Heres to all the naysayers

Tonight?s game had an 8:20 p.m. start, which is pretty weird. We all had nothing to do all day. I spent my day at the food court eating chicken fingers with my cousin, Corey ?Big Body? Erb. I was getting ready to go.

The team just did a great job of hanging in there tonight. Every time the Red Sox took the lead, we came back. Jhonny?s home run was really big for us. That was a big part of the game. But when Manny and Lowell hit those back-to-back home runs, you definitely had a feeling it could go either way, and it was just a matter of who would get the last big hit.

Trot had the the big hit in the 11th, and it was great to see. He?s been a leader for us and a mentor on this team, and, even though he hasn?t been starting, he?s continued to work hard and prepare himself for that moment. For him to do it in Boston was sweet. Everybody loves Trot, and we were all really happy to see him get that hit.


This is what we?ve been talking about all along. We?re a team, in the truest sense of the word. Throughout this whole year, it?s been about 25 guys. Not just one or two superstars. We have superstars, but they don?t bring attention to themselves and they follow the team concept.

We definitely saw the papers here in Boston. People were calling us a joke and talking about how this series is already over. As a player, you read it, and a lot of times you don?t care. But anything you can use as motivation this time of year is great. When you?re on the road, you always get that taste. Detroit is probably my favorite place for it. They were ripping us up all year in the Detroit papers, talking about how we were going to choke. We got another little taste of it today. It makes it all the more fun to go on the road and win games like this.

C.C. and Fausto definitely learned something from their starts, and they?ll be ready to go the next time they pitch. If you would have said neither one of those guys would get through the fifth inning of their starts, and we?d be 1-1, I would have said, ?You?re kidding.? But our bullpen did a great job tonight. Tom Mastny is the MVP of this one along with Trot. Because to come in and get the middle of their lineup out like that is pretty impressive.



    wahoo!!I am so pumped up for this team- what a fantastic game tonight. My hats off to the whole team tonight- Congrats!



    Great job tonight! I go to school at UVA and unfortunately all of my best guys friends are from Massachusetts, so I watched the game in a house full of Boston fans. I had to be there to represent the Indians, but I’ve been so sick of hearing everyone write the Tribe off for this series. It’s great to know that you guys are motivated to beat them because of that as well! Our bullpen and clutch hitting were very impressive tonight. I drove to Ohio for game 2 of the ALDS and I wish I had tickets to one of these games as well! I think our chances are awesome. Keep up the great work!!



    AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!! I watched all five and a half hours jumping up and down and screaming. It was insane. I also am in love with the fact that you guys actually are a team. The unity is clear. Also… how about we try and find some anger management classes for the Red Sox. They needed it tonight, and they’ll for sure need it when we school them at the Jake!!! Good work today Ry!!!!!!!!!


    WOW! I watched the game tonight from Jacobs Field @ the Tribe Pride Party and it’s so great to see you guys are playing the way you have all season, coming up from behind, and making big plays in the end for the win! That’s what makes you guys such an exciting team to watch. I can’t wait to go to games 4 & 5…GO TRIBE!!!


    I just want to say that you all did a great job tonight! I was at The Jake for close to 7 hours watching the whole thing and enjoyed every second of it! Good luck in the rest of the postseason! I know you guys are going far. GO TRIBE!!!


    Awesome game Ryan? kudos goes to the entire Indians Organization. The team displayed excellent offensive and defensive play and brilliant strategy. Wow, I’m still giddy with glee from this very key win. Let?s keep this momentum going back home in Cleveland. You guys ROCK!


    Speaking as an outside party (Cardinals fan, watching you guys play instead of my Redbirds… boo for me, good for you), I have to say I’m happy I watched the game tonight. I honestly have a hard time watching Red Sox games–I find them pretty boring, but you guys made it worth the effort of turning on the TV. Keep it up, I really can’t tolerate the Sox in the World Series. If it’s Tribe/Rockies, though, it’ll be the series I wanted to see from the start of October. Good luck to all of you guys, the majority of St. Louis wants to see you guys rip the Sox!


