Series far from over … well be all right

Tonight was a weird night. It didn?t feel like New York and Cleveland. It was a little bit more of a laid-back atmosphere. I don?t know why. Maybe it?s because it?s a longer series, or because they?re used to being in the playoffs here or something. Obviously, they have great fans here, but it was weird, because when they were going through introductions, it was kind of silent. It was strange. Guys on both teams were saying that.


It was great when Haf got us up, but they put up good at-bats against C.C. He was throwing good pitches, but they had good at-bats. I thought he looked good tonight. That first game against New York he was up, up, up. Tonight, he was down in the zone and getting ahead of guys. But they just got some big hits there. I thought Mike Lowell?s double in the third inning was big. He found a hole in right field. It was just a good at-bat. You make a good pitch, and a guy hits a double down the line. What can you do? That?s baseball. For me, as a hitter, watching the Red Sox work counts, not swinging at balls and swinging at strikes — that had more to do with what happened than anything C.C. was doing out there.

Josh Beckett is probably right there with Fausto and Felix Hernandez as the best right-handed pitchers in the league. He did a great job, once he got the lead, of keeping his foot down on us. He was throwing strikes and getting ahead. It?s hard to have a big inning against a guy with that kind of stuff and who?s pitching like that.

This is just one game. We don?t want to go back to Cleveland down 2-0. But even if we do, this is a longer series. We?ve got to be ready to go on Saturday, and hopefully Fausto will pitch well. This is so different than a five-game series, and it?s even different knowing we?re going back home. We?ll be all right.

Being from the West Coast, I don?t get too caught up in East Coast teams, so I don?t know much about the history of Fenway Park or the team or anything like that. I like playing here now, just because the Red Sox have such a great team and great fans. This is a good park to hit in, I guess. You can see the ball good, and that?s all I care about. It?s fun playing against this team, because they have so many great players. You know they’re going to be exciting games.



    hey ryan! i love reading these. like you said, it’s only one game and tomorrow night you’ll go back out there and bring home a win!! just think, then you get to come home and play in front of your fans!!! good luck tomororw night and the rest of the series…i love you guys!!


    Hey Ryan-

    Your take on the way things went tonight puts so much reality back into the game of baseball. For a fan, it’s disappointing to see your team lose because you want so bad for them to do well. Reading from a player’s perspective, you learn to put the game behind you and focus on the one ahead.

    I could tell you all were pretty cold in Boston tonight. That’s October baseball for ya πŸ™‚

    Good luck tomorrow night and keep your head high. Like you said, this is just one game. All we ask in Cleveland is for you to put forth your best effort and we’ll be happy. You have made us proud!

    Play hard!



    Hey Gark-

    Love your honesty in this Blog and your “unbridled enthusiasm” (Seinfeld alert)! Let’s wake up those Boston fans tomorrow. Gotta believe they think this is gonna be easy- after all, their precious Yankees are a no-show for the party so the Sox are a shoo-in for the Series, right? Wrong! Let’s give them a little dose of Tribe pride and have them chokin’ on their chowder. Have a great game!


    The indians are pretty much built around strong pitching, so it was disburbing to see CC struggling so hard tonite.
    I was expecting a real close low scoring game. Just one of those games where not much goes right… Manny with those defensive gems geez , and Lofton would have had a double but the ball went foul by a foot… get a few guys on and Peralta hits into a DP.

    I figure Nixon may start tomorrow , Guttierez is not looking good at the plate lately. Be nice to get out of Boston with a split , hope Fausto can pitch like he’s been pitching all year and Grady can get on base a lot in Saturdays game.


    Ryan, please tell me not to panic yet! I have waited a long time for this! What happened to CC? I would love to go back to Cleveland with a win. PS You are just too cute! Kathy


    Hi Ryan,
    Love your Blog… really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts from a player’s perspective.

    My dear mother, a lifelong Indians fan, said Boston just used up all their allotted runs for the series… so it’s Tribe Time Now!

    You guys are the best… first class all the way.


    The Fausto Era will continue as regularly scheduled. Then, the Sox must come to the Jake-pit. Release the gnats!


    The Fausto Era will continue as regularly scheduled. Then, the Sox must come to the Jake-pit. Release the gnats!


