Game 1 a blast, but its only one

Tonight was great. I didn?t start feeling it until the pregame introductions and seeing them calling the Yankee lineup. It was amazing seeing all those guys I used to watch as a fan in college. That was pretty much the same lineup I watched in the last four or five playoffs. And the crowd? you could just feel the excitement in the air.

I came up in my first at-bat with two guys on and two out. I was so bad all year with guys in scoring position and two outs. It was nice to wipe the slate clean and trade in all the times I got out in the regular season for one postseason RBI with two outs. It was great, in that sense.


I had never faced Chien-Ming Wang, so it was a weird spot. I always hit fifth, and I?m always hoping if I come up in the first inning that there?s going to be guys on base. That was a great spot to come through in, because it changes the momentum. If Wang gets me out there, he goes back to the dugout and it?s still 1-0. Two-out hits are golden. They?re the best kind of RBIs you can get.

On the solo home run in the eighth, I was behind in the count, 0-2. I was in battle mode. Phil Hughes has got a great fastball. I was just choking up and trying to put something in play. I was fortunate to get a fastball. It was down the middle. That was so exciting to get a home run on only my fifth at-bat in the postseason.

The win was great, but this is just Game 1. We can?t lose sight of it being a five-game series, not a one-game series. We need to keep playing hard. Early on, they got up early, and we?ve struggled against the Yankees all year, and it was kind of like, ?Oh man, here we go.? But one thing Eric [Wedge] has talked about all year is separating. If you?re up five, you can get up eight. If you?re up eight, you can get up nine or 10. You have to put people away. That?s what he?s said from day one, and that?s what we did tonight.

Andy Pettitte is a great pitcher. He?ll be ready in Game 2. I don?t care if we lost by 20 or won by 20 tonight. He?ll be ready to go. We?ve got to be just as ready to go tomorrow as we were today.

The thing we talked about the last three days in the workouts was to enjoy this. Instead of putting pressure on ourselves, we want to go out and have fun. This is what we worked for — as individuals and as a team — for all our lives. The last thing we want to do is go out there and be tight and try too hard and squeeze the bat too hard and all that stuff. Tonight, we just got in the box and we were just let everything go. You saw that with the home runs. We were letting it go. We were trying to get out there and do something with the opportunity. Because who knows if we?ll ever have another one like this?


  1. Amanda

    I think Wedge was right when he reminded you guys to relax and enjoy this. I really saw an improvement in your swing out there tonight, Ryan. I could tell you were really relaxing and trying to make contact with your first two hits against Wang, especially your RBI single in the first. I wrote in my blog earlier this week that you and Jhonny would be the difference makers in this series if you just relaxed and made contact. You did it with your three hits tonight and Jhonny with his bloop double. Keep it up, Ryan. You’re awesome.




    Hey Gark, great job out there tonite, this is one of your old Servite/ Randy’s buddies Brownie. Jason Miller and I came and saw you play a couple times this year against the Angels and I have to congratulate you on all your success. Good luck the rest of the way from my brother Ryan and I, and dont forget all the important life lessons Ricardo Cruz passed onto over the years, those should be valuable now that your in “the show.”

    Good luck,



    dear ryan,
    i wasn’t able to watch the game today because i was at work, however i had my dad texting constant updates for me. i was literally hopping around the store with a smile from ear-to-ear *hey, i’m 19. i’m allowed to hop!* when i saw your name scroll across the bottom of the screen during sports center i knew i had to come comment. congrats, you deserve everything that you achieve! thank you for updating this blog, your devotion to this city does not go unnoticed.


    Gark, man, great job by you and all the guys out there tonight. I was lucky enough to see your first Major League hit and RBI in person in Cincinnati last year, and your first postseason hit and RBI tonight. Like you said, it’s only one though; still need two more. Have fun and keep doing what you do, all of you.


    Wow, Ryan, you came through like gangbusters! All the homers were great, but those 2-out hits from you and Kenny came down like a box of hammers on the Yankees.

    Tomorrow, show Pettitte that he’s old and in the way.

    GO, TRIBE!


    Mr. Garko-

    Tonight was my first playoff game at Jacobs Field, and I’m totally pumped that you hit lights out! You’re my favorite player and I know you can keep it up tomorow against Old Man Rivers (Pettitte). I also got my first real Indians jersey tonight, and of course I made it a number 25 road/alternate blue jersey! Keep it up dude and GO TRIBE!!!


    Fantastic game tonight Ryan/ It is all about “Jungle Karma”. I have been an Indians fan since 1955 and throroughly enjoyed tonight’s destruction of the “hated” Yankees. I looked forward to another great game from Fausto tomorrow and I hope the team can provide him with as much run support as you gave CC tonight. It was a beautiful game which I have on my DVD recorder and just burned on to a DVD for further viewing later.


    Nicely !done! I worked tonight during the game and work tomorrow…but I am off Sunday, so show me something! I’ll finally get to watch (LIVE) haha I look forward to getting off work and coming home to read your blogs, stellar idea, whosoever thought of it


    Great game last night! You all played well and you can definitely tell you guys are enjoying this just by watching how you play. You guys are always a fun team to watch play together. I can’t wait for the postseason to continue, I hope you have a great game tonight. GO TRIBE!!!