    What a great hit you did after V-mart intentionally walk at the 11th inning! If Mike Lowell didn’t make the catch as you hit at the top of the 9th inning, we could win at the 9th inning. Mike Lowell played so well defensively and offensively whole night. This win has a lot of meaning for Indians, because as you said you guys never give up! Indians won 44 come back win this season, and it’s awesome to see you guys keep the faith and beat the Red sox! What a game! Best wish for Indians to win three straight game at home. There is no more game in Fenway Park this season, period!


    ****, Garko, that was a **** of a game! And, of all people to start the train-wreck, Nixon!

    When Mastny came in, I thought our gooses were cooked, but noooooo!

    Lots of sleepy and grumpy Sox fans tomorrow. Go, Tribe!


    Great win, and such an important win! I’m so glad you’re coming home at 1-1 instead of 0-2.

    The bullpen’s performance tonight was absolutely stellar. The way Mastny shut down Ortiz, Ramirez and Lowell 1-2-3 was a thing of beauty.

    I couldn’t wait to read what you had to say about the game. I really like hearing things from your perspective. Thanks for getting up the new entry so fast!

    Go Tribe!




    GREAT GAME last night! I have to admit though I didn’t stay up past the 5th inning, so when I got I the computer this morning and saw the score I was and am so pumped and excitied for you guys. This win will be another newpaper article to add to my indians scrapbook! Cannot wait till Monday night, but it will come soon enough! Congrats! Elise


    I am so proud of all of you. Fausto and C.C. will be back in top form this week. You guys are great! Buena suerte a todos los indios!


    WOW! What a game! This Indians team is un-freakin’-believable! You guys are confident, yet not cocky. Proud, yet humble. What a great group of guys to be viewed as role models for our youth.

    I have never seen the bullpen this effective. Mastny was the man, but looking back at everyone’s performances…Priceless. Betancourt deserves a high-five for hanging in there so long and pitching lights-out, and of course, Joe B a slap in the head for putting his usual two guys on to finish the game(kidding!!). I know, he has to keep it interesting, even with a 7 run lead!

    Great game, Ryan and Team! Welcome home, guys!! Let’s get ’em this week!!


    GreatFeats says “REAT GAME” I’m a sentimental guy so I was very happy for Trot. One of my best friends is a huge Red Sox/ Trot fan. But even he could not have been disappointed last night ( Well, maybe a LITTLE !). Keepin’ it up Keepin it up Oh Yeah!


    Wow what a game Ryan!!!I am so proud of you guys,What an amazing team ya’ll have.You guys wrked so hard I knew this game was ours! I have been a fan since I was a kid win or lose baby the Indians are In my heart!The 11th Inning was amazing!I nearly cried when that game was over just out of pure love for ya;ll.I like the point you make about the superstars on our team,no cockiness to them whatsoever and I love that!Ill be at game 4 cheering ya’ll on:)GO INDIANS!!!


    I’m from Columbus but have been watching these games in London in the UK where I live now. These late starts (8:20pm) & long games (over 5 hours!) have been a real killer, but it doesn’t mar my enthusiasm that the Indians are still playing at this point.
    Unfortunately around 6am or later during the commercial break I fell asleep and missed all the fun, thanks for linking it.

    I hate to admit this, but after watching CC get handled and our offense not do enough game one, then seeing Fausto be almost human game two, I had bad thoughts that maybe the Indians were just overmatched, ala the Cavaliers vs Spurs. After that 11th inning last night, I’ll be able to keep those bad thoughts at bay. Those Indians team is real, and my faith has been reinvigorated.


    I literally laughed out loud at your first paragaph! What a day in the food court. Anyway-what a game, I went to bed in the 10th…now I am so bummed I did! Did you guys pie Trot & Tom?!?! Have a great off day in Cleveland!



    Gark! Who goes there?
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love you guys! No, I’m not drunk…LOL! Our team is the best EVER in baseball! The Indians have broken so many records this year. I want to see Boston go down and down hard. Big Papi and Manny are so cocky. I hate that worse than anything in a player. Our guys have none of that. We enjoy our success, but, it isn’t rubbed in the faces of the other team. I can’t say enough about the class that all of our players show on and off the field. I wish more teams could take a lesson from you. And, for you to be doing this blog like you have been, is great! Thank you!




    Well, The Tribe has found Boston’s weakness, it’s mid relief pitching. All they really have in the pen is Papbelbon and Okijama.

