Extra day off an advantage

Monday?s workout felt more like Spring Training than anything else. It was like one of those first days of the spring, when you get done early. After the workout, I went back to the hotel I?m staying at in the suburbs. It?s a good location. There are a lot of places to eat. Especially when you?re used to living downtown, where there?s nowhere to eat. You have a choice of maybe one or two places downtown. I?m almost in heaven with all these options I have with places to eat.


I spent a lot of time Monday night watching ESPN. And now that the Phillies-Rockies game is on, it?s starting to sink in for all of us how big a moment this is. I think we have a little bit of an advantage having this extra day off. It gives us a chance to sit back and watch these playoff games and not be thrown right into the fire. Especially us younger guys.

I?ve watched a lot of playoff games in my day, but I haven?t really watched one thinking about what it?s going to be like to play in one on the next day. I?ll definitely be watching the games [Wednesday night], after we finish working out.

I took some time Monday to look back and reflect on the good and the bad, personally, for me this season. It was a fun year. I?m proud of the way it went for me. I never pouted or complained about the position I was put in [being the 25th man on the roster on Opening Day]. I just went out and worked hard. [Manager] Eric [Wedge] said if you go out and work hard and do the right things, it?s going to work out. It seems like he was right.

I hope this blog goes on for a long time. It?s been great seeing how much this city is supporting us right now. I think all 25 guys in here are realizing that. We?re doing everything we possibly can to win this thing and be ready.


  1. meadowsbr@gmail.com


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the tribe this summer and am so proud to call myself a fan of this team. I now have the same feelings I had as a kid, in the mid-late 90s, watching the games and even having to miss school to attend weeknight games. I feel like the tribe took a few years off from kicking butt, but the time has never been better to start again. I graduated from college this year, and it seems that the indians just started picking up as I moved back to Cleveland. I tell myself you all were waiting for me to return. I can’t wait to watch you play in October and no matter what, I hope that you, as well as the rest of the team, know that you have an entire city (the city with the BEST fans) behind you!!!

  2. lastaller@bellsouth.net

    Ryan – My family and I live in Florida, moving 17 years ago, but can watch every game faithfully again thanks to MLB! We feel this is the year that the Tribe will regain its place of prominence in the AL, we love this team! You guys look like you’re having a great time, and so are we!!! (BTW, ESPN is reporting you need a place – I own a spectacular lakefront home on the W. Side, fully furnished, available immed., for lease or sale, you could move in tomorrow!!!)

  3. lex514@hotmail.com

    No matter what happens in the playoffs, thanks to you and the whole team for a memorable season. Tribe fans in Cleveland and all over the world (personally I live in Philly) have thoroughly enjoyed 2007.

    P.S. In Game 3, feel free to rip one up the middle on Clemens like you did in Game 3 of the regular season against Buehrle. I was at that game in Chicago and could hear ball-on-bone from Row 1 of the upper-deck.

    P.S.S.My comments in no way reflect the views of Ryan Garko or the Cleveland Indians Baseball Club.

  4. pixiedust1953@hotmail.com

    This team has an amazing group of men working toward one team goal not many individual goals. We were thrilled to watch you play all season long. We know the best is yet to come & we can’t wait. Go Tribe!

  5. dromagewok@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much for what you and the team have done, after last year it was a complete 180 and a great ride.

    Now take down the Yankees for us!

  6. tonypesch@comcast.net

    Thanks for the good reading as well as a great season. I live in Seattle now but have been a tribe fan forever and watch nearly every game on DTV. I get to see you guys in person a few times a year (just saw you the day of the double header here in Seattle).

    Anyway, good luck to you guys and know we are all pullng for you and can’t wait till Thurs to get this thing goin !!!

    Tony Pesch

  7. rjdirienzo@hotmail.com

    Congradulations on an amazing season! I’m from northeast Ohio but live in Jacksonville, Florida now. I’ve watched or listened to almost every game this year on MLBtv and what a year its been. Among my favorite moments of this season was your game winning home run against Tampa Bay in May! UNREAL!! Keep up the good work in the playoffs!