    Hey Gark, great game last night. I couldn’t watch until the sixth, but what I did get to see was great. I’m so excited for the post-season, and I hope you all keep up the great job and have fun! Good luck tonight! GO TRIBE!!!


    I love the effort you put into your game! High 5’s!

    High 5 your teammates also for us!

    Hey, let Asdrubal know also, he has a nice fan base growing here.

    As a blogger, you know you have to stop at our blogs now, don’t you? Uh, me first!

    Now, hows the saying go?

    “We came here to chew some bubble gum, and kick some a.., And we’re all out of bubblegum.”

    Go Tribe!


    The Tribe should be proud! I watched the game in a bar here in New York City, and you guys really put some awe into the fans that thought the Yanks were going to roll over the Indians in 3 games. And now we have Carmona on the mound tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. Have a good game guys; we’re all rooting for you!


    hey Ryan Garko–first of all, I’m a Red Sox fan; but i’ve always enjoyed watching you guys play..and you are nothing less than a classy, great player–agreeing to switch from catcher to first… and what a great game last night..beat those yankees..and if Varitek retires, we will be happy to welcome you to Boston… good luck


    Hey Ryan,
    I wasn’t surprised at the Indians performance last nite. You guys just did what you have been doing all season long. Everyone contributed in the win. The fans were amazing (except traitor Lebron James). They were really into the game. CC dominated when he needed to, like leaving the bases loaded in the 5th and the offense showed the Yankees that we can play their game and beat them that way too. I’m really proud of you guys. Instead of comparing this team to the 90s teams, I’ll just say the majic is back for the Indians and the fans. Thanks again for this blog. Go TRIBE!!


    Ok, for all the big brags we heard from Yankee fans, you guys really showed them up! And it is so cool to think that they had to go home thinking, “Oh, hey, they really do know how to play baseball.”

    I like your attitude about it only being the first game – It ain’t over till it’s over, ya know?!

    Good luck! You guys are awesome!



    Congrats on game #1…and also on the HR. I was so excited for you when you drove in the first run of the series for the Tribe!!

    I will see you tonight and hope for a repeat of last night!

    Good Luck!



    Ryan – Great job by the whole team last night! Christ, even my wife was shouting (not a sports gal). Congrats on your 3 hits! Fav play? Jeter almost falling over striking out when CC blew him away! Good job guys!



    Ryan – last night’s game was absolutely electrifying!! What you guys have done for the city is inexplicable. Game 1 was my first playoff game ever, and I was an absolute wreck all day long. (I wasn’t even the one who had to take the field!) You guys looked so relaxed, and the results proved it. You’re my absolute favorite player, and I was so happy for you…what a great 1st playoff game. Congrats!! Keep up the great work, have fun, and most of all, Go Tribe!!!


    I took my 14 year old son to his first Playoff Game, and he had a blast. I told him you were going to be the ALDS MVP and that you were going to hit a 2 run HR in the game. I was off by a run. He didn’t sleep the whole way home on a 1 3/4 hour drive home. Were both pupmed and excited for the Indians and the fans. Wish you and the rest of the club great success, and we’ll see you again in the ALCS. We were in the Bleachers behind Kenny last night. GO TRIBE!!!!!


    Ryan, great first game. my family and i are totally pumped for the remainder of the series and to see you and your team in the WORLD SERIES. you’ve had an amazing year and look forward to next. IT’ TRIBE TIME NOW!!


    Awesome job last night!You guys are amazing!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this team since ’97 when i was ten years old. I can feel a World Series coming on and I’ll be praying for a win!!!!


    Hey Ryan – Great game by the team – keep it going against the Evil Empire and take it 1 game at a time. You guys can do it !!!! Just have confidence in yourself. They may have a ton of superstars but who cares.


    SA weeeeeeeet!!! as pie. Let’s get em again tonight! Speaking of pie–Who got to taste it last night? I’m guessing maybe Kenny? Should of been one big pie fight the way everyone played last night. BEAT THE YANKS!!! GOOD LUCK GARK!


    Great Game! I love that you guys were able to just go out there and have fun. You said it all in your blog title… one down, two to go!Keep it up! Good Luck tonight!


    game one was awesome ryan, and reflects the great season you and the whole team have had. we’re all in love with this team! remember…”garko for president!”


    I have watched all your games this year, never feeling let down once. The teamwork is amazing and you all have really brought a special spark to the area. I live in Youngstown, and the spirit here is amazing. Everyone is rooten for ya and hope the team keeps winning. You and your teamates deserve this!


    Ryan congrats on last nights game…. it was out of this world…and to top it off was your home run… your my favorite player and my friend and i have came to so many of your games, but the best part was meeting u.. your amazing!!! Good luck tonight… and we can’t wait until spring training:)GO TRIBE…YEAH # 25 YOUR THE BEST… JESSICA


    Congratulations to the tribe. great game. get in their bullpen and you’ll get them every game.

    There’s only Joba and Rivera-the rest don’t count.

    Next guy up is Clements-patience is the key-get his pitch count up early and jump all over their bullpen to win.

    Take them out in 3 Cleveland and get ready for the next series.


    Great games!! Cheering for the Indians…”priceless”!!

    Thanks for your blog! It’s fun to get an insider’s view.

    My mom kept her eye on you from your minor league days. We lost her to cancer two years ago, but I think that she’s still watching you and the rest of her team from the best seats in the house:)

    Let’s Go Tribe!!!

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