Second season starts now

Driving into the ballpark today, it started to sink inthat it?s about to be here and we?ve got a lot to play for. As soon as that
last game
on Sunday finished up, the season was over and everything was in the
books. It was nice having that day off Monday to think about what we
accomplished that we?re proud of and what we want to do better. But the regular
season is over. That door is shut. This is a second season for us now.

During the off-day, I moved out of my
apartment downtown, because our lease ended on the first of the month. So Josh
and I moved out and I moved into a hotel and took care of all that
stuff. Then I went to ?WWE Raw? with Travis Hafner and his wife and Bill McCracken. Everywhere Travis goes, people know him. They took
him up and interviewed him in the ring during the show. They were talking about
the series and stuff and then they put a camera on us. A lot of people were
coming down and saying hi.

I?ll tell you what ? going to that event was
fun for two reasons, just relating it to baseball. No. 1, a ton of Indians fans
were there. It was cool to go out and just talk to people and realize how this
city is really behind this team and really pulling for us. The other cool part
was just sitting at an event like that and being a fan. When you?re out on the
field, sometimes you lose sight of how fun it is and what it?s like to just be
a fan and enjoy it. I think this is going to be really fun for the City of Cleveland. I was just
sitting there all caught up in Triple H fighting Vince McMahon and stuff. And
that?s just entertainment. This is an actual sport. So it will be fun.Paintingoneguy_275

I?m looking forward to getting back on the
field Thursday. Three days off is almost like an All-Star break. We never get
days off like this. I?m just treating it like a game day where I?m not playing.
I just went through my normal routine in the cage with [hitting coach] Derek Shelton. Then we?ll go
out and take batting practice, like we normally do before a game. But instead
of going out and playing afterward, I?ll just go home. Personally, I think
these workout days are pretty important, just to watch a lot of film of the
opposing pitchers and make sure my swing is where I want it to be so I?ll be ready
for Thursday.



    Thursday can’t come fast enough. I’m living in New York, so I have to rely on the internet to get my good vibes, but this is going to be a great postseason. I haven’t been this excited since the mid-90s! Thanks for a great season, Tribe! Now on to the playoffs!


    This has to such a super exciting time for all of you! I think alot of people outside of Cleveland are going to underestimate the Tribe. I watch enough ESPN to know that other teams, such as the Yankees, get way more coverage than the Tribe. Alot of people are not going to be familiar with the lineup and are going to be surprised by what a great TEAM you are. And that’s the difference. Everyone contributes and lifts each other up and that’s going to open everyones eyes. It’s Tribe Time now, and everyone else it just taking up space! Good luck! I’m going to root for you like it’s my job.


    It’s been great to watch you this season and have been a big fan of yours ever since I heard you on Jim Rome early in the year. I love seeing the highlights of you murdering high fastballs.

    I know that if you guys keep playing like it’s just another game you will be fine. It’s easy for me to say that sitting here in front of my computer, but after watching you dismantle the AL Central through August and September I know that you can handle the Yanks. Play your game and I know you will be the ones to bring a championship to Cleveland.

    I am so ready to Thursday night. Go Tribe!


    I can’t tell you how much i love this team and how excited i am that you guys made it to the playoffs! I enjoyed watching all the games this season, it’s what i really looked forward to everyday. and now we all get to watch you guys in the POSTSEASON!! good luck! Go Tribe!!


    I’ve been a Tribe fan in Nebraska since their ’90s hey day. It’s great to see you all making us fans believers of Shapiro’s system (who I swear I saw at the Sony store in KC this weekend…I was there for a game…if it was him, his clothing choices threw me off…you can ask him what he wore on Saturday). Anyway, good luck to you and all the guys. We know you have what it takes to be successful this postseason like you were during the season. Keep up the great work, Ryan!


    I’ve been an Indians fan since 1955 when I lived in Venezuela and the Indians had **** by the name of Chico Carrasquel. I have suffered for many years following the Indians and particularly in 1997 when Jose Mesa blew the WS for the Indians. I expect that on the 10th anniversary of this event it will be different in 2007. All the best to all the Indians and all I can say is GO TRIBE!!!!


    Ryan- thanks for a great season and I can’t wait for the playoffs. I was born and raised in cleveland but in new jersey now. i keep hearing all the new york sports media already talking about red sox/yankees ALCS as if the Tribe will be a pushover. I watched almost every game this year with the extra innings package and know this team is something special and capable of great things. enjoy the ride and fans from all over the country will be behind you. Go Tribe!