  8. mdawgxu@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the burbs. It’s amazing what you find when you step out of the city!!
    This has been an amazing summer and I feel as if we ARE just starting a new season. I’ve been going to school in Cincinnati for the last 4 years and I’ve missed the contact with Indians baseball and even the American League!! It’s been awesome to be back at the Jake with the excitement that you guys have created. I feel at home again, and I hope that this continues for a long time. I’ll be there on Friday, so let’s bring this home!!! Go BROWNS as well!!! Maybe Brady will play someday soon!! This city is here for you! It’s been great watching your season and abilities grow at first base all season.

  9. ggenti40@mercyhurst.edu

    Hi Ryan,
    I love that you have been doing blogs to keep us updated throughout the post season. Please know how appreciative Cleveland fans are for this. I’m a senior in college and during my spring break this year, I visited Winterhaven, for the first time, to watch the team during spring training. I remember when I was leaving the ballpark, getting ready to come back to Cleveland, you were the last person I passed (you were in a golf cart). I smiled at you and you gave me a little smirk but I was very happy with that! When I came back home and was asked how the team looked, I told everyone how much of a hustler you were and how you deserved to be on the team more than anyone else. I’ve been a baseball fan since I was a little girl and in all those years, I have never seen someone show so much passion for this game as you do. I love watching you play about as much as you love playing! Though I am from the Cleveland area, I go to school in Erie, PA but I have been making many trips back and forth to show my support for the team. I was disappointed that you were not at the rally but I did catch a glimpse of you on WWE (haha).

    I will, once again, be showing my support at Friday’s game but I know my excitement, in no way, exceeds how you are feeling at this very moment.

    Good luck to you, Ryan(licious), and I hope to see you in a Cleveland Indians jersey for a long, long time!

    Grace G.

  10. acollins@lpm-adv.com

    Hi Ryan,
    You seem like a nice guy and a good ballplayer, but, sorry, you guys are going down. Yanks own the Indians, and it will continue in this series. As for lex514’s suggestion that you “rip one up the middle” against the greatest pitcher of all time…No, not gonna happen. Mark Buehrle is no Roger Clemens, and everyone knows it.

    Congrats on making the playoffs but the ride ends here. Yanks have a 27th Championship to claim.

  11. velots55@sbcglobal.net

    Garko – you have done an amazing job at first and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else covering that position but you. Everyone in Cleveland and beyond is rooting for you guys! LETS GO TRIBE!

  12. vorwerk.6@osu.edu

    Thank you so much for writing this!! I’ve been a die-hard Tribe fan since I was probably 8 or 9 years old. Even though now at 22, I still love reminiscing about the Indians teams in the ’90s, this 2007 team has probably been my favorite of all-time. Maybe its because I’m now a little older & have a better understanding of baseball, but I feel a connection with all of you. This summer, I followed you guys like it was my job, looking forward to watching every game. I can’t even put into words how excited I am that the Indians are back in the postseason!! I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great & memorable season!! You guys all seem like you’re good friends on & off the field & I think thats awesome! Best of luck to you – prove to everyone that this team has what it takes to bring a championship to Cleveland! Know that I will be praying for you!!! Also…my friend & I just wanted to let you know that we love the way you wear your high socks!!! They look good like that & not going to lie – we’re a little disappointed when you don’t wear them so we suggest you always wear them high! πŸ˜‰ GO TRIBE!!!

  13. reymann@mac.com


    Enjoy your blog. I’m a lifelong Indians fan now living in Denver. Let’s hope for an Indians/Rockies WS so I can cheer you on in person. Best of luck to you and the rest of the Tribe.

    The Jake will be rocking tomorrow night! Relax and enjoy the experience.


  14. yagermiester87@aol.com


    Everyone in Cleveland is pulling for the Tribe cause we know this is a legit chance at a Champoinship…

    Everyone except for LeBron, but screw him. Who needs King James’ support. I was at that Cavs game when you and Josh were on the floor and I really think its [for lack of a better word] ****** that he can’t support the hometown team, especially cause he grew up here.

    Oh well, I’m looking forward to tomorrow just as much as the rest of Cleveland. I think its safe to say that everyone that doesn’t live in New York is looking for the Tribe to take them out.

    Go Indians!


