Now”.
    We even have a tribe towel hanging in our classroom, and guess what? It’s Indians Day at our school!


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