    Ryan, it amazes me that the entire country is putting so much emphasis on the Yankees getting far into the playoffs. I’m been a Tribe fan for years and have never seen the chemistry so strong as shown in this year’s club. You guys have something special. I can hardly wait for Thursday to arrive. That first game will be huge to set the tone for the series. One game at a time — Good luck Ryan and the rest of the Tribe!!!!


    Ryan you have no idea what playoff baseball will mean for this city. Sports in Cleveland as you probably know are more than just games for many- they are a way of life. To have a bunch of young guys play with so much heart and really establish an identity and make fans forget about the 90s is great.
    Even though you guys are amped I’m sure, you need to try to relax and not let it get to your head. That is the advantage NY has- they’ve been there- they will know what to expect. LeBron James once said “I don’t believe in pressure.” I know he’s a Yankees fan, but you guys need to adopt that attitude. Just play like have all year and we will be behind you guys win or lose.

    Good Luck GO TRIBE!!!


    Garko – let me start of by saying how much I love the Tribe! I’ve followed you guys since I was a little kid watching and going to the games with my dad. Everyone believes in this club like never before – you guys are amazing and we are all rooting for you guys. Everyone can tell how much heart and soul you guys are putting into this and we are all behind you. This city and your fans couldn’t be more proud. Now go out there and put those **** yankees to shame!!! GO TRIBE!!!


    Ryan – I don’t know if you will actually read this comment, but in the hopes that you do, thank you for this season. I’m 23. I’m in grad school at Kent State. And all I can think about is the Tribe. I can’t sleep at night. I can’t do my homework. Basically, I’m nuts. The Indians have always been special to me, and I loved the teams from the 90s, but this is different. I’ve never had more fun watching any of my teams in all my life. I just want you and the rest of the team to know how truly special this is. Thank you. Now, having said that, go out there and beat those $%&***%# Yankees.


    Garko- you guys are amazing and I cant wait till thursday because I will be there, watching you guys put down the yankess and then with the two punch on friday go cc and carmona the best one and two punch in baseball, GO TRIBE


    Garko…Huge job at first base this year. I’m a 26 year old brewmaster in fort wayne, indiana and I’m skipping out on work thursday to come to the game. I’m pretty excited about my “Beat the Yankees Hankee Night 1990” hankee that they gave out at a game in the old muni. My dad passed it along to me and I’m pumped to show it off at the game. Its retro and I know you would dig it. Anyways keep on keeping on.


    Ok, this is going to be the 10-year anniversary thumping of the Yankees in the playoffs. Sandy Alomar, Jr. should be invited to sit right behind home plate where Mariano Rivera can see him.

    My money is on the team with the pitching, and that’s us. Just work around A-Rod like you would a rattlesnake on the path, and it should turn out ok. If our hitters stay patient, work the count, and get into that bullpen, then good things will happen. Joba Chamberlain can’t pitch all the relief innings, so somebody’s going to be on the chopping block. Go, Tribe!


    Hey Ryan, I am a big Victor fan, but I love all you guys. My momma always says that’s her Ryan when you come up to bat or make one of those big plays at first. But I’m Ryan. Never understood it but love it! It’s Tribe Time Now! Beat the Yanks!


    Great blog. Thanks for doing it. Enjoy every minute of the post season. We fans sure will. GO IRISH and GO TRIBE!


    Great blog! I am so excited to be coming down on Friday for a VICTORY against the Yankees.
    By the way I am in a huge bet with my mom’s boyfriend (yankees fan) so if you could win this series it would save my 1 year old daughter the embarressment of having to wear a yankees cheerleading outfit at Christmas! 🙂

    Don’t forget to have fun and keep all things in perspective! Keep up the great work!!!!! GO TRIBE!!!!


    Ryan, Thanks for your great effort this season and thanks for doing this blog. The pressure is all on the Yanks, not the Indians, so just go out and have fun and you know what the results will be. I’m impressed with your defense this year as much as your hitting. What impresses me about the Indians most is how they have played all year as a TEAM. My favorite player is ALL OF YOU. This is the first Indians team about which I could say that. There is no team in baseball that has the HEART and TEAM PLAY that the Indians have. Go Tribe!


    I do have faith in your team despite the fact that the Yankees scare the **** out of me. You all have the resilience and determination to make it as far as you want to make it.