  15. beckywith03@yahoo.com

    can’t wait to see you guys beat the yankees! i live in ny and totally support the tribe. i’m also a big bisons fan and have missed watching you play for them. my son who wore his “Garko’s #1 Fan” t-shirt misses you and is so excited to get to see you on tv. take care, GOOOO INDIANS!!!!!

    ps. just wondering, do you reply to any of the replies on here? thanks! INDIANS r #1

  16. rb695@yahoo.com

    Good Luck, dude. But the only way The Tribe will get the WS ring, is to ditch the Wahoo logo, it’s been cursed! ’95 and ’97 teams were the best in baseball and see what happened! I’m begging you,tell Dolan to let you guys wear the alternate hat and remove the chief from the jerseys and jackets,otherwise it’ll be once again,Shapiro saying “we’ve got a core group of players,that we are adding to,and we are confident we are positioned for future success” aka “wait ’til next year”.

  17. tab214cpd@yahoo.com

    Ryan: Like everyone else my family has enjoyed watching the tribe. My 9 year old really got into going to the Jake and getting the Indians in her blood. Next year could some of the players stay out and run the bases during kids days? We are all excited and looking forward to a great post season. We were there when you clinched the Central Division. What a great feeling! Looking forward to watching you beat the Yankees in game 1.

  18. zaifertr@hotmail.com

    Hi Gark! Just wanted to wish you & the other guys well against the Yankees! Looking forward to seeing you all pull into Winter Haven, FL in Feb-March as World Champs!
    We don’t get tha opportunity to see too many Indian’s Games here in Buffalo, NY so I’ll be glued to the TV cheering you on!!!!

    (Rick Z Clubhouse Security in Winter Haven)

  19. frenchforkids@hotmail.com

    Let me first say Congratulations on a great season! I love watching you! Funny thing is I met you last year when you had just moved here. You were eating alone in one of those ‘burbs’ restaurants. I didn’t know who you were yet but I learned. I asked what you did for a living and you said “I play first base for the Cleveland Indidans.”

    I of course didn’t believe you….made you prove to me with your stadium I.D.! Boy did I feel silly. Needless to say I have followed you from day one of Spring training. I know who you are now (lol)! I always feel a warm glow when you play….I’m soo proud! Keep up the good work and play hard! Good luck tonight….I’ll be watching!


  20. princessbella360@yahoo.com

    Since you are sharing your blog with us, I’ll share my blog with YOU! This was from Tuesday, this week:

    “So all the way back in May, I had established myself as an official fan of Ryan Garko… the amazing 1st baseman of my beloved Cleveland Indians. Of course, I had to take some harassment from the guys at work over this choice. I believe John’s comment was “when are you going to learn that ‘cute’ doesn’t win ballgames?” Well after defending Ryan (in all his cuteness) as an outstanding player I figured I needed to put my money where my mouth was. So I said to John… “I will bet you that by the end of the season, Ryan will still have a batting average of .285 or better. Loser has to take the winner out to lunch.” John, being the skeptic that he is, took the bet. Today, John will be taking ME out to the Cornerstone Brewery for Ryan’s Celebration Luncheon and perhaps an “adult liquid beverage” … but he’ll be eating CROW for lunch, haha! To rub salt into poor John’s wounds (I’m loving this), I AM wearing my Ryan Garko jersey. News flash John… sometimes cute DOES win ballgames!!!

    WOOO HOOO… go Ryan, go Tribe!!”

  21. jthomp@uic.edu

    It is not only Cleveland that is supporting the Tribe but the whole Indians nation! I write from Chicago where there are lots of Indians fans. I’ve been a tribe fan since 1959, yes the days of Rocky Colavito! I also hate the Yankees so this will be a two-fer

  22. arlloyd@neo.rr.com

    Hi Ryan,

    I was growing up in the late 90’s when the Indians were last playing in October. My whole family are big tribe fans, but I was just a kid watching the games, not understanding and all into everything. I’m 21 now and a die-hard tribe fan and can’t wait for tonight to see you guys play.***** Yankees! We have the best sports fans around in Cleveland, Good Luck!