    Get to the starters quickly and get to the mid reief guys and the Tribe will win.


    Hi Ryan!
    I just wanted to say congratulations on a big win. I’ve been a Tribe fan all of my life and even though I loved the teams of the 90’s, I feel like this group of guys is even more special. I love that you guys are the underdogs and you’re showing up the flashy, big name teams. It’s really powerful. I have always been proud to be a Cleveland fan but what you guys are doing this year is unreal! I’m also so excited for you because you’re getting attention that you deserve! When FOX was broadcasting the other night it was talking about how Boston should watch out for Grady and Travis, but they added that they couldn’t “forget about Garko” because you were a slugger in your own right. And I couldn’t agree more! Congratulations and good luck on Monday!




    Every day, I sit and watch in amazement at you and this team. To think how young you guys are (I’m 30 and you guys are making me feel old šŸ™‚ ) and accomplishing what you are accomplishing is the stuff of legends. What really matters is that you play the game the right way, hustle on every play, and stay within the moment and within yourselves. I couldn’t be more proud of how you play ball, make no excuses, and just be true professionals. In a day when that’s a hard quality to find in a pro ball player, seeing 26 of them on one team is refreshing. In the last 15 years we’ve had some good Indians teams, but this group has earned my respect, not just my addoration. Keep it up. You make us proud.



    Hey Ryan,
    This series is far from over. You guys are one of the best ball clubs around, and just think about how young all of you are! Bostons reporters couldn’t be more wrong. I can’t wait for the series in Cleveland. I will be there on Monday to cheer you guys on. Don’t remember anything those Boston reporters say, you know how those Red Sox fans can get.


    Way to hang tough last night and get the job done. Let’s get back to Cleveland and finish it off!!! The Boone boys will be there to cheer you on!!



    Great comments and great team effort. As for the media, who cares? You guys are so right not to pay attention to it. Eric Wedge is right, the media is there to second guess, not to play. Having said that, I think Tribe players handle the media exceptionally well. I am soo happy for Tom Mastny! And it was good to see Jhonny interviewed after the game. This game hopefully shifts old ‘mo’ in our direction. Continue to enjoy every moment. The Jake will be rocking on Monday. Go Tribe!


    Ryan Garko–here is your Boston red sox fan weighing in again. I have to say that it was a great game last night–hopefully more to come between two great teams. to your comments about some of the overzealous boston sportswriters–you may be right that some of them are a bit cocky..but in no way are ANY of the boston players; they respect cleveland.. and further, they are NOT just 1 or 2 superstars–just because you read alot about Ortiz and Manny–that is because of their unreal numbers so far in the ALCS–before last night’s game, Manny was hitting .500 with a .700+ OBS..and ORtiz was hitting .778 and an OBS of .900+.. you have to admit that is pretty amazing stuff–but the Sox get production from Lowell(who many are calling the team MVP) , Youklis, Pedroia etc.. I would just caution you about your remarks–you already have been seen criticizing Daisuke M… take your lead from Ortiz–if anyone is the heart and soul of the Red Sox–it is Ortiz. You will never hear him say anything but good things about his own team..and other team players..witness his comments about Sabathia(even after a bit of a rough outing). Manny is Manny and treated well by the fans here–but never will he have the place of Ortiz.


    Wow! What a game! I love that you ate chicken fingers all day in the food court, lol.

    Anyways, hopefully Boston will give you guys a little more respect. I can’t wait for you guys to come back to the Jake because the place will be rockin. Our fans are awesome! Go Tribe!


    That game was a true thriller last night! I’m sure you guys are excited to be heading back to the Jake. Keep up the good work!


    I think I have about 5 heart attacks per post season game and I love it! That was a beautiful display of baseball by both teams but even better by the Indians. You guys are amazing. I sat here at 1 am while my husband and daughter were sleeping jumping up and down and screaming as quietly as I could. Keep it up!
    Welcome home Tribe!


    What a game! When you guys beat the Bronx Bombers and made them cry {there is no crying in baseball}, I was thinking it doesn”t get any better than this. I got that same feeling again lastnight around 1:30 when you smoked the Sox. Great game. Want to see the tears flowing from the Boston cocky sox. GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT


    Congrats again Ryan!!! This team proves me wrong day in and day out and I love it!! Going home 1-1, the Jake is going to be rocking. GOOD LUCK AND GO TRIBE!!!!