    Whatever happens, though, I hope that you and the entire team knows how much this city and fans all over the country love and support you. I witnessed those brilliant Indian teams of the 90s who came so close to winning a few series. They were talented and deserved to win a series. With you and your group, I also see the talent necessary. What’s more important for me, however, is that I’ve never thought a team more worthy of winning than this Indians club. You all define on a daily basis what it means to be a baseball player. You don’t play for the millions that you make but for the simple love of the game. Your success this year has come for many reasons but the most important reason is that you are all, true ballplayers who play because you love the game. Its a simple motivation but it is going to take you far.

    Thank you so much for this season. I’ve never been so enrapt by or connected to a sporting team before. We’re all behind you and so very proud of your accomplishments.

    Good luck. Go Tribe!!!!!


    INDIANS!!!! We made it! I’ve been going crazy at school cause we don’t get STO or any of the local cleveland channels (I go to school in Buffalo) but I am so proud and so excited to be going to the playoffs with you guys!! I can’t wait to watch the games, and even though I am surrounded by Yankees fans, I know that we have the better ballclub!! Not going to lie I am scared, but I’M A BELIEVER and I believe we can get through this!!!

    Go Tribe!! Remember that we are proud of you no matter what happens!!


    Ryan, great job again this season. I know that you have overcome many obstacles to become the starting first baseman for the playoff bound Indians but you have perservered. Some would have given up not knowing if you would even have a chance to prove yourself after two great months last year.

    But, it worked out for you and the Tribe. I love the way you have remained such a team player and supporter. Keep having fun and good things will happen.

    One more thing: I know that you and Josh Barfield are great friends. Please tell him that many Tribe fans are hoping that he comes back next year and takes over 2B like we know he can and to not give up. The thought of Josh and Asdrubel as our DP combo brings great hope. Of course, the 1B for that duo will be you making that stretch.

    GO TRIBE!!!!


    Go get em’ Ryan! Im soo excited for the playoffs, that I reaaranged my school schedule for the next few weeks so I can be home and watch the games. BEAT THE YANKS!!!


    65 year old die hard fan from Cols. watching on tv helps see what needs to be done sometimes. Barfield, you and Haf: take the outside pitch to right. Great job of working on first base skills. You along with the whole team have been the underdog all year, so why would it be any different now. Don’t let the big gun beat you, walk him. All Columbus fans will be cheering for you


    I’m a die hard Tribe fan, born and raised in Cleveland but living in Boston. I’ve watched the tribe all year long on MLB Extra Innings and couldn’t be more impressed with your level of play. The Yanks will be tough, but our pitching and patience at the plate will definitly win out.

    I’m finally getting let into traffic up here with my Indians sticker on my car, only because they’re playing the Yankees but I hope you come to Fenway to play in the ALCS…I’ll be there getting booed and loving it.

    Go Tribe!!!


    Ryan, you did an amazing job at first this season and we would not be where we are if you hadn’t been a part of this team! We couldn’t have asked for a better first basemen – you’re it! I hope you’re here for years and years to come!

    I know you guys can pull off the ALDS no matter what anyone says. Yes the regular season against the Yankees didn’t fare well, but we all know you played your hearts out against them, but this is the playoffs! And as we have seen in past playoffs anything can happen and anything is possible! If any team in the post-season deserves to go all the way and win, it’s you guys!

    Good luck to you guys and no matter what happens in the playoffs, we’re all behind you 150% and always will be!



    I wanted to thank you again for the ball in Baltimore! It was Jason’s fault it hit my friends camera, not yours!


    I really appreciate hearing your point of view on the topic of the fans, and letting yourself relax into that mentality. Being a baseball fan comes first for me, then come the Indians. I’d be watching post season even if you guys weren’t playing, though there is no other team I’d rather watch. I guess I want to thank you as a fan for not just being a tallented group of baseball players, but for the personalities and the humility that all of you show. I know in college ball when money and contracts aren’t on the line the mentality of the guys is ‘whatever is best for the team’ and sometimes as the fame and stardom of MLB rolls in it’s easy for some to start playing for different reasons. I am so proud to be a fan of a team that still plays for and with the guy next to him.
    Watching from across the country is tough, but having an understanding of how you are aproaching the upcoming series, makes it easier to become part of the excitement! I’ve been waiting for a season like this since ’97, and I know that you guys have exactly what it takes to make it to and win The Series. Blessings on the post season!