  23. louiseannlucas@hotmail.com

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We fans love being a part of everything. I was at the game the day we clinched and honestly, tears came to my eyes because I wasso proud of you guys. Now, just go and beat the pants off those Yankees!

  24. ftmprez@yahoo.com


    Thanks so much for the blog! Its so great for you to take time out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts with us. I’m so proud of you and all of my boys, this has been a wonderful year. I live in Los Angeles (grew up in Cleveland) and have been listening to Tribe games all season on MLB.com’s Game Day Audio at work and home. I’ll be listening to you guys today while I’m still at work and cheering you on! Got my Tribe shirt and hat on…gotta represent (my boss is a Yankees fan!!!). Best to you and all my boys. Much love from Cali!! GO TRIBE!!!!

  25. kabrys@ncsu.edu


    I am thrilled that you are writing blogs about the playoff run. It’s awesome that you could take the time out to do that. I have been following you since the minors, and have been a big fan. My dad’s had season tickets for the Tribe ever since I was little, and I live for this game. Unfortunately, my permanent residence is now in North Carolina (there’s actually someone down here who claims to be your cousin πŸ™‚ ) and I did not make it to the Jake ONCE this summer (But don’t worry, I went to Baltimore to see you guys for the whole series!). Although I can’t be in Cleveland to cheer you on, I’ll be in NC with a group of local fans cheering for a win!

    Congrats on making this far, and as a fan, I can say we are all truly proud of you guys! ITS TRIBE TIME NOW!!

  26. drl1@cogeco.ca

    Thanks for a terriffic season.I have been a fan for 54 years,but this one is special.

    Nuts to “acollins” who says the Yanks own the Indians.Those 6 losses earlier were not against this current lineup.

    Eagerly anticipating tonight’s and all your other games. I live in Canada but we get the games in glorious HD.

    I can see every whisker on your chin.

    All the best and thanks.


  27. twenty5_tribefan_4life@yahoo.com

    I hope the extra days off really do pay off for you guys! You deserved a few days off because during the season it seemed like you only had two; which I know there were more but it didn’t seem like it.

    You have had an amazing season at first base and you had the fans behind you from Spring Training! We couldn’t ask for a better first baseman and a nicer guy to be apart of this team. You are, to me anyway, the best first baseman and the best player to ever wear the number 25 on this team!

    Your blog is going to keep going and come the end of October we’re all going to be standing on Elucid to celebrate your guys’ World Series victory! Once again if any team in the playoffs deserves to go all the way and win, it’s you guys!


  28. aswanson413@sbcglobal.net

    First and foremost, thank you for one helluva season. It has been great to watch. You have applied yourself wonderfully and you play a great game.

    More good things are going to come to the Team this season. People like “acollins” are going to be crying like little girls when the Yanks gotta go home with their tail between their legs.

    I cannot wait for tonight. You guys will do your best, and you will be the best.

    Thanks again for the fantastic season. Time for the ‘second season’ as you so properly named it.

    Amy in Youngstown

  29. iluvnathan21200@yahoo.com

    We are so stinking proud of you guys. I have watched as many games as possible and was able to attend the game on Sept. 22 (husbands birthday) – which we lost, but it was okay. Just getting to be there and watch you all in action was great. You are the best 1st base player and when you aren’t there I find it somewhat hard to watch the game. Having said that – Martinez is the best catcher and when he isn’t behind home plate I find it hard to watch as well – and I do like Shoppach as well. Whew – just making sure no one hates me! 😎

    You guys rock! Good luck!

    And I must say…”GO, GRADY!!”

  30. jpaumi48@aol.com

    Ryan- You are AWESOME!!!!(I’m loving that you are doing this blog.) I can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys for making the playoffs. I believe in all of you and can’t wait for you to show everyone what you are made of! GO TRIBE!!!!

  31. kamccann4@hotmail.com

    Hey Ry,

    I was just wathcing the game with Penny and you hit a single. Good job! I do feel a bit like a stalker posting on your blog, but i think it is so cool that you are doing this. We McCann’s are all so proud of you!(and the Ballwegs and the Scotts) I hope you are having the time of your life out there…keep hitting big and showing all your clutch moves at first, but above all remeber to have fun! Go Indians! Go Garko!