    I really admire what you put wrote here Ryan. I am an alumni of Santa Margarita, in southern california. I was thinking about it tonight after the game and i am not an Indians fan because our payroll is huge and we have multiple titles, cause we dont. I am an Indians fan because you guys are classy and because cleveland is a City that thrives behind you guys. im originally from cleveland, but now live in cali and am a devout tribe fan! Give it your best and we love you guys.


    Hey! Good game last night. You guys played well but I agree that they had some really good key at-bats. Do you think seperating David and Manny is going to be a key to help Fausto? Good luck tonight. I’ll be watching!



    Ugh. We all have games like this…I am still keeping the faith and I am glad you are too!! Let’s get ’em tonight!!!

    GO TRIBE!!


    Hey! Good job guys. Way to come back from a season like last year, “TO A SEASON LIKE THIS YEAR!” You guys are awsome! Email me please you’ll be my favorite!


    Good luck tonight! You guys will bounce back, I know it. Just remember that last night was only one game. I think you guys will get to the bloody sock man tonight! Just keep patient at the plate and make their pitchers pitch 100 pitches in the first 5 innings.


    Hey Ryan!
    I just want to thank you for doing this blog. I enjoy reading this and seeing what things are like for you. I know you guys will do great tonight. I’ll be at the Jake tonight cheering you on all the way! GO TRIBE!!!



    Hey Ryan, Ostrander here. I remember the Yankees losing a game to the Devil Rays, the worst team in 2007 baseball, with a score of 4-14 in July. And the Yankees certainly weren’t out of the race due to that. Anything can happen to any given team on any given day. But we have proven we aren’t just “any team”. We know how to come back. And we will.


    Hi, Ryan –

    Not sure if you remember or not, but at your signing this summer (Giant Eagle), I was the one who made you do the bumped fist pose with my friend. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, yesterday is yesterday. Today is a new day and we are behind you 100%. We were at the Jake last night watching (and somewhat freezing) and stayed til the very last out. We all have faith in you and are behind you all no matter what.

    Now go on out there and show them what you’ve got!! πŸ™‚




    Ryan- Hey last night was a bummer, but you guys never gave up.Keep doing what you’ve done all season.Just go out there and have fun. I believe in you guys and I know you can make this happen! Go TRIBE!!!!


    I was disappointed last night, too. Aggravated to get the late night call from my BoSox friend rubbing it in. What I reminded her is that this is not a best of 1 series, it is best of 7. We are coming back and I can feel it! It’s TRIBE TIME NOW! Praying for your continued success —



    heyy ryyan.
    tonight with fausto on the mound you guyss can do it =]

    I also noticed the silence at fenway last night.and i was so confussed?

    i mean its the CHAMPIONSHIP. i was screaming jsut sitting at home wiht my family haha

    but whatev.

    so lets bring it too them tonight show them our great indians offensee




    heyy ryyan.
    tonight with fausto on the mound you guyss can do it =]

    I also noticed the silence at fenway last night.and i was so confussed?

    i mean its the CHAMPIONSHIP. i was screaming jsut sitting at home wiht my family haha

    but whatev.

    so lets bring it too them tonight show them our great indians offensee




    Good luck tonight – last night is over and done. Know that all of us in Cleveland are going to be cheering you on!


    P.S. You are great on The Rome Show – Jungle Karma!



    I know you guys will get them tonight! Last night is something that happens to the best of teams and was no one’s fault. You guys, despite what happend when the Sox were up, you still played your game and were giving it your all which is all anyone could ask for!

    It will contiune to be a nail bitter between you guys but you know, the Sox got thier chance already. They ended thier World Series drought. It’s our turn. And as I’ve said before it could not happen to a better group of guys than you all.

    We’re behind you all the way!! We’re not fair-weather fans like most/alot of Boston fans are.

    – Meaghan


    Try and hit as many balls as you can, as high as you can over Manny’s head! He’s such a slug and worthless that if they’re high enough he won’t even run to grab the ball in the field once it bounces off!



    Glad to see you blogged again. Thanks, and as you can see a lot of us really appreciate your doing this. Last night was just one game and we can do a lot better tonight! Go Tribe.