    I listened to every game the Indians played this year on the computer. Living in Buffalo we are blacked out from TV. Thank you and the rest of the team for a great year. No matter what happens in the Playoffs you men have achieved something they can’t take away from you. Good Luck. (55 yr. Indian Fan)



    Get some, baby! You have definitly been one of the best highlites of this season, and thats saying alot in a year filled with highlites! Were all behind you guys! Semper Fi! Go Tribe!

    Alvisfan00 from the message boards!


    this is such an exciting time for the city of cleveland!

    and you have been an amazing addition to the team.

    Now since this is the first post season that i can really remember, 17, i say you guys go out and show the yankees who we are!

    goodluck in the post season ryan!


    –and if you actually do read these comments, i just wanted to say thanks for always coming up to me and my freind heather at all the games! it meant alot. We wont be at any of the playoff games but I’m sure we will see you next year!


    dear ryan,
    i’m struggling to articulate what this postseason means to me. like the kent state guy that commented earlier, i can barely focus on school because of excitement. i’m overwhelmed with tribe pride and have complete faith in this team. screw espn and their love affair with the yankees, i can’t wait to see you all take the nation by surprise!


    just know we are all rooting for all you guys, What a great team!! And nomatter what happens we love our Tribe.



    This is exciting not only for the City of Cleveland, but also for all the rest of us Indian fans. We’ve got a couple of die hards out here in Northwest Iowa who have hung with the Tribe (in my case) for over 50 years. My sons are now as dedicated as I. And we’ve got the anti-Yankee fans with us as well. Good luck.



    Thanks for the blog. It’s been a blast following the Tribe this year. My wife and I visited my youngest daugher last weekend, who is a freshman at Notre Dame. She’s down about the football team, but we took her the poster the Indians gave out when you clinched the Division. Your smiling face is now adorning her dorm door at ND! Good luck and GO TRIBE!!


    man have a great post season, hope you can bring home a world series championship for cleveland! You have really turned into a fantastic player. And i love your #25, its kinda eerie seeing it at first base though. Make all those ESPN bias know your name!


    What a great year!!! But it’s really just beginning!!! I’ve been a Tribe fan since ’64 and THIS is OUR YEAR!!! I’m also a certified Yankee Hater thanks to my dad. So, GOOD LUCK, beat those NYers and keep on rollin’ from there!!! GO TRIBE!!!


    Ryan- Hope you get a chance to read all of these before or after the Tribe wins the series. I have been a fan for 20 years and have never seen a more well rounded ball club. Our line-up and bullpen get no credit for how hard they have fought all year to prove that it takes hard work and persistence (not money) to get to the play-offs. It’s also unfortunate that the orginazation as a whole gets no credit for having the faith in the young and old players and believing in them. It has been so much fun to watch you, Franklin, Ben and A.C. (to name a few) play as if every game matters; that is really refreshing. I think I am speaking for everyone when I say I “feel” this is the season……Thanks for making it a great one….GO TRIBE!!






    Hey Ryan
    just wanted to pass on a little story about what happened to me yesterday, I work at Wal-mart. I was just leaveing work, when who do I see in line. Fausto Carmona, I said Hey Fausto! and he said Hi..(Like we were old friends). I wished him luck on friday, and he said Thanks…WOW! What a nice guy…He gave me his autograph. It just slays me how nice he was. I JUST LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!

    GO TRIBE!!


    ***** let the fans read whay everybody has to say it took five minutes and ***** ryan knocked off my letter to the indian fans.
    Its great to have tiny amounts of power wow.

    Well enjoy it you will never write for the ny times.


    hey Ryan,
    i just want to say you guys are the best. good luck againest boston not that you guys need it… im stationed in fort lewis washington.. origanlly from cleveland ohio.. i had someone who works for the indians e-mail me while i was over in iraq.. i got go see you play here is seattle.. but anyways even though im in seattle washington protecting and defending freedom i just want to say im really glad to see that the indians are back on track to where they used to be.. Mark Shapiro is the man.. Hopefully Ill get to see the indians in the world series this year and again thanks for the great season while i got to watch some games i watched ur series in milwakee and you guys did great


    Hey Ryan!
    I enjoyed as many games as I could get to this year. You had a great year and I hope for more in the playoffs and series for you and all the Tribe players. Best of luck! Go Tribe! I’ll be thereeeeeeeeeeeee

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