  32. richgoff@charter.net

    Hello Ryan……..
    It’s great to see you start the ALCS with a couple of solid hits. Way to retain all your focus on what got you to the big show. The Yankees have the best roster that money can buy, but you have to win the game on the field. You have a huge fan base out here in California, whether it is on the Stanford campus, the Servite campus or back here in the Walnut area. We have all seen you extra effort and focus pay off for you. Keep your eye on the target, but keep having fun as you play this great game. Go Indians!!!

  33. sox1966@hotmail.com

    Sox fan here, of the sad but White kind, if it couldn’t be us, I’m thrilled it’s you! We need a 3-peat back to the Central Division that the rest of the country forget about during October! Good luck to you and yours!

  34. jorae4195@ameritech.net

    Hey Ryan, YOU GUYS ROCK!! What a great season so far! I know you all will always remember this season -The Best – ! Play hard and have fun and enjoy–all of your fans will. See you at the big one!!

  35. hvnlyangelbaby@yahoo.com

    AWESOME and AMAZING are the only words I can describe tonights game!! I’m so proud of you and the rest of the team!! Congrats on an awesome game!! I knew you would hit a homerun tonight!!! I am wearing your shirt proudly tonight!!!!

    ❀ Your # 1 fan,


    PS – you are de-LICIOUS!!!

  36. indians_in_october@yahoo.com

    I have waited years to use this email address and not get questioned. Go TRIBE!!! Ryan we have loved watching you play this year – it wouldn’t have been the same team without you. Nice hitting tonight! Can’t wait for the next game!

  37. azyhuang@yahoo.com

    Ryan, you did great today and knocked in the 1st postseason run since 2001 for Indians!!! Yahoo~~

    I’ve been rooting for Cleveland Indians since 1998, when I came there. Cleveland is my 1st city in US and we had a lot of great memory there. Now, we’re living in San Diego, but still follow up with the new Indians team. It’s really great feeling winning the 1st game of ’07 postseason. Hopefully, the team can cruise through the rest of season and win the 1st world series championship after 48 (or 49 years?). I told my son we’re going to resume TV program if Indians can make it to the world series this year:)

  38. wcap1890@yahoo.com

    It’s is SO Tribe Time! The game was probably the most exciting one in a long time.

    The offense was completely dominating, and the pitching so overwhelming. It really seemed like everyone fed off of eachother.

    It’s funny to think that NO national correspondent gave us a chance here; and boy does it feel good to whomp the Yanks.

    Keep it up Ryan, tell the guys that we fans are loving it!

  39. susankbehlmer@yahoo.com


    The only word that comes to mind is “AMAZING”…the Tribe has been awesome this entire season. It’s great to see the Tribe work together game after game to get it done. You and the team have proven yourselves over and over again, and tonights win against the Yankees proved how strong the Tribe really is.

    Keep up the amazing job and let’s take it to the WORLD SERIES πŸ™‚


    Sue Behlmer

  40. canfieldmargaret@yahoo.com

    Ryan, the girls I a went to spring training this year and we knew then that you guys were HOT. Thanks for the great year we know you can go all the way. You and the rest of the tribe have an amazing time together and it has been wonderful to watch it all.I hope that just because you and Josh moved from downtown that your not sticking around. Best Wishes to you and the guys, love this blog….Meg, Kelley, Karlie and Garko’s Gals

  41. doup.11@osu.edu

    Ryan Garko! You are the man. I honestly wish I was at the Jake the last two nights because you can bet that I wouldn’t have a voice. I am glad that you and the guys realize how much this means to this town. However, you guys have nothing to prove to us, just go out and play your hearts out like you have all year. It has been a pleasure to watch you all. Play hard, hmost of all ave fun, and come late October, I am confident you will be Champs! Go Tribe!

  42. zipcard2@hotmail.com

    I think this is the best Indians Team since, Thome,Omar,and Ramirez. Two big differences: 1 – most of you are younger and 2 – and you’re going out there to play and have fun. This blog is awesome, it really is special when the fans can walk with you on this journey, understand your feelings and thoughts during these playoffs. I hope other players decide to do it.

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