    P.S. tell Westy to wipe that smirk off Manny’s face!! He was so cocky last night. He thinks he is on top of the word!!!!! Shut him and the rest of the sox up. šŸ™‚


    Hey Gark,

    You GUYS ARE ALL FABULOUS, with no one wanting the lime light, playing as a team and reaching for the prize. GR8 JOB.

    I hope you read this 2day. I have Grandmas Z’s fudge for Pezez, Fausto, Laffey, Sowers, Wallace and you. Would like to now when to be at the players parking lot to get this to your guys.

    Please contact me at my e-mail address or call me. 4407969800.


    Love and God Bless,

    Dan and Lil Kyle Z


    Awesome win tonight or actually this morning. I think it’s a bunch of **** you guys didn’t get respect when you beat the Yankees. While I wish that series would have turned out another way you guys earned it! I am cheering for you now and I hope you guys go all the way. Good luck!

    I heard on Fox that your from Pittsburgh!! Awesome I grew up around there too!


    Awesome game last night, hung on every pitch! Its so cool that you write this and we get a chance to hear from you. Im so proud of all of you! Ill be at the Jake on Monday with real baseball fans! LOVE YOU GUYS!!


    Hey Ryan –

    What a long yet exciting game!! You are praising all of the other guys for what they did last night but you had a very nice hit in that 11th inning!!! Congrats to you!

    Remember, the newspapers from Boston may not give this team credit, but the ones in Cleveland know what you guys are capable of!

    It’s so great to have you guys coming back to Cleveland for the next three games. Lets get this done at home!!

    Have a relaxing day off. Maybe spend it eating chicken fingers šŸ™‚

    Good Luck



    Remember learing to type the sentence:”Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.” Well, to all the sports writers of America learn to typethis: “Cleveland is a much better team than people are giving them credit for.” Clevelandisamuchbetterteamthanpeoplearegivingthemcreditfor!


    What an awsome game last night and this morning! I guess we can all try to second guess Wedge but he really was the true master last night! What a game! What a team effort, what a team!!YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I can’t wait for game 3 at the Jake-Take it to ’em and you will prevail. GO TRIBE!


    This is why I LOVE you guys so much! What a game! You never gave up and it was truly a team effort. Show ’em what you are made of- Let’s GO TRIBE!!!


    The media is pathetic and that’s all there is to it.

    What a grind-out nail biter. How did it feel to be on base in the 11th? =p Enjoy your chicken fingers all day today.

    Keep on giving us heart attacks, we quite love it…


    Ryan-Inspiring win. I’m an old man; was alive when the Tribe won in’48. Younger wife, Red Sox fan. Daughter, (Rice U Sr, they gave her more $ than Stanford) Red Sox fan. Son, Yankees fan. All die-hards like myself. You get the picture. Invoke the spirit of Louis Francis Sockalexis…

    “Smell the Glove…” Spinal Tap



    GREAT GAME last night. SHow BOston who is boss and it is not them!!!! Everyone contributed!!! I would have loved to hear the fans when Trot got his hit!!! GO TRIBE!!




    Heck of a game last night. I was there at the game and it was well worth it. Funny thing is every Tribe game I’ve been to we have yet to lose. GO TRIBE!!!!


    Hi Ryan,

    I just wanted to say that we are all so proud of you guys! That was such a great game last night. We are so happy that you guys are coming home to play the next three games. We’ll show those Sox fans how real fans should cheer on their team!

    We love you guys and good luck with the rest of the Series!!!

    Julie šŸ™‚



    GREAT GAME!! Good luck saturday. We will be watching, just like all year long. Don’t forget what ever happens, we Love our Tribe.


    Congrats to you and the guys – what a great game!! I enjoy seeing so many of you getting hits and doing so well. You are all superstars in my book. It was definitely worth staying up until almost 2 a.m. to watch it all. I never give up on you guys and love the fact that you make it so exciting all the way to the end.

    Go Tribe – all the way to the World Series!!