    Ryan Garko.
    Last nights game couldn’t have been fun, but i still have hope. it is the first game there are 6 more to go.

    i cant wait till you come back to cleveland, the fans will be waiting and will cheer for every play, like usual.

    go luck tonight and keep it !!






    I’m currently in the Coast Guard stationed in Boston. I love the Indians!!! I flew home to Cleveland last week and went to game two vs the Yankees. I was the only Indians fan in the bar last night. I hate Red Sox fans!!! They are so cocky! I know you guys are going to quiet Fenway tonight. Give em ****!


    Ry! I love reading your blogs. You’re totally right. Today’s a new day, and you guys are going to show them what you’re capable of doing! I’m psyched to watch!! And you were right.. even watching on TV the game seemed so much calmer than the NY series. I’m not sure why since it’s the ALCS, but it was really weird. ANYWAY GOOD LUCK TONIGHT!!!!

    “It’s just one game. When you lose a game, you get them tomorrow. This game is simple, so you have to keep it simple. You lose one, you get them tomorrow.” -Kenny Lofton, last night


    Hey Ryan
    Been rooting for the Indians for over 40 years now and still gives me a thrill to be able to watch you guys in the playoffs. I now live in Spokane, WAshington and watch the Indians on MLB.TV whenever I can.

    Get them tonight and then go back to Cleveland and take 3 from them.


    Hey Ryan. I am a true Tribe fan and we never give up. This is our year. It’s not over yet. We’ll beat Boston tonight and then two games at home. GO TRIBE.


    Glad to see you’re keeping your head up, Ryan – and I’m sure the rest of the guys are too. You have every reason to, have no worries … you’ll get them in the end! (After all, even the Yankees won ONE game against you guys.) Can’t wait to watch the Tribe tonight (I just hope your arm isn’t too sore after getting hit last night) and I’ll be at the Jake cheering you on on Monday!
    Good luck!

    ~ Kelly

    P.S. I love reading your blog, it’s so nice to hear the perspective of someone who’s actually living what millions of us can only watch on tv!


    That was painful to watch. Knowing how those Red Sox fans were just rubbing it in was even worse. I’m surprised to hear they were laid back, I thought baseball meant so much to them? Maybe this will make you guys appreciate all the noise and love you get at the Jake more! GO TRIBE!


    Oh and P.S. Don’t be surprised when Manny gets booed badly at the Jake. As an Indian he never came through for us during the playoffs, but for the Red Sox, he’s won them a WS. He would go into these slumps year after year in our post season, but he doesn’t seem to do that anymore. One of the reasons we dislike him so much, plus he left us because of money. I’m sure you’ve been told this, but some people have forgotten he was an Indian a long time!



    I am your biggest fan in the entire universe. Im convncing my dad to by me your jersey. I have never been interested in an athlete this much. I think you are incredible and i’d appreciate it if maybe you could e-mail me. You guys play a great game and I know you can win this year! Hit a homer for me.


    Watching the game 2 tonight feeling very good about It:)Im so excited for the Indians,and so so very proud,However this series turns out,thanx for a great yr ryan,hugs


    Thank you Ryan for that hit In the 11th Inning,I screamed so loud I woke everyone up In the house!!!I love ya!!!!!!!


    7 come 11!
    In eleven innings! We’ll take it, G!

    Wedge made all the right moves, carefully using the bullpen. The game ended at 1:37a.m. Trot Nixon will get a big welcome home! Nice hit Gark! Awesome!


    Hey, You Buckeyes: I hope you’re still awake back home. If not, you missed a WONDERFUL 11th inning!

    Going back to Cleveland with this win means everything. The momentum is building even more.

    I am in awe of Grady zooming around those bases. And what masterful relief pitching. Tribe, keep these wins ‘a-comin’!


    hi ryan. shout a smile of encouragement, appreciation and cheer to the TEAM from me too pls. G-R-E-A-T work sticking with it all year long. I’m talking about how many games we won in late at-bats because you didn’t let down.
    I’ve been a tribe fan since ’75 and this team gives me a thrill like none before! This can be the beginning of something very, very special. Enjoy the blast-off!

    The very best to you and our Cleveland Indians!

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