    Congrats to the whole team for a super game last night! What an awesome win! We are so proud of you all and are happy that the series is now moving to our house. We hope to make it down to a game this week. Thanks for bringing so much happiness to NE Ohio. So many pulling for you – keep up the great work!



    great game last night!! i’m so glad i stayed up for it!! you guys hung in was awesome to watch!! great job by mastny and trot for being so clutch..they totally stepped up! and it was great to see ‘guti’ (as my little sister has nick-named gutierrez) finally get a big hit!! can’t wait ’til monday’s game!!! good luck and go tribe!!!


    Ryan – I have to say one of the first things I do in the morning is read your blog. It’s awesome to see things from the perspective of a player, and someone who hasn’t been through this before. I am vacationing with friends in Daytona Beach, Florida and the first thing we talked about Friday and yesterday was where we were going to watch the games. We found a great bar on the ocean, complete with a guy from Chicago in a Tribe cap! You guys have fans all over the place. I hope you and your teammates know how much the City of Cleveland believes in you and how excited we are that you’ve made it this far and have a long way to go. To say we are proud is an understatement. Keep it up!


    Congratulations from Concord, NC! I’m a native Clevelander, and this is so exciting to watch you all play! My family still lives in the Cleveland area. My 88 year old mother is a die hard Indians fan. You don’t call her when the game is on! Good Luck the rest of the way – I’ll be yelling for you all.


    I am sure enjoying your successful season! Im a lifelong Indians and Buffalo Bisons fan. I will not soon forget you snagging that screaming grounder to end the 04 IL Governors Cup Clinching game for the Herd. Lets hope it was a prelude of thing to come for you in an Indian uni!

    Continued Sucess!



    Hey Ryan G. What an Awesome game winning game face you guys had. There will be some sore headed Boston fans the next morn, .Ha! You have heard it from the rest, but Congrats to the Indians team. It?s been a super season for the tribe. So glad to be apart of the Clev fan base? Sure wish I could be there in person to see the games. Stationed her in the Horn of Africa 10k mile away, but that don?t stop me from participating in your blog. It has been a real pleasure watching the Tribe grow and develop into a Super Team under Eric W?s coaching staff. Take it to the limits! Guys. You are up there where you belong? Now! Tribe– bring it home and on to the series..
    A Fan For Life.


    This is the year! I feel it! We’ve had great teams in the past, but no a team that played as united as this one. Kenny and Trot are great additions and add a sense of experience to the team. I’ve been to hundreds of games at the Jake and Cleveland Stadium..this is the best team yet! Way to go Ryan…we love you and all your teammates! I refuse to listen to the naysayers! We know better!
    You’re number one fan. LL



    Hopefully you are in bed, getting a great night’s sleep to prepare for the coming battle!

    Just gotta say I am so proud of you and the rest of the guys, what a great win!

    I am sure that come the end of October, I will suffer great depression, my entire schedule revolves around game time!

    Go get ’em in Cleveland! How great would it be to finish Boston off right here at home!

    Garko’s #1 fan- Amy


    Great Game guys!! Now where coming home to the Jake!
    our fans will be way louder than the Chowder heads.

    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!


    this game was truly awesome! I was on the edge of my seat for all 5+ hours. You guys must have been exhausted and cold, but it was incredible!


    i could sum this game up in two words…simply awesome!!! like everyone else, i stayed up until they showed the very last interviews on tv. it was such an intense game and like you said, it could have gone either way, but with the way you guys have been playing, it only made sense that we won!! you guys definetly showed boston that you deserve to be here as much, if not more than they do!! i am so proud of all of you for all that you’ve accomplished this far…i’m only a teenager, but i’ve been a cleveland indians fan for my whole life it seems!! go eat some chicken fingers this afternoon and have fun tonight playing at home infront of your fans…who are behind you 200% GO TRIBE…IT’S TRIBE TIME NOW!!
    i love you guys!!!


    hey ryan,
    congrats on the win. you guys did an outstanding job and we are all proud of you. That had to be one of the best games I have ever watched and hopefully there will be many more to come….good luck and beat boston…#25=amazing


    You won the game fair and square but don’t be an ###.
    That reporter Ws not from boston SO STOP MAKIING **** UP.

    What part of NATIONAL COLUMNIST for MLB did you not grasp.?

    The Boston papers have actually been giving you a lot of credit. They ahve not been saying you should not be here. That is a LIE

    Mike Bauman is a national columnist for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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